Zest Review – Why Zest App 100% Hype? by Billy Darr

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Zest Review

Zest Review

Zest Review
Zest Review

Introduction – Zest Review

Do you want to get a traffic solution? Do you want to get traffic in just a few clicks? Why do you want to buy this traffic app? Do you want to know how this app works or doesn’t work? Okay, fine. My review will be the best solution for you to choose the right decision. 

Zest is the World’s 1st affiliate app to get unlimited buyer traffic. This is a point & click app that makes money for anyone. You just need 1 click to activate autopilot campaigns & send 100+ hot buyers to them in 24 seconds. 


Do you think these claims are accurate? Actually, this type of traffic app works? Inside this review, I just share my honest opinion as a beta tester after getting the review access. 

I’m working on internet marketing for over 9 years. I personally hate this type of traffic app, even I don’t see any marketer getting results to use this type of software. So friends, please complete my Zest Review and get the best idea about this traffic app.

Zest Review – Summary of Zest

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Billy Darr

Product: Zest

Price: $17 (Front End)

Niche: Software

Sales Page Fake Claims:

Does Zest App Works or Not?

According to the sales page Zest works in just simple 1 setp.

There’s Only 1 Step: 

Step #1: Select an autopilot campaign & the software will send hundreds of buyers in 24 seconds to that campaign resulting in you getting paid In 1-CLICK! 

Actually, there is nothing to believe in this type of FAKE claim. You can see this type of claim in every traffic app. No app can generate traffic. It’s not possible. Don’t believe this type of fake claim.

If you want to get traffic then don’t depend on this type of SCAM app. It’s not the real way to get traffic. Follow the right ways to generate traffic and sales. This type of apps just waste your time and money.

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Are There Any Benefits in Zest App?

Unique Affiliate Marketing Tool…

Dozens Of High-Quality Features…

First To Market Software…

1-Click Campaign Builder…

300 Sources Of Hot Buyers…

Find Hot Offers Directly From The App…

Tutorials, Case Studies, Support & More…

Zest is not a unique affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can’t possible using this type of app. Traffic is the key thing and this app is totally unable to drive traffic. If you think these features can help you to drive traffic then you’re not right. This type of software already steals a lot of newbie marketer’s money.

If you use this 1 click campaign then you never get results. like you every buyer also uses these same campaigns Now, think about it. Then this app never provides traffic from 300 sources. Applying this app you can’t get buyer traffic. This tutorial, case studies, and support are so much poor. You never get any results.

What You’ll Get Inside Zest Traffic App?

Brand NEW ‘Zest’ Software – The World’s First Fully-Automated App That Does The Hard Work For You & Blasts Your Affiliate Link To 50 Different Traffic Sources All In Just 3 Clicks…

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials – The included video training teaches you how to take the free buyer traffic you get with zest and turn it into an endless supply of cash in your bank account.

Quick Start Guide – If you don’t like going through video’s don’t worry, I have you covered with a Quick Start Guide. It just shows you how to fire up zest to get free traffic & sales pouring in, in seconds.

$164.54 In 2Hrs Case Study – The Real Life Case Study Shows You Exactly How We Made $164.54 In 2 Hours Using The Aura Software.

Customer Only Q & A Call – A Special LIVE Q & A Call Will Take Place Where Aura Customers Can Get Their Questions Answered LIVE, If You Can’t Turn Up Live You’ll Get The Recording.

Why I’m Not Satisfied?

Tradermate Review

STOP! Why 100% Scam? [Don’t Buy]

  1. -> Zest is not a PROVEN & TESTED affiliate app to generate buyer traffic.
  2. -> You can’t get 100+ red-hot buyer traffic in just 24 seconds.
  3. -> Zest app can’t activate autopilot campaigns in just 1 click.
  4. -> Point and click can’t make money for you.
  5. -> Using any app & done-for-you funnel you can’t make high-ticket sales.
  6. -> You can’t get free buyer traffic from 400+ million visitors.
  7. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this Zest, it doesn’t worth buying.
  8. -> Billy Darr releases 2/3 products per month. If his product/software works for making money then why they release 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe his fake claims.
  9. -> All 5 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this software.
  10. -> Zest doesn’t worth the price($17) for this front-end one.
  11. -> This software doesn’t work in just 3 steps. It’s not a proven traffic app for 2021.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this product. It’s not workable software, it’s for making you a fool.

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Does Zest Traffic App Hype or Legit?

Zest traffic app is 100% hype. Billy Darr releases 2/3 this type of SCAM traffic app per month. Even you can get this type of traffic app every day on the Warriorplus marketplace. So, how can you believe this type of traffic app? Traffic is  not a black magic that can generated by this type of app. 

This app can generate traffic in just 24 seconds in just 1 click. If you’re a green newbie then you can think every marketer make money using this type of app. NO friend. It’s impossible. You have to grow your traffic sources by sharing helpful content on blog sites, YouTube, or various social platforms. 

This type of HYPE software just released for stealing newbie marketers money. Most of the newbie want to make money within 24hours or 7 days or less time. But, it’s impossible You have to learn online marketing first then you can earn, otherwise not.

I don’t see any valid reason to choose this traffic app. If you really want to make money online then don’t buy it and follow the right way.

How to Generate Free Buyer Traffic?

If you are serious about online marketing, affiliate marketing then you have to grow your traffic sources. It can be free traffic or paid traffic. You must need the traffic to convert your service or offers, or products. 

Now, I’ll share some of the free traffic sources that every successful marketer applies. Even I also apply these methods to get traffic and make my commissions. 

First, I prefer a blog/website. You. Can choose your niche first then you can make helpful content for your audiences. Day by day you can grow your website and traffic. Newbie or expert everyone can apply it.

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Then you can share various infographics on various social media platforms. Then day by day you can grow your various social platforms and get unlimited buyer traffic. You can grow Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

And Finally, I prefer YouTube video marketing. Video marketing is the most lucrative traffic source at the present time. You can make youTube videos, Short TikTok, and Instagram videos and you can reach your targeted audiences. 

By following these ways you can generate free buyer traffic. But, don’t want to get overnight results. tHen it’s not possible. It takes time to grow but if you can grow it once then you can get results for a lifetime. 

Funnel Details of Zest Traffic App: (5 Upsell)

1: Zest – Unlimited Edition – $39

The Unlimited Edition of zest has Multiple Templates, unlimited usage, unlimited traffic, and sales. It also comes with additional tutorials.

2: Zest – Done-For-You Edition – $197

In this upgrade, our team aims to deliver Done-For-You traffic and Sales for your customers.

3: Zest – Automated Edition – $39

Your customers will be able to activate all the automation tools with zest.

4: Zest – DFY Templates Club – $39

Your customers will get 100 customizable templates that they can use with zest.

5: Zest – 50x Click & Go Campaigns – $39

They’ll give your customers 50 proven campaigns that they copy and paste to make affiliate sales.

Conclusion – Zest Review

Zest is a fully automated traffic app. But, here is the problem. No app can generate traffic. You can enjoy some campaigns here but it never works to generate traffic in 24 seconds. You can’t send 100 buyers in just 1 click. 

This type of FAKE claims included just for getting heavy conversions of this traffic App. But it doesn’t works anyhow. If you don’t believe me then buy it and lose your money. I can assure you never get any results.

Finally, I want to warn don’t waste 17 bucks to buy this traffic. It never works for generating free buyer traffic.iIt’s not the right way tot drive free traffic. I highly NOT recommended this Zero traffic app for anyone. 

Anyway, thanks for reading my review. I hope you get the best experiences of this app. Now, all decision depending on you. 

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