Job & Bank App Review (Venkatesh Kumar) ~ [Stop] Is It Legit or Not?

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Job & Bank App Review

Introduction: Job & Bank App Review

Welcome to my website and this honest Job & Bank App Review.

Job & Bank App is a newly released app in 2022. The creator of this new app is Venkatesh Kumar. Job & Bank app helps you to create unlimited job search platforms for job seekers.

These eye-catching job search websites will help you become an online recruitment giant. Job seekers want to explore every available avenue. So, they’ll get various categories and various platforms jobs here.

As a result, you’ll help job seekers to build their fortunes. But doing this great work, you don’t need any coding skills Or technical expertise. Job & Bank app does all the work for you.

Are you interested to buy Job & Bank App? But I’ll say don’t be hurry. Before buying, complete my honest review about the Job & Bank App.

Here I’ll share with you is really works or not. After that, I’ll say should you buy it or not! Therefore, complete my review first and then take the right decision.

Job & Bank App Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Creator: Venkatesh Kumar

Product: Job & Bank

Launch Date: 25 April 2022

Price: $17 (Front-End)

Niche: App (SEO & Traffic)

My Ratings: 9.2/10

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Creator of Job & Bank App:

The mind that had work to create Job & Bank App is Venkatesh Kumar. He is an expert affiliate and internet marketer. On the other hand, he is a familiar product creator. He has been working with WarriorPlus for more than 3 years.

However, he is a Top 5% vendor of WarriorPlus. Till now, Venkatesh makes 16,000+ sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits, filling up their needs, and earning profits.

What is Job & Bank App?

Job & Bank App allows you to create a recurring income-paying Job platform in minutes. This app creates unlimited money-spinning job sites in just 1 Click. After that, it automatically creates unlimited job search sites to maximize your profits.

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This brand new app is 100% cloud-based. So, you have nothing to install or download. Moreover, this app is very beginner-friendly. So, without any coding skills or working skills, you can use it.

Works for You in Just Simple 3 Steps:

Are you ready to get started with Job & Bank App? This cloud-based software helps you to generate job platforms and earn profits. Job & Bank lets you build Unlimited job search websites in just 3 easy steps.

#⇒1 Choose Your Area: Firstly, choose which country, region, and niche you want to display on your job search website. Most importantly, you can even choose all jobs if you want.

The job listings are all listed for you automatically. After that, they’re updated every hour. So, there’s literally nothing you need to do.

⇒2 Setup Your Membership Details: Enter the details. That will allow recruiters and job seekers to enjoy paid membership to your job search website. There are over 20 payment gateways to choose from.

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After that, with over 250 currencies, you can get payments from members all over the world. Not sure how? No problem. Their powerful online tutorials cover every topic for you

⇒3 Relax & Watch Your Earning: Every single time someone visits your site and clicks on a job link, you get paid. Moreover, every time someone signs up for membership to your site, you get paid.

Most importantly, they don’t have to buy anything for you to get paid. As soon as they click a link, you’re earning money. In short, that is very easy.

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Demo Video of Job & Bank App:

Who Can Buy Job & Bank App?

Job & Bank app is very newbie-friendly. Are you want to grab Optimus? But are you thinking do you able to buy this app? For this, check below. If you are an any of them below then you can buy it confidently.

Job & Bank App Review

Wonderful Features of Job & Bank App:

Unlimited Job Search Sites: You can create Unlimited job search websites to build a huge passive income.

100% Cloud-Based App: It comes equipped with easy-to-use panels for jobseekers and recruiters.

1-Click Site Creation: This app creates your job search site in seconds with just 1 click.

Newbie Friendly: You don’t need any coding skills or technical expertise. So, anyone can do this.

Global Membership: Your members can pay using over 20 different payment gateways. Moreover, they can pay in over 250 different currencies.

Traffic For You: Job N Bank’s powerful software drives all the traffic that you need, straight to your website.

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Easy To Use: You’ll love the simplicity and power of the easy-to-use dashboard.

Get Paid With Every Click: Every time one of your website visitors clicks on a job posting, you’ll get paid.

SEO Optimized: Your job search websites are all fully SEO optimized. After that, it is packed with content.

Step-By-Step Tutorial: Are you not sure what you need to do? Their in-depth tutorials help you every step of the way.

Free Hosting: You don’t pay monthly hosting fees or domain fees. Because it’s all included in the price.

Round The Clock Support: Their expert team is on your hand 24/7 to help. They will resolve any issues for you fast.

Is Job & Bank App Legit or Not?


  • It is a 100% Cloud-based app that comes with Job Seeker And Employer Panel.
  • If you grab it then you become the proud owner of CareerBuilder platforms.
  • You will get 20+ payments gateways here.
  • After that, more than 250 different currencies are included for getting payments.
  • You can create Unlimited job sites with this app.
  • You can post worldwide all job offers on your job sites.
  • Using one App, you can make unlimited income.
  • Most importantly, it includes inbuilt traffic sources for you.
  • You get this traffic in 1 click from Job & Bank App.
  • You’ll get SEO-optimized DFY pages.
  • In addition, Job & Bank offers free domains and hostings.
  • The Control Panel of this app is very easy to use.
  • With the help of Job & Bank, you can create your job sites with a single click.
  • In short, it is 100% automated done for you money-making system.
  • This is a newbie-friendly and easy-to-use software.
  • An expert team stays with you 24/7 to solve your problem.

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I didn’t see any cons of this product. So, it is 100% legit.

Finally, I want to say my friend bought a copy of the Job & Bank App. He used it for more than 8 days and was able to earn profits. Moreover, he got a lot of benefits that I share with you above. When he used it then I follow him. From that point, I’ll say it is 100% workable and it’s not a scam.

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How to Make Profits Using Job & Bank?

Do you want to earn extra profits using Job & Bank App? But how will you do it? For this, read this part with attention. Job & Bank App gives you a huge opportunity to make job searching websites.

So, you contact various agencies, companies, shop owners, and house owners. Subsequently, tell them when you’ll offer jobs in your place contact me. I’ll post your offer on my sites for free.

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In this way, you’ll get recruiters. But think about how you’ll get jobseekers? For this, you make a job post. After that, inside the post, you’ll include your job site link. Subsequently, you’ll share this post on various platforms.

Such as Facebook, Facebook groups, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. When someone clicks on your site link, they’ll go to your job websites and see a lot of job offers. After that, if they click these job offers then you’ll get payments.

Job & Bank App Bonus Packages:

Job & Bank App Review
Job & Bank App Review
Job & Bank App Review

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Job & Bank Funnel Details And OTOs:

Job & Bank App Review

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Job & Bank App Review

Final Verdict on Job & Bank App Review:

Finally, I want to say that Job & Bank is an amazing app at this price. This app really helps you to build multiple job platforms. Job & Bank App does all the work in only simple 3 steps and within minutes.

All the work will handle Job & Bank App on autopilot. And you earn money. Most importantly, you can add worldwide job offers with Job & Bank App. As a result, you can help both job seekers and recruiters.

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Above all, it includes domain and hosting to create job websites. Without single experience or skills, you can use this app frankly. In short, you’ll get a lot of benefits and money-making opportunities from one product.

So, I’ll say it is the best app in 2022. Therefore, I highly recommend you to buy this product. However, money is yours, so all decisions will depend on you. If you want you can buy it.

Above all, thanks a lot for reading my honest Job & Bank App Review.