TargetAi Review (Victory Akpos) – Scam or Legit?

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TargetAi Review

Introduction: TargetAi Review

Welcome to my review blog and this TargetAi Review. I’m Raju Bhadra an Affiliate Marketer and Review Writer. TargetAi is a newly released YouTube Ads SPY App.

Victory Akpos is the author of this TargetAi App. He turns $5 into 169.71 using this App. This Targeti App help to find out the ‘BUYER ONLY’ section that YouTube hides from the public.

This is AMAZING! This works for ANY offer… in any NICHE rinse and repeat for unlimited potential.

Keep reading my honest TargetAi App review. After completing my review you can make the right decision.

Content of TargetAi Review



What is TargetAi?

Why Do People Love TargetAi App?

How Does TargetAi App Work?

What Are The Benefits of This App?

What Does TargetAi Do For Your Online Business?

Does TargetAi Scam or Legit?

Final Opinion

Overview: TargetAi Review

Author/Vendor: Victory Akpos

Product: TargetAi

Launch Date: 2023-May-30 

Official Website: Visit Here

Front-End Price: $27

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee 

Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses 

Skill: All Levels 

Niche: App 

Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе 

Recommend: Highly Recommend!

Rating – 9.3 out of 10

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What is TargetAi?

TargetAI is the only app on the market that uses a natural-language model

It helps to find hidden ads targeted for youtube, that they keep hidden… 

These are unlike any targets you have ever seen.

It gives us a 100% success rate with their campaigns with no fail… Helping them turn a laughable $5 into hundreds of dollars with ease.

Why Do People Love TargetAi App?

– Exploit YouTub’s “BUYER OLNY” Traffic Section for High-Converting Traffic

– Turn An Investment Of $5 OR Less Into 3 Figures In Profit (Rinse And Repeat As Often As You Want) 

– Spy On Any Video Or Channel In Any Niche For An Unfair Advantage 

– Find The Best Converting Campaigns So There’s No Guessing 

– Find Out Which Offers, Landing Pages And Video Ads Convert The Best For ANY Niche.

– TragetAi Leverages Other People’s Content For Massive Traffic.

– You Also Get 10 ‘Done For You’ Video Ads That Go With 10 Hot Affiliate Offers With Guaranteed Approval For Fast And Easy Commissions.

– This Is The Perfect Way For Newbies To Get Traffic Flowing TODAY.

–  Due To Laser Tight Targeting Get HOT Buyer Traffic Flowing For Pennies Per Click.

– Real Life Case Study And Step-By-Step Training

– Never Show Your Face On Camera Or Create A Video

How Does TargetAi App Work?

TargetAi Works In 3 Easy Steps…

1: SUCCESS – Click on any of the links to get instant access to TargetAi

2: GENERATE – Create your new AI app in seconds, complete with all sales material and everything

3: PROFIT – That’s it…

This app will use a BETTER language model than ChatGPT4 to create and operate an entire AI business for you on autopilot… ​ 

It requires zero work on your part. This App does everything for you. ​ Starting from creating the app, creating sales material Finally selling the app for you And since this is AI. 

It will work 24/7 with zero off days. TargetAi has one goal making you money.

Get TargetAi And Save $968 Now

What Are The Benefits of This App?

– Save Countless Hours: No more manually searching for monetized videos 

– Access An Audience Of Millions Instantly: YouTube is owned by Google and it’s the 2nd largest search platform on the internet.

– Access Hundreds Of ‘Done For You’ Videos: TargetAi serves up hundreds of highly-targeted videos and channels that you can use as your own for ANY niche or offer.

– Promote Anything You Want: YouTube is massive and TargetAi will exploit the ‘BUYERS ONLY’ section for the traffic you can use to promote ANYTHING you want 

– Get Started With Just $5 In Ads Budget: The videos TargetAi finds are so closely targeted that you’ll spend less money and increase conversions for bigger profits 

– No Video Creation Required: TargetAi serves up hundreds of highly-targeted videos and channels that you can use as your own for ANY niche or offer.

What Does TargetAi Do For Your Online Business?

2nd Generation AI Technology

The world has never seen anything like this… Some experts like to call it the “mother of all AI” This is the technology that you WILL use to generate AI apps on demand With ZERO coding and ZERO tech setup 2nd Generation AI Technology 

DFY 7 AI Apps

TargetAi comes preloaded with 7 apps. It’s been proven to be 7 figure sellers. And you can deploy them and start selling as fast as 30 seconds.

 You own those apps, it’s 100% yours DFY 7 AI Apps 

1-Click Branding

They made it incredibly easy to rebrand any app to your liking Use our intuitive dashboard to change colors, and names, and add your logo (or choose from our DFY logos) 

Not just that, you can also edit any features of each app. Edit the funnel if you want, And also you can add/edit any of the video training 1-Click Branding.

DFY Salespages

You can’t sell anything without having a GOOD sales page to sell it… And with TargetAi, you don’t get a good sales page.

