PuzzleProfitz Review ~ (wait) Worth to Buy This App? (Venkatesh)

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PuzzleProfitz Review

Introduction: PuzzleProfitZ Review

Welcome to my review-with-raju.com website and this PuzzleProfitZ Review. In this review, I disclose everything about this app. Venkatesh Kumar and Visves are the authors of this app.

PuzzleProfitZ is a Puzzle creation app. You have to make money using this app. Now, does it really helpful to make money or not. You have to know it before taking action. So, don’t take action before completing my PuzzleProfitZ Review.

Discover the mind-blowing way to make a fortune in passive income online. You don’t need any skills or experience. This app works in just 3 Simple Steps Process proven to work for Newbies!

I don’t recommend anyone to make the purchase before checking the review blog or review video. So, if you want to make the right decision then read my PuzzleProfitZ Review.

About PuzzleProfitZ – PuzzleProfitZ Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Venkatesh Kumar and Visves

Product: PuzzleProfitZ

Price: $19 (Front End)[Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: App

Recommendation: NO

My Rating: 2.7/10

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What is PuzzleProfitZ?

PuzzleProfitZ is a 1 Click Puzzle creating software. It allows your customers to sell their Puzzle books on the Amazon KDP platform. 

– Start creating Puzzle books in 1 click. 

– Create Unique puzzles and everything is done for you. 

– Generate Unlimited Puzzles in 1 click. 

– Four-figure training to use the software to the fullest. 

– Customize color and font options for creating the books. 

– Click & Earn. Put Your Income on 100% Automatization 

– And many more.

Actually, this type of Puzzle creator software has already been released. 99.99% of that software SCAM. No one gets a single result using that software. So, it’s another one. Do you think it works? I think, NO.

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How Does PuzzleProfitZ App Work?

This app works in just 5 minutes with 3 simple steps:

1. Create – You can create puzzle books in any niche or category then sit back and watch as your sales come pouring in.

2. Sell – Normally, the biggest problem people have selling puzzle books on Amazon KDP is keeping up with demand… But with Puzzle Profits, you can create hundreds of top-selling puzzle books in minutes!

3. Download Your Puzzle Book – Just like that, your puzzle book is ready to download instantly. And voila! You’re ready to start earning a huge online passive income with puzzle books.

I don’t believe any app works in just 3 steps and 5 minutes. Don’t think making money online is as easy as this sales page promises. If you check it you can see 99% of W+ products sales page included this type of fake claim.

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What Does PuzzleProfitZ Do for You?

– Create The Puzzle Books Yourself 

Sounds great, but trust me, this takes forever. It can take days to create a single puzzle for your book. ​This is NOT a sustainable business model. 

– Use Puzzle Creation Apps ​ 

Some people risk legal action and their accounts being closed by using online puzzle creation apps for their puzzle books. ​You see, these clearly state that they’re not for commercial use. ​This is NOT a sustainable business model. 

– Pay A Design Professional ​ 

Professional designers can help you create high-quality puzzle books. ​ But they take a long time, and they charge you a fortune for just a single book. ​This is NOT a sustainable business model.

Actually, the main problem is traffic. If you don’t have a traffic source then who will buy your puzzle books? So, this app is not the solution to make money. You have to follow the exact ways to earn money online. This app is not able to make money for you.

How to Make Money with PuzzleProfitZ?

Honestly, you can’t make money with PuzzleProfitZ. If you believe me or not, it’s the truth. This type of app can’t generate money. 

According to these vendors, this app will help you to create a Puzzle. After that, you have to sell these Puzzles on Amazon Kindle. But, I do not agree with these vendors. It’s tough to make happen. If you create a nonprofessional puzzle book then it’s not possible to get results.

Now, I’ll share a newbie-friendly way to make money with Amazon Kindle. You don’t need to buy anything for it. It’s 100% free. 

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STEP1: Go to the website freeplrdownloads.com. After that, you can see a lot of PLR products here. 

PLR means ‘Private Label Rights you can use, sell and modify these products as your own, without any copy-right issues.

You can easily download various category PLR products here. Then you can download it and use it as your own.

STEP2: After modifying your downloaded PLR books you can simply upload these books on Amazon Kindle for selling.

That’s it.

If you can write your own books then it’s the best. But, if you’re a beginner then you can use PRL products to sell.

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Features of This App – PuzzleProfitZ Review

Choose Any Niche You Wish – You can choose any niche or market for your puzzle book. ​ ​ 

Customize Your Title & Description – You have complete control over your titles and descriptions. Customize them however you like. 

Quick Edit Dashboard – Add, remove or change words in an instant. Right inside your easy-to-use dashboard. ​ ​ 

Quick Edit Dashboard – Add, remove or change words in an instant. Right inside your easy-to-use dashboard. ​ ​ 

Comprehensive Training – Enjoy detailed, step-by-step training videos to make creating easy. This helps you make hundreds of money-making puzzle books in no time. 

Download Huge Books Or Single Puzzles – You can download a single puzzle, or create an entire book with hundreds of puzzles in. The choice is yours. Create different size puzzle books for any audience to enjoy maximum profits! ​ ​ 

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Over 900 Fonts – Choose from over 900 high-quality font options to create a unique, eye-catching puzzle book. With elegant, stylish designs you’ll enjoy top-selling puzzle book after top-selling puzzle book. ​ ​ 

Multiple File Formats – You have the flexibility to download your files in PNG, JPG, and PDF format. And your individual images can be downloaded in PPTX format too. This makes creating puzzle books easier so you can build more and more. ​ ​ 

Multiple Page Numbering Options – You can choose from 4 different page numbering options to create unique, beautiful puzzle books. ​ ​ 

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Puzzle Regeneration – You can shuffle the letters to create new puzzle variants using the same word. ​ ​ 

Multiple Trim Options – Create your perfect puzzle book with trim sizes to suit your puzzle book style. ​ ​ 

Puzzle Clues – You can position the clues in 3 different styles. This helps each puzzle look unique and makes for a great user experience. ​ ​ 

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Eye Catching Border – Options Change your border options as you wish… Outer Border Only Outer & Inner Border No Border ​ ​ 

Multiple Solution Options – Build a great user experience with a variety of solution styles. Border round your answers Circles individual letters for your answers Have your answers in different colors & shades Remove your filler letters to reveal the answers. 

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Multiple Colour Options – You can enjoy total flexibility to choose the font & border colors to create a wide range of gorgeous puzzle designs. ​ ​ 

Help & Support – They’re determined to help as many people as we can enjoy a huge online passive income. That’s why they’ve created an exclusive Facebook community of elite winners and a 24/7 helpdesk to help you every step of the way.

If you want to get all these features then you have to buy all UPGRADES of this app. After that, you can use these features. But, there is no money-making surety. Actually, traffic is the key. Here are no traffic solutions.

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Final Opinion: PuzzleProfitz Review

In conclusion, I want to say this is not a perfect app. This type of app has already been revealed but no one gets results. So, I just want to warn you. Make your decision by observing everything.

Honestly, I don’t prefer any app to make money online. So, I don’t anyone to lose their money buying SCAM apps and software. This type of app loses both your time and money. On the other hand, you just lose your hope to make money online.

Now, all decisions depended on you. If you think this app is helpful to make money then grab it. Otherwise, don’t take action.

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