How to Make Money on CPAGrip for Free? (Content Lock Secret)

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Make Money on CPAGrip for Free

Introduction – Make Money on CPAGrip for Free

Welcome to my make money online blog and this article Make Money on CPAGrip for Free. In this tutorial, I’ll show how you can make money by locking content.

If you’re a beginner and want to start your CPA Marketing journey with content locking then follow this method. It’s 100% free and beginner-friendly. This is super perfect for anyone.

Do you learn about Content Locking?

In this content/URL locking system, you have to lock any URL/Content then if anyone unlocks this content then you can make money with CPAGrip.

Author of This Method:

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Raju Bhadra

I’m Raju Bhadra a Full-Time Digital Marketer & YouTube Influencer.

I have earned OVER $60K from online marketing in the 2021-22 calendar year. I have earned this money in various ways. Approximately, 70% from Affiliate Marketing, 20% from AdSense, & 10% from CPA Marketing.

Recently, I published a step-by-step video tutorial on Udemy based on my Real-Life case study.

Raju Bhadra – “Learn First Then Earn”

Why Is This Method Recommended? 

– You can make money with CPA Marketing 

– Make Money with CPAGrip

– Get Targeted Buyer Traffic from Free Sources

– You can apply a Content/URL locking system

– No budget needed to Apply

– Beginner-friendly & Hassle-free Method 

– Just need to work 30 minutes per day 

– Make more than $30 per day 

– Get results fast

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How Does This Method Work?

Step 1: Find Out Copyright Free Articles

The 1st step you have to find out copyright-free articles. Visit this site ( a lot of free articles here in various categories.

For this method, you have to choose the “health and fitness” category. Then go weight loss sub-category. You can see here over 6,500+ weight loss-related articles here. Now, choose any articles from here.

After choosing your article you have to LOCK this article link.

Step 2: Create an account on CPAGrip

If you want to start CPA marketing then you have to create an Account on CPA Affiliate Network. For this method, I suggest you create an account on CPAGrip. 

Make Money on CPAGrip for Free

It’s very easy to create an account on CPAGrip. Join CPAGrip Here. This CPA Affiliate Network is Worldwide open. On the other hand, if you already have an account then fine!

Step 3 – Create A Link Locker

For applying this CPA method you have created a link locker. Do you know locking URLs, you also can make money with CPA marketing. For this method, you have to lock this weight loss article URL. Then if anyone wants to get this full article then they have to unlock the locker. Then you can make money with CPAGrip.

Step 4: Create an Attention-Grabbing Landing Page

I always suggest building a landing page to promote CPA/Affiliate offers. If you want to use direct CPA affiliate links then you can’t submit your links anywhere. Then your account can be banned.

For these obstacles, you have to build a landing page. You can build your landing page using (sites. google. com).

Make Money on CPAGrip for Free

It’s very easy to build a landing page using the site google. Even if you wish you can build your landing page using,,, etc.

How to Get Traffic to Promote Your Landing Page?

Traffic is the master of making money online. If you have traffic sources then you can promote any offers/products/landing pages. Without traffic you’re nothing. Now, you have to work for the traffic.

Visit this site The next-generation social media network.

Imagine a place where you trust your social network. No ads No spyware It’s the fun social media experience you can trust, control, and love.

This social network is as like Facebook, and Twitter. Over 7.30 million people visit this social site per month. So, you can grab these people as your targeted traffic.

Simply share your copyright-free content here. You have to share the 1st paragraph of the content. Then make a note rest of the article link added to the comment. Don’t need to add any links to your post. Check this image below.

This is 100% free traffic to promote any offers. Simply share the helpful articles to grab your targeted traffic. Don’t do any scams!

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Final Opinion – Make Money on CPAGrip for Free

In conclusion, I want to say this is a beginner-friendly method to earn money with CPA marketing. If you can promote CPA offers using URL locker then you can gran Worldwide people. You don’t need to lose any traffic.

It’s 100% free and very easy to apply. If you’re really interested in CPA marketing to make money fast then you can easily apply this method. It’s 100% Recommended for anyone.

Thanks for reading this Make Money on CPAGrip for Free Tutorial.

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