PodCastio App Review (Venkatesh Kumar) ~ [STOP] Am I Prefer It?

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PodCastio App Review

Introduction: PodCastio App Review

PodCastio App Review

Welcome back to my review-with-raju.com website and welcome to this PodCastio App Review.

PodCastio is a brand new app or software in 2022. This app helps you to create unlimited podcasts in minutes. The founder of this brand-new app is Venkatesh Kumar. PodCastio is a 100% cloud-based app.

So, here have no hard work for you. You don’t need to speak or not need to be on camera. PodCastio uses other people’s content to create podcasts. Most importantly, it does this task in a single click.

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Are you interested to create podcasts and want to make money selling podcasts? And for this, want to buy PodCastio App? But I’ll say don’t take action at this moment. Before buying, you should know an honest opinion about it.

So, complete this honest review. I grabbed a copy of PodCastio for myself. And I used it for more than 10 days. From that point, I’ll share my opinion about it in this review. So, complete my review before buying.

PodCastio App Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Founder: Venkatesh Kumar

Product: PodCastio

Launch Date: 18 May 2022

Price: $17 (Front-End)

Niche: Software (Create Podcasts)

My Ratings: 9.1/10

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Founder of PodCastio App:

The mind that had work to create Job & Bank App is Venkatesh Kumar. He is an expert affiliate and internet marketer. On the other hand, he is a familiar product creator. He has been working with WarriorPlus for more than 3 years.

However, he is a Top 5% vendor of WarriorPlus. Till now, Venkatesh makes 16,400+ sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits, filling up their needs, and earning profits.

Introducing with PodCastio:

People around the world love podcasts. The popularity of podcasts is growing at lightning speed. As a result, Venkatesh Kumar invents a new app. That is called PodCastio.

PodCastio is the first app on the market to create unlimited podcasts. Podcastio allows you to create unlimited podcasts in minutes.

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Moreover, you can sell podcasts to all podcast platforms in 1 click with this software. But you don’t need any skills.

Moreover, don’t need podcast experience, or technical know-how to create podcasts. All handle this software or app with its built-in AI technology.

It Needs 3 Steps to Create Podcasts:

This brand-new app is 100% cloud-based. After that, this app is very beginner-friendly. So, there have no hard works to run this app. With Podcastio, you can create a top-performing, high-earning podcast in only 3 steps.

⇶1 Content – Using your own content, create podcasts. Moreover, you can use use the highest quality, engaging content online to create podcasts.

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⇶2 Voice – You can record your own voice to create audio. On the other hand, you can use Podcastio’s awesome AI text-to-speech app to create your unique audio.

⇶3 Publish – In this step, Podcastio lets you publish your podcasts with all the top platforms. Such as Google & Apple podcasts.

PodCastio App Review: Who Can Buy This App?

There has no restriction to buy PodCastio App. The man who wants to make money can purchase this app. Now, see who can purchase this great app/software.

PodCastio App Review

Amazing Features of PodCastio App:

Create Unlimited Content: You can create unlimited content from existing, high-performing content. As a result, your podcasts will perform brilliantly.

Create Engaging VoiceOver: You can create an engaging voice-over with their AI-powered text-to-speech app. So, no time will be misused.

Recorded Podcast: This software is recorded the highest-quality podcasts. As a result, your listeners will love more to hear your podcasts.

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SEO Optimised: This software includes SEO-optimized.So, you can create your SEO-optimized podcast website in seconds.

Publish Your Podcast: You can publish your podcasts directly to all the big podcast platforms. For example, Google & Apple podcasts.

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Instant Stream To Listener: PodCastio provides a feature that is called Stream To Listener. For this, you and your clients can enjoy an instant stream of listeners to your podcasts.

Setup For Ads: Your podcasts are automatically set up for Ads, sponsorships, and affiliate links. Therefore, you can sell your products or service through your podcasts.

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Easy To Use Dashboard: Podcastio has an easy-to-use dashboard. So, you can create instant podcasts. After that, click to publish, and boom!

In-built Traffic: PodCastio app offers an in-built targeted traffic source. And you get this targeted traffic in just a single click.

Support: If you fail to create podcasts using PodCastio then the authority back your money. You’ll get back your money within 15-20 days.

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PodCastio App Review: Am I Prefer PodCastio?


  • Creates unlimited podcasts for a lifetime.
  • There has no monthly fee.
  • Creates Podcasts using other people’s content.
  • After that, do not need to speak or not need to be on camera.
  • It is a 100% cloud-based app.
  • Most importantly, this app comes with detailed training.
  • Podcastio creates and Schedules podcasts in 1 click.
  • Most importantly, this app has an in-built traffic source.
  • Moreover, you can sell your podcasts to any person.
  • After that, it helps you get traffic in 1 click.

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  • Most importantly, you can use any Podcast from google and apple store from your dashboard.
  • Subsequently, you can share your playlist URL to multiple podcast sites.
  • In addition, it includes done-for-you Podcast templates.
  • The app is newbie-friendly and easy to use.
  • You don’t need any skills or podcast experience.
  • Sell your products or service using these podcasts.
  • You can create podcasts for your high-paying clients.


I don’t see any cons of PodCastio.

I bought a copy of Podcastio. After that, used it for more than 5 days. I get a lot of features and benefits from this product. I have already shared those with you above. However, from that point, I’ll say it is 100% legit and it’s not a scam. Therefore, I prefer this app.

What Do You Get Bonuses with PodCastio?

PodCastio App Review

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PodCastio App Review

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Funnel Details & OTOs of PodCastio:

PodCastio App Review

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PodCastio App Review

Final Verdict on PodCastio App Review:

Finally, I want to say that PodCastio is an amazing app in 2022. It helps you a lot to generate more and more podcasts. As a result, you’ll get a huge opportunity to make money selling these podcasts.

On the other hand, you can sell your affiliate & own offers or products through your podcasts. But for this, you really don’t have to do anything. All the work will handle PodCastio App with its A.I system.

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However, you can use this app as a service besides your needs. As a result, you can help people to get sales and make money. For this purpose, you can earn extra money from those people.

The price of this app is not much more. But It’ll give you a lot of benefits from it. So, I highly prefer this product. But all the decisions fully depend on you. Because money and needs are yours.

Above all, thanks a lot for reading my honest PodCastio App Review.