Flix App Review (Jason Fulton) – Not Recommended, Why?

Flix App Review
Flix App Review
Flix App Review

Intro of Flix App – Flix App Review

Welcome to my Flix App Review.

Do you want to get paid using other people’s videos? 

According to the sales page promise, Flix is a 4 click process to earn online commissions. It’s a secret platform. You don’t need to do any hard work for this. You can use other people’s videos to get traffic. Just set up once and get 100% passive results on autopilot. 


Flix app is totally unable to generate using other people’s YouTube videos. If you use random YouTube videos then YouTube alleges copyright against you. Then an app can’t act as a videos platform. Don’t wish to get paid using other people’s videos.

Most sales pages include this type of fake claim to increase the sales ratio. But, this type of scam app never works as the sales page promises. Inside my Flix App Review, I disclose everything step-by-step. I don’t prefer this type of BOGUS app. Why I don’t prefer to get inside my review.

About Flix AppFlix App Review

Back To Basics

What’s The Working Process of The Flix App?

Do you think does Flix app works or not?

Flix app doesn’t work anyhow to get traffic. I explain the complete process of working and why it is not workable.

After purchasing the Flix app you get access to the member’s area. Then you can import videos from YouTube or Dailymotion. Then you can edit the video title and description. Various social platforms are integrated here. You can share your videos on various social platforms. Then you get traffic. It’s the working process of the Flix App.

BUT, It’s not the proper way to generate traffic. You should follow any real method that works. This type of traffic app is totally unable to generate traffic. This app wants to build a video platform like YouTube. But how can it be possible, think about It!

I don’t prefer the Flix app. When you load lots of videos in the Flix app it never runs well. A lot of errors are available inside the app. No one can properly use it to get traffic. So, forget this type of shortcut ways to get traffic.

Can I Make Money with This App?

No, there are no ways to get results. If you want to make money online then your first criteria are Traffic. But, the Flix app doesn’t provide the proper ways of getting traffic. A lot of fake promising apps are available that promise to make money without any hard work.

If you think you will make money using other people’s hard work. Actually, it’s not possible. Online marketing depends on your Traffic system.

Then if you want to make passive income then you need organic traffic. Suppose if you have a website, or have YouTube Channel to get traffic then you get targeted buyer traffic. And if you build this type of traffic once then you get traffic 24/7. Then you can make money in your sleeping time. After that, you can say you’re making passive money. Otherwise not.

So, if you depended on the Flix app you never get 24/7 traffic. Even you don’t get any traffic to make a single sale. So, you never make money online using the Flix app.

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How to Get Traffic Other People’s Video?

Yes, it’s possible. It’s a very easy and simple system. Anyone can easily apply this method. Even it’s 10% Free. Don’t need to buy any apps or software or tools for it. Let me explain it.

Step 1 – First, you have to choose your niche. You can choose to make money online, health & fitness, bodybuilding, beauty, etc.

Step 2 – You can use other people’s YouTube videos without any copyright issues. It’s Creative Common. Okay. Now search on YouTube according to your niche. Like “How to Start Affiliate Marketing” “How to lose weight fast” etc. After that, you get the filer search on YouTube for finding the creative Commons videos. It’s the reuse allowed videos. So, it’s a verified system by YouTube.

Step 3 – Download those videos and use them as your own videos. You can edit, customize those videos as your own wish.

Step 4 – Upload videos on your YouTube channel. I recommend you upload 1/2 of videos per day. You have to be consistent to get results. It’s a simple method to use other people’s videos for generating traffic.

If you can follow this system you can easily grow your YouTube channel without creating any videos. I personally Follow this method at an early age in my online marketing career. It’s a proven method you can apply without buying an app or software or tools.

Flix App Review

Is Flix App a Shortcut Line to Victory?

According to the sales page promise, the Flix app brings these features for you.

Beginner Friendly – Whether you’ve made a dime online or not, it doesn’t matter. Flix will work for you, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Easier Than Dialing A Phone Number – If you know how to copy and paste, and follow 4 super simple steps, then you’re a perfect fit to use Flix.

100% Legal & Ethical – If you know how to copy and paste, and follow 4 super simple steps, then you’re a perfect fit to use Flix.

Scale As High As You Want – They’ve been able to scale this to a MINIMUM monthly income of $19K… The more videos we upload, the more we get paid.

No Selling Required – They get paid, even if someone doesn’t buy anything. That’s why the success rate for Flix users is off the charts.


Dear friend, there are no shortcut ways to get the online victory. If you can follow the right ways then you can get the victory. Otherwise impossible to use the Flix app.

What You’ll Get Inside This App?

Flix Monetization 

This is where we get paid. All we have to do is continue uploading videos to and we receive payments.

Flix Viral Video Finder 

This lets you use Flix on any device of your choice. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, or even your mobile phone, Flix can run on ANYTHING.

Flix Web App 

This lets you use Flix on any device of your choice. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, or even your mobile phone, Flix can run on ANYTHING. 

Flix Automation This is what allows Flix to run by itself, on complete autopilot. Set it up once, and forgot about it! 

Flix Training 

This lets you use Flix on any device of your choice. Whether it’s a PC, Mac, or even your mobile phone, Flix can run on ANYTHING.


I don’t see any special elements to choose this Flix App. No app can make money in magical ways. This type of SCAM app has already been released with a lot of fake claims. No app works. Now, the Flix app also never works as its promise. 

Flix App Review – Why Not Recommended?

You can think, sales page promises are awesome but why do I say not recommended?

Yes, I personally don’t prefer any app for generating traffic. Apps always promise to get ready-made results. But actually, it’s not possible. This app loaded YouTube and Dailymotion videos. Then you can share those videos on various social platforms. It’s not the proper way to get traffic.

Now, if you think using Flix you can get traffic using other people’s video then not possible. Why not?

Yes, it’s possible but you have to follow the proper ways. I already share it.

But, using Flix you can’t do it because of the app errors problem. That means, this app can’t load videos properly, than no watch videos without buffering. Then the vital problem people don’t like this type of unauthorized app.

After all, a lot of obstacles inside the app. For this reason, I highly do not recommend the Flix app to anyone.

Final Opinion – Flix App Review

Finally, I want to say Don’t Buy Flix App. This app never generate traffic using other people’s videos. No one can get results other people’s content. Then everyone can do it. No one works hard to make money online. Don’t believe this type of fake promises. 

If a beginner can this it’s the shortcut way to making money online, then he just lose his money. Don’t want to get the result in a short time. Instant result is not possible in online marketing. This Flix app never works in just 4 clicks. Don’t believe it. 

Flix is a 100% risky decision. When this app never works why you need to buy it? I never want anyone lose their money without any purpose. Now, all decision depended on you. I hope you never make any mistake. Thanks for reading my Flix App Review.

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