Genius App Review by Billy Darr – (Stop) Find Out Lacking!

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Genius App Review

Introduction: Genius App Review

Welcome to my review-with-raju website and this Genius App Review. Billy Darr is the vendor of this Genius App. This is a multi-purpose app that will help you to make money with Warriorplus, JVZoo, and 400+ traffic sources included. Does this app really work or not? You have to know it, before purchasing this app.

I personally don’t like any app. I never depended on any app. Why? Because no app works to make money online. Don’t believe me? If this type of app works then 100% of marketers can make money online without any hard work, without any skills or experiences. 

I suggest you yo complete my review before taking action. If you think after buying this app you’re able to make money then it’s not right. So, you have to know everything about this app and its ability. 

Now, Strat reading and complete my Genius App Review.

How Effective is This App for Beginners?

This is not effective for beginners. Most newbie marketers want to make money fast. After buying any app they want to make money online. But, they don’t understand the reality and the real ways to make money. If the Genius app works then 100% of the beginners can make money. It’s a simple equation. But, unfortunately, 1% of beginners can make money with this Genius app. 

If you read the sales page or this vendor’s email. Then you can realize this is the perfect app to make money instantly without any hard work. Actually, it’s not possible. You have to learn online marketing by following other marketers day by day after that you can apply it perfectly and make money online. 

If you’re a beginner and want to make money online then try to join any training program then try to learn affiliate marketing step-by-step. After that, you can get results for a long time.

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How to Make Money with Genius App?

There is no way to make money with Genius App. This app provides Warriorplus and JVZoo product names and links. Do you think only getting products affiliates is important? No. This is the easiest part of Affiliate marketing. If this app never provides products affiliate links then doesn’t matter. You can easily create an account on JVZoo and WarrioirPlus to start affiliate marketing. For this purpose, this Genius app doesn’t matter. 

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then your main task is to generate traffic. If you can drive traffic then you can make money otherwise not. But, this Genius app is totally unable to drive traffic for your online business. 

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing then try to build your traffic sources first. Such as, you have to nebula a website, or you have to make YouTube videos, to you have to grow your social media platforms. But, if you want to get social media traffic using this Genius app then it’s impossible. On the other hand, your account can be banned. 

So, you have to follow her proper ways to get traffic. After that, you can promote any products to make affiliate commissions.

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Does This App Generate Traffic? Genius App Review

This traffic never generates traffic directly. This app never drives traffic from 400+ traffic sources. I want to reveal now, why this app can’t generate traffic.  

This app helps you to add all social media account here. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Then you can make posts, videos, or you can share anything using this app. 

The main problem is the account is BANNED! If you use this type of app to get social media traffic then your account can be suspended! It’s not the real way to get social media traffic. 

Traffic is the KEY to start your affiliate marketing/online marketing. You have to focus on the traffic part mostly. But, if you want to depend on this Genius app to get traffic then you never can do it.

I highly recommend you follow the right ways. Don’t depend on any app or loophole.

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This App is Helpful for Email Marketing?

Honestly, NO.

If you use this app to collect emails and send emails then you never get better results. 


If you use this type of app and use it to collect leads/email then this app authority has full access to your emails. Do you want to share your emails with this vendor? They will steal your buyer emails without your concern. 

Then, if you send emails using any app then your emails go to the spam folder. 


If you use this type of unauthorized app then no email provider allows sending Inbox emails. So, if you start your emails marketing using this app then it’s totally valueless.

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Final Opinion: Genius App Review

In conclusion, I want to say it’s a not working SCAM app. I never suggest anyone grab this type of app. If you’re struggling to make money online. And, tried to buy software after software and apply various systems but failed then try to choose the right training program first. It will help you to learn online marketing. After that, you can start your online business.

But, if you think you need overnight results and want o grab this app for doing this then you never can get results. Online marketing can’t be possible depending on any software/app. Using software or app you can build your content, your marketing elements but, you never can drive traffic using the app. 

Now, everything depended on you. I don’t force you to avoid this app. On the other hand, I don’t suggest you grab this scam app. I just share my honest option about this app or any other matey-making app. Don’t depend on any app to make money online.

Make your right decision and thanks for reading my Genius App review.

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