GrandZ App Review (Mosh Bari) ~ [Stop] Is It Legit or Scam?

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GrandZ App Review

Introduction: GrandZ App Review

GrandZ App Review

Welcome to my website and this honest GrandZ App Review.

GrandZ is a brand new store builder app in 2022. The founder of this store builder app is Mosh Bari. GrandZ assembles 3 MegaStore in one Platform. Most importantly, it takes only 60 seconds to do this task.

After that, through GrandZ app, you can sell both physical and digital products. After that, you will get 1000+ buyers every day from this app and earn profits. But you don’t need to go out to earn profits.

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Do you want to create a megastore to earn profits? But how? For this choose this GrandZ app? And want to buy this app? But I’ll say don’t take action at this moment. Firstly, complete this review.

My elder sister bought a copy of this app. She shares her thoughts about this app with me. Now, I’ll share these with you in my review. After that, I’ll say should you purchase this app or not!

GrandZ App Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Founder: Mosh Bari

Product: GrandZ

Launch Date: 01 May 2022

Price: $22 (Front-End)

Niche: App (Store Builder + Products Sell)

My Ratings: 9.3/10

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Founder of GrandZ App:

The creator of the BOOMZ software is Mosh Bari. Mosh Bari is an affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur. On the other hand, he is famous in Internet Marketing, Web Traffic, Online Businesses & Product Launches.

Moreover, he is a 6 Figure product creator. Mosh Bari is a Top 1% vendor of WarriorPlus. He has made sales of more than 133K products. Using his products, many people are getting benefits and making money online.

What Is GrandZ App?

GrandZ App is the world’s first 3-in-1 online MegaStore creator. No other app or software do this before. GrandZ combines Physical Products, digital products, Licenses + Affiliate Marketing into one platform.

It combines together Shopify, Amazon, Envato, and Clickbank into One system. This app is cloud-based. As a result, in just one click, it imports 1000s of products from these sites.

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But here has a chance for you to add thousands and thousands of products. Moreover, this app includes more than 1000 buyers or traffic for you. As a result, you can earn profits from this 3-in-1 Online MegaStore.

Works GrandZ App in 3 Steps:

This is a software that you can upload to your own web host and launch a MegaStore on your own domain name. Moreover, you can add thousands of products and start selling from Day 1.

But no technical work or assistance don’t need here. In just 3 steps, you can do all the work with GrandZ App.

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⇛1 Sign In – Firstly, buy a copy of GrandZ app. After that, create a GrandZ account. Then sign in to the account.

⇛2 Import – Add some basic info like your MegaStore name, website URL, etc. After that, import or add products in one click to your MegaStore.

⇛3 Boom – In this step, get more and more sales and earn only profits. GrandZ includes 1000+ buyers for you.

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Watch Demo Video of GrandZ App:

Who Can Buy GrandZ App?

GrandZ is one of the greatest MegaStore Creator App or Software at this cheap price. There have no restrictions to buy this app. If you are a newbie or expert it doesn’t matter. Moreover, there has no hard work for you. Now, see who can buy this App.

GrandZ App Review

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Wonderful Features of GrandZ App:

GrandZ App Launches Your Brand-New MegaStore In Just 60 Seconds.

There Have Limitations To Sell On Shopify or Clickbank. But GrandZ Allows You To Sell Thousands Of Products.

With GrandZ MegaStore, You Can Easily Sell Physical Products, Digital Products, And Software Licenses.

GrandZ Includes A Built-In Affiliate System For Your MegaStore Like Amazon. As A Result, You Can Refer People To Promote Your MegaStore Products.

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With Grandz, you don’t have to pay for traffic. The system is designed to drive you free traffic over and over again.

It Turns Every Customer Or Visitor Into An Affiliate Easily. As a result, You’ll Get get Unlimited buyer traffic for pennies and turning huge profits.

your new online MegaStore supports many currencies and many languages.

It Has Automatic Sales Funnel Created For Every Product In Your MegaStore that instantly recommends other upsells and products.

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GrandZ offers Mobile-Friendly MegaStore Design. With over 60% of internet traffic now coming from mobile devices. So, they are optimized for mobile traffic.

GrandZ Comes With Amazing MegaStore Design Built For Conversions. For this, it easily converts cold traffic into hot buyers.

After That, GrandZ Offers Full Order Tracking System Built Into Your Online MegaStore. So, Your Customer Can get regular updates about the order status.

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It’s extremely easy for you to customize the style of your site. Because The App Changes Your MegaStore’s Color Scheme In Just 2 Clicks.

There Has Product Filtering And Search Suggestions. This feature Makes MegaStore super easy for your visitors to find products.

This New App Creates Dynamic Coupons. Therefore, You Can Run Promotions On Various Special Days.

Your Customer Will Get Multiple Payment Gateways. Such As Paypal, Stripe & Many More.

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your visitors can simply log in to your MegaStore and track their orders. Because there has the Social Login option for your customer.

Above All, GrandZ adds a Built-In Product Rating And Review System for your MegaStore. Consequently, It helps to increase Your Sell.

All products of Your MegaStore Will Be automatically SEO optimized. As a result, you will get more and more free traffic from Google and other search engines.

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You can easily organize all your products into unlimited categories. After that, you can create collections to promote products by similar brands or designers, etc.

You Can Run special promotions, deals, flash sales for events, or any other special offers. As a result, It helps to bring more sales.

GrandZ app Adds Multiple Product Images And Videos To Your Store. So, visitors can get more info on what they are buying.

Is GrandZ App Legit or Scam?

I want to say that I bought a copy of the GrandZ App from Mosh Bari. I used it for more than 10 days. This app creates the 3-in-1 MegaStore perfectly. Here, I like one thing most.

And it is not to pay money like Shopify or Envato. When I used it, I had felt disturbed firstly. I thought about how would I use it. But seeing the simple step-by-step video, I’ll be able to use it.

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On the other hand, I was able to add products from various platforms easily. I add more than 300 products. And it is possible with just one click. After that, GrandZ creates a blog site for you.

Most importantly, I get a lot of features that I have already shared with you above. However, from that point, I’ll say it is 100% legit and it’s not a scam. Therefore, If you want you can purchase this software.

Special Bonuses with GrandZ App:

GrandZ App Review
GrandZ App Review

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GrandZ App Funnel Details:

Final Verdict on GrandZ App Review:

Finally, I want to say GrandZ App is a game-changing app in 2022. It helps you to build a 3-in-1 Online MegaStore within minutes. Moreover, this app gives you 1000 buyer traffic who buy products from your MegaStore.

This app makes a very easy-to-use MegaStore both for you and your customers. But you don’t need to do anything. All the work will handle GrandZ on autopilot. You just have to create an account and add products to your MegaStore.

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Most importantly, you can add affiliates to get more sales. After that, this app provides a lot of features for your MegaStore. In short, it’s the best tool in 2022 that is more than anything you imagine.

So, I highly recommend this product to buy. However, your money, so decisions depend on you. If you want you can buy it. Above all, thanks a lot for reading my honest GrandZ App Review.