Blogify Software Review (Rick Ng) – Will You Pay for It or Avoid It?

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Blogify Software Review

Introduction: Blogify Software Review

Hello guys, welcome to my Blogify Software Review. Do you interest to buy this Blogify App? If YES then check my review first. I’ll disclose everything inside my review. After that, take the right decision will you pay to buy it or ignore it.

Rick Ng is the inventor of this Blogify app. According to his conversation, Blogify is a cloud-based software. It takes care of ALL of your content creation needs.

All you have to do is give the software a keyword. After that, Blogify App automatically fetches the relevant YouTube videos and converts what is spoken into the site’s content.


Proprietary AI Turns YouTube Videos Into Traffic Getting Articles At The Press Of A Button. We’ve been getting free autopilot traffic from Google without SEO experience for over 2 years. And we do it by converting other YouTube videos into articles…

It’s all the speech of Rick Ng. But is it never possible what he says? What do you think friend, is it possible? I know it is not possible. But Why? I’ll share everything inside my review.

As Effortless As It Gets!

Ethically Piggyback Off Of OTHERS Content For Unlimited Free Traffic… You see, there are MILLIONS of videos uploaded on YouTube right now.

They’re receiving billions of views. They’re proven to pull in visitors. And the content is grade A+ quality.

Blogify’s proprietary AI turns those videos into fully-fledged, high-quality, articles, optimized to rank to the top of Google. Question…

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​Do you know what it’s like to have your page rank #1 on Google? Do you know how many visitors you could start driving to your links? Do you know how many leads you could get?

The answer is, a TON!

In fact, all it takes is one article to go viral. You’ve catapulted your online business to unimaginable heights. You’ll be able to continue getting traffic for months or even years from now…

It’s true a lot of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. You’ll get a lot of new content here. But you don’t get a single result using this app. So, don’t waste money buying this app.

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Works In Only 4 Simple Steps

Put Your Traffic Generation Into Top Gear With Quality Content. Most importantly, it works in just 4 simple steps.

#STEP 1 – Login: First of all, you have to log in to Blogify software. So, log in To Blogify Software.

#STEP 2 – Enter: Enter any keyword to choose your desired niche.

#STEP 3 – Monetization: Blogify will begin turning already successful YouTube videos into articles on your website 24/7. Most importantly, it’ll work on complete autopilots, like a tireless robot.

#STEP 4 – Turn Youtube Videos into Articles: Input the link you want to send to traffic. So, you can profit. After that, this could be anything.

Now, I want to say a couple of words. Most digital product inventors like Rick Ng demand that their software/apps will work in just 3/4/5 steps. After that, you will get money and money. But it’s completely a lie. If it’ll happen then nobody doesn’t work hard. They just buy this type of software for money.

Level Up Your Content Creation

Blogify includes many powerful features. As a result, you can level up your content creation with these powerful features.

Multiple Templates To Choose From: You’ll have many different styles. You can choose from when activating your very first Blogify websites.

Video To Article: You can turn any YouTube video into a fully functional article/blog post. Most importantly, you can do it within mere minutes, at the press of a button.

Advanced Search Filters: You can find the best videos in any niche that are already proven to go viral with their advanced filter settings.

Easily Monetize: You can easily monetize the traffic coming in by adding in Adsense, banner ads, or your affiliate links.

Free Hosting and Domain Included: They are going to cover the cost of hosting. After that, they’ll also give you a free domain name as well.

100% Automated Sites: These Blogify Sites Run On 100% Autopilot. As a result, it allows you to enjoy ClickBank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, CJ Commissions (Or commissions from any platform).

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SEO Optimized: The articles created by Blogify are SEO optimized to quickly reach the top of Google.

Creative Commons: You can find videos with creative commons. Moreover, you can avoid any potential copyright strikes with YouTube.

Works On Windows, Mac, and Mobile Phones: This bad boy works on any device of your choice, as long as it’s connected to the internet. That’s because it’s a web-based app.

Customize Articles: You can customize the articles to your liking. Moreover, you can edit text, change colors, add images, the sky’s the limit.

Millions Of Videos & Images: You will access millions of royalty-free videos and images. So, you can quickly enhance the quality of your content.

All the vendors use these types of attractive points. As a result, you will be interested and buy their workless software. On the other hand, they earn profits and you waste your money. If you buy it then you can understand it.

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Working For You 24/7 To Produce Content

They have a huge office full of bright content writers. They work around the clock to create the finest content out there. After that, they post it on your site. After that, you get to relish the thrill of all the free traffic…

Now, in a perfect world, this doesn’t exist. You’d need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly to build this kind of operation, which the average joe can’t afford.

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The good news? You don’t have to. Guaranteed Results… Blogify is like having a huge team of the best writers. But better… Because you won’t have to pay an extra penny out of your pocket.

Don’t trust this software to get to make fast money. It’s a 100% worthless app. You never get results using JobberMatic Software. If this type of software really works then why does every vendor release 3/4 products per month?

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Their Purchase is risk-free with their 30-day money-back guarantee. They don’t want anything to stop you from getting Blogify right now. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. You’ll save thousands. You’ll never need to pay for traffic again.

That’s why they’re going to ELIMINATE all of the risks. After that, they give you a full 30 days to make sure Blogify is for you. Meaning you can feel comfortable knowing that they’re the ones taking all of the risks.

I know that you are very happy to hear money-back grantee. But don’t be over happy. When their software won’t work, you’ll try to contact them. But you’ll fail. Because they don’t respond to you. If you already buy any warrior plus product then you know it better.

Will You Pay for It or Avoid It?

NO, dear friends. You don’t pay to buy it.

I know you need money. But it’s not the right way to earn money. I don’t prefer you to depend on any software. But if you think this software can help you to create content then you’re wrong.

If you really want to create content and make money then you have to buy a domain and hosting first. After that, make a website. Then create content as your niche. But where do you get content?

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For this go to youtube and then go to the transcript section. After that, copy the transcript and use it as your content. Moreover, you can write content to your knowledge.

In addition, you can go to Here you’ll get various categories of copy-right free content. If you want you can use it as your content. So, there is no need to buy this software.

Therefore, dear buyers, follow the right way. And don’t waste money buying this wrong software. So, avoid this type of scammy software.

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Final Opinion: Blogify Software Review

In conclusion, I want to say don’t believe in any software. Software is staying with you today but tomorrow it won’t stay with you. You can pay to buy this software because of its little price.

But I want to say If you are struggling for making money online then don’t depend on any software. However, you have to learn online marketing first. After that, apply it to make money online.

You can find videos with creative commons on YouTube. After that, if you want to boost traffic then share your content on social media. But for this, you don’t need to buy this app.

Rick Ng says a couple of attractive words about this software. He also says his team always supports you. But when you need them won’t support you. After that, I recommend you don’t waste money to get this bullshit app.

However, thanks for reading my Blogify Software Review.

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