You get an AMAZING sales page that is written custom for you by a seven-figure copywriter… And designed by the world’s biggest design studio. It’s tested over and over and proven to convert 10x more than any competitor.

Keep Reading…

DFY Upsells

Each app comes with its own upsell that you will sell to your customers to maximize your earning. They do all the work for you, all the setup, and all the configuration. 

You have the option to edit on any of them, But we recommend using their setup because it’s been proven to give them the MAX-earning possible DFY Upsells.

DFY Email Sequence

You get your own custom email sequence to keep selling to your new leads every single day. And convert more and more customers into repeat customers. This is the easiest way to double or even triple their earnings without doing any extra work DFY Email Sequence 


If you ever thought of running ads they made it incredibly easy for you… They will give you dozens of custom ads that you can upload and start getting cheap traffic from Facebook, Google, Youtube, Or even TikTok.

You don’t need to edit, write or create anything. Just upload their ads. it’s guaranteed to get results DFY Ads. 

DFY Video Sales Letters

Videos sell more than text. This is why they even have a video on top of this page. And with TargetAi, you get your very own video sales letter for each software you deploy. But this is not just a random video.

 Its created by motion animation experts to make it entertaining, engaging, and most importantly CONVERTING.

Get Access Unlimited Buyer Traffic (Affiliate + CPA Marketing) Here >> 

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DFY Training

When you start selling your new AI apps, you will need to give your customers proper training on how to use them… But don’t worry, we already did that for you… We included intensive training with each app that you can use DFY Training 

 Built-In Payment Gateway 

Collect payments directly from your customers via Paypal, Stripe, Or direct credit card We made it incredibly easy to start collecting money from day 1.

DFY Traffic 

You don’t need to generate any traffic for your new apps. They took care of that too… They included the fastest traffic generation feature on the market… 

This will easily flood you with more traffic than you can imagine…. The best part is, all of it is 100% buyer traffic No bots, and no fake traffic.

DFY “HightTicket” Offers… 

This is the easiest way to add thousands of dollars extra to our bottom line. By selling high-ticket offers on the back end And with TargetAi, you get access to dozens of high-ticket products. That will pay you up to $997 for each sale.

Autoresponder Integration 

With just one click, integrate your favorite autoresponder and start collecting hot list right away… There is no coding required… Just connect your account, and they will syndicate all the leads on autopilot.

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How I Make +$60K In 1 Year (Case study) >>>

Seamless Operation

Don’t feel overwhelmed… Everything they give to you works in complete harmony together… You don’t have to edit or configure anything… AI will operate your entire business for you…  

DFY Customer Support 

They take care of any issue that may face you or your customer. So, you don’t have to worry about customer support ever… 

Their best customer support agents will take care of that for you… No need to worry about support tickets ever… 

1-On-1 Help

Just reach out to one of their experts… And immediately they will help you eliminate whatever problem you’re facing… And get you back on the results track.

100% Success Guarantee

They don’t want TargetAi to be just another AI app that you purchase… And never actually use… Pick your copy now, and if it didn’t give you the results they’re promising… they don’t want your money… Just send them a message and they will immediately process a refund and an apology for wasting your time…


Does TargetAi Scam or Legit?

TargetAi is a LEGIT App.

TargetAi leaves nothing for you to do. It takes care of everything for you. ​ It helps to build a futuristic AI app for you to build all the sales material, to even sell it for you.

They don’t even have to manage the business. All that we do is just refresh our account every day. ​ And watch the money roll in.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. This Starter was not made only for affiliate marketers.

It was made for anyone who wants to start an AI business and capitalize on a trend that will never die. ​It doesn’t require any skills and doesn’t require any tech setup.

I think TargetAi is perfect for beginners who want to get super-targeted buyer traffic with little investment.

Final Opinion – TargetAi Review

In conclusion, I want to say TargetAi is a Highly Recommended App. This is perfect for low-budget YouTube traffic.

This Is A Brand New App That Exploits Loophole To Get INSTANT & GUARANTEED Buyer Traffic For Pennies Per Click From The ‘BUYER ONLY’ Section YouTube HIDES From The Public…

This tool is built from scratch and it’s a YouTube Ads/Video targeting/SEO app that combines the incredible power of Google and Youtube search ability to fetch you just the right monetized videos or niche-specific trending videos to target in your YouTube marketing. But it goes beyond just helping you fetch monetized videos.

With TargetAI, you and your customers will be able to grab laser-targeted PENNY CLICKS from YouTube leveraging other people’s sweat. The software will help you to easily find popular channels/videos, filter the monetized and non-monetized videos, target your videos/AdWord ads to be placed on those popular videos that are monetized, and also have the ability to fetch the exact data that made those videos popular. So, you can implement it on your own videos and rank higher on YouTube and Google as well.

Now, you can make the right decision.

Get Access TargetAi App + Mega Bonuses