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Vox AI Review

Introduction – Vox AI Review

Welcome to my Vox AI Review. I’m Raju Bhadra Affiliate Marketer and Digital Product’s honest review writer.

World’s first “ChatGPT4-powered” App turns any “URLs, Websites, Articles, Keywords, Blogs, PDFs” into high-quality AudioBooks Or Podcasts.

It comes with 660+ Real Human voices, a built-in marketplace & Siri-like command to turn your voice into AudioBooks.

Now, if you’re interested in Audiobooks or Podcasts? If YES, then you can check the Vox AI App. Firstly, you have to know does Audiobooks or Podcasts help you to make money online or not.

Actually, you can use Audiobooks or Podcasts in 2 ways. You can direct sell Audiobooks or Podcasts on Amazon Kindle, on the other hand, you can generate Targeted traffic to promote your Offers/Products.

Now, complete this Vox AI Review and see how this App creates Audiobooks or Podcasts for you.

Content of Vox AI Review



What Are The Best Parts of Vox AI?

What Can You Do with Vox AI?

How You Can Generate Traffic With This App?

Opinion of Other Users

Does Vox AI Worth Buying?

How Does It Work?

How Is It Different?

Final Opinion


Author/Vendor: Seyi Adeleke

Product: Vox AI

Launch Date: 2023-Jun-05 

Official Website: Visit Here

Front-End Price: $17

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee 

Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses 

Skill: All Levels 

Niche: App 

Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе 

Recommend: Highly Recommend!

Rating – 9.3 out of 10

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What Are The Best Parts of Vox AI?

– Create Your First Audiobook Within 2 Minutes Of Joining 

– Turn Any Article, Website, Url, PDF, or Blog Into Audiobook, Podcast, VSL, Audio/Music Track… 

– Create A Podcast With Human Voice Without Recording 

– Choose From 660 Real Human Voices 

– Create Voices In 80+ Different Languages 

– No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes 

– Comes With 50+ Built-In AI Features That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier 

– Publish Your AudioBook To Their Marketplace With 2.3 Million Active User 

– Publish your AudioBook Or Podcast To (Spotify, Audible, and Scribe) 

– 99.99% Up Time Guaranteed

– ZERO Upfront Cost

Honestly, Vox AI is a 100% beginner-friendly App to get instant online success. There are no difficulties to use this App.


What Can You Do with Vox AI?

Create AudioBooks 

Create a full audiobook that you can publish on our marketplace or any other marketplace… You don’t need to write a word of the script… ​ Vox AI will take care of that…

Create Podcasts 

Always wanted to start your podcast? Now is the time, Because Vox AI will create an interactive podcast for you… ​ Completely by using AI… No need for any equipment, recording, or editing

Create VoiceOvers 

Vox AI is not just for audiobooks… ​ It comes with 660 different human voices in 80+ languages. This means you will be able to generate voiceovers for anything… In 30 seconds or less.

Create VSLs 

Do you use VSLs in your business? No need to hire expensive voice actors anymore… With Vox AI… Just upload your script… ​ And it will do it for you in seconds.

How You Can Generate Traffic With This App?

You know Audio Books and Podcast are very much popular at present time. You can create short and short podcasts using this Box AI app. Then a lot of podcast platforms and social forum sites are available. You can easily share our podcast to drive your targeted traffic. 

If you can share your podcast on a daily basis then you can generate millions of audiences very short time. Here is a low competitive sector. So, if you can continue your task using this AI App then you can get more and more better results. 

Traffic is the main KEY to online success. If you don’t have traffic/customer sources then you never get online sales and commissions. 

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Opinion of Other Users:

Alan Weber 

“So far, I own about 11 AI apps, and none of them can even hold a candle to VOX. It’s the only one that actually contributed to my business positively. ​ We use it every single day now and it saved us thousands of dollars. Thanks, Seyi”

Chester Stevens

“I never thought I would publish a book, let alone an audiobook But guess what, with Vox AI, I did that in a few minutes. ​ YES, minutes, not days, not even hours. But the best part is I actually made money from those audiobooks every day I made about a couple hundred dollars, 100% handsfree”.

Shanna Reed

“To be completely honest, I still don’t know how the entire AI thing works. But what I know is that now I publish a new audiobook every day ​ And sell close to a hundred audiobooks every month. It doesn’t get easier than this”.

Does Vox AI Worth Buying?

Did You Know That 50% Of Americans Listens To AudioBooks?

Can you believe it? ​ That’s almost 200 MILLION users ​ And that’s in the USA alone… ​ In total, there are about 2 BILLION people who use audiobooks daily… ​ It’s a huge market.

This huge and lucrative market is controlled by a few companies… ​ And for years, they kept it for themselves… ​ Making all the profits… ​ And making it incredibly hard for anyone else to be a part of it…

Take Amazon For Example.

Yes, the Trillin-Dollar company… ​ When they saw an opportunity in the AudioBooks industry…. ​ They immediately launched Audible…. ​ 

A platform that monopolies the entire AudioBooks market… ​ And makes sure that they are the only ones who make money…


How Does It Work?

That’s a fair question… 

And let me tell you that Vox AI uses the latest AI model available by humankind… 

To mimic the voices of literally anyone… 

It comes with 660 voices that you can choose from… 

And you can create more, or even uses your voice… 

Not just that, the AI will write the entire script for you if you want… 

It’s the complete AI solution you have always been looking for…

How Is It Different?

It’s the only app on the market… 

That no just gives you a DFY audiobook… 

It will also publish it for you in its marketplace…

And gives you exposure to over 2.3 million active users… 

Making it a fail-proof solution to start your audiobook empire… With just a few clicks…

But that’s not all… 

It’s the only app that will write the script for you too… 

So you are left with zero jobs to do

Final Opinion – Vox AI Review

In conclusion, I suggest you check Vox AI App. It’s a new opportunity to rebrand your audiences. You can use Vox AI for your own purpose, on the other hand, you can handle your clients too.

Now, it’s time to make the right decision, this is perfect for you to not. If you want to start Audio Books and Podcasts to start your business then you can GRAB it.

Thanks for reading this Vox AI Review.

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