Giant Ebook Kit Review (Trevor Carr) – Is It Good or Bad?

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Giant Ebook Kit Review

Introduction: Giant Ebook Kit Review

Welcome to my website and this Giant Ebook Kit Review. Trevor Carr is the inventor of this Giant Ebook Kit. Do you want to buy this ebook kit? In this review, I’ll disclose everything about this.

So, if you want to buy this ebook software then read my review first. After that, take the decision will you buy it or ignore it. I’ll share my honest opinion inside my review. After that, I’ll know you that this software really works or it wastes your money. So, read my review focusing.

IIn imitation of Trevor Carr’s conversation, you’ll get instant access to 3,000 Ebooks. You can edit, add your name to those ebooks. Moreover, you can sell for any price that you want and keep 100% of the Profits!

It’s the easiest way to have your OWN product to sell! So, you can Explode your Affiliate Commissions. You’ve All the Most Profitable Niches, from Health & Wellness to Make Money Online, Lifestyle Dating, and Much More.

It’s all the demand of Kenny Tan. But in my honest opinion, this ebook kit doesn’t work. Inside my honest review, I’ll share everything with you.


Get instant access to 3,000 Ebooks with PLR Rights. This is the biggest collection ever seen on our market.

You can edit those ebooks, add your name to them and turn it into products. As a result, you can make huge profits.

They cover all the niches, from health to make money online, lifestyle, dating, and many more.

The easiest way to have your own product and launch to the world.

You can save thousands of hours and money that you would spend for creating your own product

Edit, Use as it is, Sell them. In addition, give them as a bonus. However, you can decide what to do with those Ebooks, here you’re in full control.

On the other hand, full Private Label Rights (PLR) are Included!

It’s all the demand of the kit creator. All digital product creator says this type of claim to attract people. But all are 100% fake. So, don’t believe this. This ebook kit doesn’t work. It’s a worthless Giant Ebook Kit.

Are You Ready to Explode Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight?

When they first started making serious money online from their affiliate promotions, there was one thing that made an insane difference to their results.


But seriously! How on earth do you keep coming up with new ideas for bonuses, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing. It’s hard work, to say the least, and can drive you crazy trying to produce fresh bonuses for each promotion!

Well, forget about all the hard work. Because they have 3,000 bonuses that you can use straight out of the box. Literally, you can explode your affiliate commissions on every affiliate promotion you do!

Most importantly, they cover all the major profitable, high converting niches inside the Giant Ebook Kit. So, you can also diversify and choose high-paying offers to promote on sites like CLICKBANK, or even high-paying CPA offers!

Actually, this type of ebook software has already been released. But 99.99% of that software is SCAM. No one gets any result using that software. Do you think it works? I think it does not.

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Choose Your Niche…Choose Your Bonus…

With the Giant Ebook Kit launching at such a low price, and with so many ebooks. And it actually means you’re paying less than half a cent each!

So, you can see the enormous potential you have at your fingertips here!

Never before has an offer of this magnitude. After that, this amount of earning potential has been made available in their industry.

Therefore, you are right at the forefront of massive money-making opportunities.

Most importantly, it is covered with so many niches. Such as Health & Wellness, MMO (Make Money Online), Dating, etc. As a result, you’ll be ahead of the game from the start and can take full advantage of cash in big time.

Above all, if you don’t fancy tweaking and pimping, you can just use them as they are, straight out of the box!

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Take a look at the examples above. As you can see they have some really high-quality products for you here.

It is great to use as lead magnets to build your list. Moreover, it is perfect as a bonus to dramatically increase your conversions and your profits!

And let’s be honest, at less than half a cent each you’re going to find it hard not to make a serious amount of money from these!

So, secure your copy of this incredible package before the price goes up!

But my friends, don’t buy any copies and don’t be cheated. Till now, 99.99% of this type of ebook kit or software doesn’t work. So, if you want to promote any PLR products then follow the right way and make money.

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How About They Give You Pimpr, FREE?

If you fancy “pimping” any of the 3,000 ebooks in the Giant Ebook Kit, then you now have the exact method. That they used to turn that single piece of PLR into over $8k!

You’ll get Pimpr Absolutely FREE when you grab your copy. Pimpr shows you how to take any PLR and “pimp” it into pure Gold.

Step #1 – Scroll through the extensive library in the Giant Ebook Kit. After that choose a piece of PLR that you want to pimp into gold!

Step #2 – You follow their personal Pimpr formula and Viola – Gold, Bling, Cash… That is based on their real results.

Ok Seriously. Follow the same steps they use. As a result, you’ll be able to turn any PLR into Real Money, Time & Time Again.

Is this kit work in just 2 steps? Is it never possible? Here has any black magic to do everything? No, there has no black magic. So, dear friends, don’t waste your money purchasing this.

Here’s What You Get With Giant Ebook Kit?

Here you get 3,000 Ebooks with PLR & MRR Rights. After that, they cover all the most profitable niches including health, wealth, dating, and many more. Moreover, they also have sub-niches.

Such as weight loss, making money online, content creation, dating, etc. The Ebooks come with MRR (Master Resale Rights) and full PLR ( private label rights). Meaning you can do whatever you want with them.

You can edit them, sell them, use them as they’re, etc. So, here you’ve in full control. This is the easiest way to have your own product to sell. It’s a fact, in order to make money online you need to have your own product or service to sell.

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If you don’t have one, you don’t have a business… But now you can get 3,000 Ebooks that you can turn into products and make money online.

With Giant Ebook Kit, their goal is to save your time and money. – Moreover, it makes you HUGE profits…For that reason, they only have the most profitable niches. In addition, they’re all very easy to edit, use or sell.

All are okay with what they are saying. But where will you sell the ebooks? Where is your traffic? They don’t provide any traffic. So, I don’t find there is no cause to buy this ebook kit.

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Is It Good or Bad?

Now, come to the main part. It is time to make the decision. Will you buy it or avoid it? Now, I’ll say you what you’ll do. After that, you’ll make the decision.

The Giant Ebook Kit comes with 3,000 Ebooks with PLR & MRR Rights. You can edit them as your wish, you can sell them. But where will you sell them? Where is your traffic to buy these ebooks?

Traffic is the key in online marketing. If you don’t have any traffic then you don’t get any sales.

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If this ebook kit provides you with 1,00,000 books but you don’t have any traffic then the result will be ZERO.

So, I don’t see any importance to buy this ebook kit. You can promote any PLR books through the CPA network, Clickbank, Click funnel, and many other marketplaces.

But dear friends, you think where you get these free PLR books. You’ll get these types of books on

Here you’ll get all categories of books. Most importantly, you can download them fully free. After that, you can promote them. So, there is no need to pay to buy this giant ebook kit.

So, I highly recommend don’t buy this ebook kit anyone. After that, follow the right ways and apply the right ways.

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Final Opinion: Giant Ebook Kit Review

I don’t believe in any kit, software, or app. So, I don’t prefer you any kit, software, or app. I always prefer to follow the right way to make money online. So, I suggest you choose the right way first.

After that, follow the right way and apply the right way. So, I just want to warn you. Make your decision by observing everything. They just waste your money and hope. Making money is hard.

Just 2 or 3 steps and earn money. It’s never possible. Now, all decisions depended on you. If you think you need this then you can buy it. I just share my honest opinion here.

If you buy it then you’ll lose your hope and money. Anyway, thanks for reading my honest Giant Ebook Kit Review.

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