ADALeadz 2.0 App Review ~ (Wait) Top Info Revealed! – by Mario Brown

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ADALeadz 2.0 App Review

Introduction – ADALeadz 2.0 App Review

Welcome to my review website and this ADALeadz 2.0 App Review. Mario Brown is the founder of this magic app for generating leads. This app helps you to get results from 2 sides. How?

– You can use this app for generating your new business leads. On the other hand, you can work for your clients and get high values. 

ADALeadz 2.0 is a 100% automated software that finds other people’s super targeted LEADS. You can create stunning website compliance audits. And, you can create massive agency profits. 

This app works in just 3 steps and is perfect for agencies, local marketers, and online marketers.

But, if you want to take action then you have to read my ADALeadz 2.0 Review. I’ll disclose everything about this software. After that, if you think it’s perfect then make the right decision. 

This app helps you to generate leads legally. But, if you’re not interested in generating leads then it’s not perfect for you.

About ADALeadz 2.0 AppADALeadz 2.0 App Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Mario Brown

Product: ADALeadz 2.0

Price: $37 (Front End)

Niche: App/Lead Generation

My Rating: 9.2/10

Meet ADALeadz 2.0:

An Extraordinary App That Enables You To Set-up Your Own ADA Agency That Focuses On Helping Businesses Avoid massive lawsuits.

Create ADA Website Audits and charge for them directly OR use them as a ‘Foot In The Door’ strategy to get more leads & clients.

This is perfect for Agencies, Local Marketers & Online Marketers.

– Get Access To ADA Leadz 2.0 Secret ADA Compliance Technology

– Win Over Clients Across The World

– Generate and Download Professional Print-On-Demand PDF Audits & Reports

– Utilize the Email Marketing Technology With Ready To Use Swipes

Get Access ADALeadz 2.0 + Mega Bonuses Today!

ADALeadz 2.0 Works In Three Simple Steps:

#1 Run A Full ADA Website Compliance Audit – Use ADA LEADZ to quickly find prospects (websites and pages that are NOT ADA Compliant) in seconds based on your keyword or offer this service straight to a lead/client that you have

#2 Generate Professional Print-On-Demand Full Audit Reports – ADA LEADZ will automatically generate reports that detail out all the ways they need to ensure they are ADA Compliant or improve their listing to rank higher.

#3 Get Paid… You can print these reports, send them to the shortlisted leads (or existing leads/clients, gain instant authority over them and get paid. If you are cold-emailing… you can use any of our DFY proven-to-convert templates to close clients easily. These templates are available for different types of agencies if you only want to focus on selling one type of service i.e.: video marketing, local marketing, digital marketing, web design, and many others.

Revolutionary Features That You Will Not Find On Any Other App:

#1 Get Clients from ALL Over The Web – Once you enter your desired keyword, you can get access to those relevant clients irrespective of where their business is in the world. Apply filters to get the best results! 

#2 Research Details About Each Lead Before Saving Them – ADA Leadz allows you to view contact information, address, page URL, compliant status, and more. Isn’t that cool? 

#3 Sort By Categories and Many Other Filters – There are various filter options you can use to sort and isolate primary leads that you would like to target. Arrange Data in order and contact leads accordingly. 

#4 Run A Complete ADA Compliance Website Audit – ADA LEADZ then scans the entire website in seconds on complete auto-pilot. 

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#5 Create Advanced and Professional ADA Website Compliance Reports – ADA Leadz can automatically produce a detailed report that shows how compliant the website in question is and provide solutions to make them fully compliant and optimized for better results. 

#6 Download Print-On-Demand PDF Reports For Leads – These reports are undeniably impressive and can even be printed-on-demand if you want to meet with the client in person or send the report in the mail. Want Instant authority? These reports are designed exactly for that! 

#7 Organize Campaigns and Manage Leads – Create specific campaigns like ‘Chiropractors in New York’ and add any specific leads you want to each campaign. Keep everything perfectly organized and each lead updated throughout the onboarding process.

How to Make Money with ADALeadz 2.0 App?

Actually, if you think after buying this app you can make money automatically then it’s not possible. This app helps you to use advanced technology that lands both international and local clients for you. Thankfully, that’s where ADALeadz 2.0 comes in.

If you can use this app perfectly then you can make money with ADALeadz 2.0 in 2 ways. You can grow your own online/local business. On the other hand, you can work for your clients to grow their business. 

If you want to make passive income online and a long-time online business then tries to build lists. You can sell anything as your wish.

What can You Do with ADALeadz 2.0?

ADA Widget – You get an ADA Widget, allowing you to optimize your Website for ADA Compliance immediately. 

ADA Lead Generation, Website Audit & Business  Search Feature – Find leads and Businesses that are not yet ADA Compliant & Create A Beautiful Website Audit.  Just enter a keyword and choose a location.

Prospects – Prospects page contains all your prospects collected using our ADA Lead Generation System. You can manage leads, create reports, contact prospects directly & much more. 

Professional Audits & Reports – Create Highly Optimized ADA Compliance Reports & Website Audits. Get Clients To Hire You Almost Instantly or Charge for a Website Audit Directly. 

SEO Audits, Website Performance & Team Collaboration – You Team Members Can Collaborate & help your agency grow. We also have SEO Audits, Website Performance Audits & Additional Services marketers can offer to their customers & a lot more!

100% RIsk-Free ADALeadz Access + Bonuses (Discounted Running!)

ADALeadz 2.0 Review
ADALeadz 2.0 Review

Why You Should Get ADALeadz 2.0 App?

Leads/Emails is the lifetime wealth for online or local business. So, if you have an opportunity to grow your Leads rapidly then why are you waiting?

This ADALeadz 2.0 App helps you to generate leads from other people’s content. This app helps you to get all reports of any website. Then you can get all data. After that, you can easily grab other people’s super targeted buyers instantly.

This app is so easy-to-use. Then you don’t need other tools or software to run this app. SO, as a beginner, you obviously should choose this app to grow your buyer leads.

Final Verdict – ADALeadz 2.0 App Review

In conclusion, I want to say ADALeadz 2.0 is a unique creation. Where everyone is offering SEO services, but, you are now able to stand out by offering a unique and valuable service. If you’re looking for easy business, then ADALeadz 2.0 is HIGHLY recommended!

ADA Leadz is fantastic for finding pre-qualified leads. Web Accessibility is something all small business owners should be aware of. ADA Leadz allows you to find non-compliant Websites and you can then convert prospects into clients using the professional Website Audits & Reports.

ADA LEADZ is a great choice if the idea of consistently getting qualified leads sounds good to you.  Managing leads & clients, finding new prospects, and creating value by sending them a very educational report is very neat, all done from inside the Dashboard.

Now, if you think you’re interested in these tasks and features then you should grab them. Otherwise, don’t take action. If you buy this app that does not mean you can make money instantly. This app mainly helps you to build your online business for a long time.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ADALeadz 2.0 Review. Best of luck.

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