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Clicko Review
Clicko Review
Clicko Review

Introduction of Clicko – Clicko Review

Welcome to my Clicko Review & see why Clicko is a 100% SCAM app!


I’m Raju Bhadra. An affiliate marketer. I’m a beta tester of Clicko.

First, I want to say Clicko is 100% SCAM. There is no chance to get results.

You can think why I’m shouting Clicko is a scam app. Yes, I have enough reasons behind it. I’ll disclose everything inside my review. I’m not a newbie marketer. Over 9 years, I’m making money by affiliate marketing. I know which method is workable and which app is legit or real. I’m 99.99% sure Clicko is a not workable scam app.

Please, complete my review and thinks about my points. After that, if you think I’m not providing the real truth of this app. Then you can buy it! I hope you got my points. Thanks for continuing my Clicko Review.

About ClickoClicko Review

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Clicko Review – Overview of Clicko App

Clicko is a 1 click traffic app. Now, listen to how this app generates 1 click traffic. Does it really works or not. Let me explain everything about this app.

After purchasing the Clicko app you’ll get access to use it. Inside the dashboard, you can see create new video site. You have etc create a videos site. Then you can search your niche. You get a lot go videos then you can choose videos from there and add them to your video site. In this way, you can build your video site.

Now, a lot of social platforms are available here and you can share your site with just 1 click. And you get traffic. 

What do you think? Does it work or not? 

I never work. Why? Because it’s not the real process of creating a videos site. If you choose content from another server then your site is banned anytime by copy-right issues. On the internet copy-right is a sensitive issue. Within 24 hours your site gets banned. 

Does IT possible to Make Passive Money with Clicko?

No. It’s not possible. I have enough reasons behind it. First of all, you have to know what is passive income! Income basically 2 types. Active income & Passive income. 

If your income is dependent on your running task then it’s called active income. If you stop your task your income will be stopped automatically. 

On the other hand, If you can create helpful content then from time to time people will visit your content. In this case, you don’t need to create content daily. In this way, you can make passive money. 

This app is super FLOP. You can run it properly, with no traffic sources, no training, no risk-free guarantee. If you can grow your traffic empire then you can make passive money otherwise not. Applying Clicko app you never can earn passive money online.

Clicko Review – Clicko Provides A Winning System?

No, Clicko doesn’t provide any winning system. You never change your life using the Clicko app. Get paid to sell without anything is almost impossible. Clicko app helps you to create a video site. I don’t see any ways to make money without selling anything. 

If you want to make money without selling anything then you have to do an online job. Do you know what is an online job is? Such as watching videos, surveys, app reviews, copywriting, etc. If you’re able to do this type of task then you can make money without selling anything. 

This app never provides a winning system. If you want o get any winning system to make money then try to do the right task in the right way. Depending on any app it’s impossible. 

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Click & Get Pid $30 Every Time, Is IT Real?

No, It’s not real. I don’t see this type of loophole ever before. Actually, no one gets paid $30 every time when someone clicks their mouse. If it is possible the everyone can do it. Here is no special link to do it. It’s not the proven way to unlock the gate to freedom with zero stress. 

Most newbie marketers want to make money in this type of lazy way. Just simply think about it, if you can then everyone can hit the click and get paid. Forget this type of SCAM app and bulky system. Try to lean online marketing follow other marketers, and grow your traffic sources day by day. It’s the real way to make money online.

I never suggest anyone grab the Clicko app. The point, click, and get paid. It’s a 100% SCAM scheme. Jason Fulton always releases this type of scam app.

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Clicko Review – Clicko is a Good or Bad App?

Of course, it’s a BAD app. A lot of solid reasons behind this. Clicko is not a new breakthrough. This type of scam software has already been published. It’s not a 1.8 trillion dollar loophole. Mind it, online marketing is not possible depending on any loophole. Without selling or providing services. No one can make money. 

I don’t see any magic here to get traffic in just 59 seconds. No one can blast traffic using any app. If you want to get never-ending buyer traffic then you to grow evergreen traffic sources. Like Website, YouTube, social media platforms, etc. it’s not a good app anyhow!

No app can generate autopilot results. If you have traffic power then you can expect autopilot results, otherwise not. No app is capable to to deliver autopilot results.

Why You Need To Get Your Hands On Clicko?

I don’t see any reasons to get Clicko. They never guarantee you a $30 payment every time when someone clicks. Without selling making is quite impossible. 

The no app can generate built-in traffic in 59 seconds. This app helps to share other people’s videos. And I don’t see any positive sides to get this Clicko app.

No app can generate passive money. If you can build or grow your traffic sources only then you can make passive money. When you never get any results then autopilot results are just a dream. 

This can’t be a foolproof system. Here is nothing good that helps you to make money. After all, I don’t see any positive sides to choose this app. This type of fake promising app already grabs a lot of newbie people’s money, without getting any results.

Final Opinion – Clicko Review

Honest, I warn you DON’T BUY the Clicko app. You never blast automated traffic. Then you never get a $30 payment by just clicking. If make money online is so easy then 100% of people can make money. Make sense dear friends. 

If you want to quit your job buying this app then you will lose everything. You lose your job first, then you lose your time and money. Clicko app is not the solution to get quick results. If you really want to build your online business then you have to wait a minimum of 5/6 months. 

If you’re struggling to get traffic then the Clicko app is not your solution. You have to grow the right traffic sources in the right ways. You can build a website, YouTube, Social media traffic. But the app is not the traffic solution. 

I highly do not recommend the Clicko App for traffic blasts and making $30 over and over. Don’t believe these fake promises. I hope you have got my points. Thanks for reading my Clicko Review.

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