Profit Funnels Review: [STOP] Recommended or Not? (Brendan Mace)

Profit Funnels Review

Introduction of Profit Funnels

Welcome to my Profit Funnels Review and honest opinion. 

Do you know what is about Profit Funnels? What’s the purpose of Profit Funnels? DO you really need Profit Funnels? 

Inside my review, I’ll disclose everything. Don’t need to make a decision just by reading the sales page. 

Profit Funnels is a 100% cloud-based all-in-one marketing suite. It allows you to build stunning profit funnels. It’s a simple, powerful point & clicks funnel builder. It’s a basic of this software.

Now, you have to think only funnel builder is your marketing solution or not. In the case of online marketing, only profit funnels are not enough to make money. Traffic is the mandatory part. First, you have to manage your traffic. Otherwise, who will see your profit funnel?

Profit Funnels provides the Done-For-You funnel builder, Autoresponding system, etc. Inside my review, I’ll disclose all the information about it. Does it really recommended or not. After completing my Profit Funnels Review you can come to the right point.

Details About of Profit FunnelsProfit Funnels Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Brendan Mace

Product: Profit Funnels

Price: $27 (Front End)[Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: Software

Working Process of Profit Funnels

According to the sales page of Profit Funnels, Profit Funnels lets you tap into the power of profit funnels in only a few simple steps. Once you become a member of Profit Funnels, you’ll be able to get a profitable funnel up and running in only minutes. You just follow these steps:

1 – Choose a page template you want to use and edit easily or start from scratch using the drag and drop page builder.

2 – Select the type of funnel you want to create and add your pages (easily add upsells etc.)

3 – Use any STMP service, connect it to our built-in autoresponder, sit back, relax and watch the profits roll in!


I see a couple of issues in Profit Funnels. This sort of funnel developer software is accessible on the internet. Along these lines, you can pick this software/builder or other software/builder. Be that as it may, assuming you pick this sort of modest funnel builder, you can’t make any professional profit pages.

Then, at that point, another factor is the autoresponder. In the event that you utilize this product to give autoresponder, you never get results. This sort of software made STMP administration can’t serve as expected. Along these lines, if this product can construct your channel that not implies you can acquire benefits. You need to zero in first on rush-hour gridlock in any case it’s absolutely worthless.

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Profit Funnels Review – What Profit Funnels Included?

Completely Customizable Sales Page Templates – They didn’t leave anything to chance with this option. They’re giving you templates to help you get your funnels up and running fast! Use them for your own digital products, physical products, upsells, down sells, and more. 

It’s as simple as selecting a template you like, editing the sections you want, and voila! Your page is ready to start making sales!

Completely Customizable Lead Page Templates – Point, Click, and Edit – They’re also going to give you lead page templates to help you build that profitable email list as quickly as possible. As with these sales page templates, you just point, click, edit, and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Completely Customizable Thank You Page Templates – Point, Click, and Edit – You didn’t think we forgot about this option did you? What’s the point of having great funnel pages without a great thank you page? 

Thank you pages are one of the most important components in the funnel as you can give instant access to lead magnets or move the prospect to another product to buy. That’s why we wanted to set you up with great-looking thank you pages that are sure to impress your customers and subscribers.

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Email Templates To Help You Create Emails Fast – You’ll also find email templates available for you to use in multiple niches and markets. Doesn’t matter if you’re into travel, having a Black Friday sale, or selling gadgets, you’ll absolutely love these templates.

6 Different Column Blocks To Get Your Personal Designs Just Right – Putting items exactly where you want them on the page can be a bit challenging when using most drag and drop page builders. That’s why they’ve included 6 different column blocks in the Profit Funnels page builder. 

Just drag and drop any of these anywhere you want on the page: You can see all the details for all your funnels with a single click.

Add Your Own Images or Use Pixabay – Images are everything and can help boost sales and conversions. With this option, you can use your own image, use an image with a link, or search Pixabay within Profit Funnels and one-click add Pixabay images to your pages.


This load of highlights is fine. It worth purchasing. However, this sort of highlight gave software effectively accessible. The majority of the marketer doesn’t care for this sort of one-time installment software. Do you know why? Since this product is absolutely unfit to give proficient looked funnels. In the event that you send your crowds into profit pages and assuming it looks terrible, you never get conversions.

This one-time installment pipe developer has a ton of lacking and blunders Inside. Therefore individuals attempt to utilize a professional funnel builder. Like ClickFunnels, BuilderAll, Convertri, etc. so forth Along these lines, in the event that you think you’ll get every one of the exceptional highlights in a single dashboard, you never get results. I as well as other successful marketers don’t uphold this sort of useless funnel builder.

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What You’ll Get Inside The Funnel Builder?

The Profit Funnels Membership Creator – You’ll also find that you can create your own memberships right inside of Profit Funnels. Style the pages, add your lessons, and you’re off to the races! You’ll be given the links to the membership areas and your customers will automatically be able to register after paying. All without any involvement on your part! Just another way that Profit Funnels is helping to put more profit in your pocket with less work.

Powerful Built-In Autoresponder Mailer – You can also use the built-in autoresponder to mail all of your subscribers and customers. It’s as simple as adding your own SMTP server and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to set up different campaigns and send email blasts with ease. Now you won’t have a need for any of the popular autoresponder services that overcharge for the same subscribers on different lists. Just create your lists and either import your subscribers or customers or they’ll be added to the lists you set up as they progress through your funnels.

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All The Customer Data At Your Fingertips – Do you want to know how a funnel is doing at a moment’s notice? No problem You can access the funnel stats in the Profit Funnels dashboard as well as all the customer information you need with only a few clicks.

Advanced Training Sessions – While they’ve included a robust library of how-to videos inside of Profit Funnels, you’ll find that they take it a step further with these advanced training sessions. These advanced training sessions are recorded and uploaded weekly by Richard and designed to help you turn leads into sales and generate tons of income.


Utilizing Profit Funnels you can make your own membership. But, the overall process is not possible to complete. Assume in the event that you make a membership, you need to get installments/payments. However, how might you accept your payments? It’s impractical.

In the event that you utilize this product to begin email marketing, it’s unrealistic as well. In the event that this kind of SCAM software can do it, no marketer at any point runs Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, and so forth autoresponder by charging month-to-month expenses. Regardless of whether you’re a novice and don’t have any messages then, at that point Profit Funnels is absolutely superfluous.

Presently, on the off chance that I say about these training sessions, it’s anything but an exercise in futility. This sort of training never becomes familiar with your internet marketing, never learn you any functional framework. Along these lines, I don’t incline toward this kind of useless training course. You simply lose your significant time.

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STOP! Why 100% Not Recommended? [Don’t Buy]

  1. -> Profit Funnels is not a PROVEN & TESTED software that can create stunning profit funnels.
  2. -> No funnel builder can create stunning funnels in just a few minutes.
  3. -> Using any Done-For-You funnels, or templates you never get results.
  4. -> You don’t get any results from email marketing if you use this Profit Funnels provides autoresponder.
  5. -> It’s not possible to run membership using Profit Funnels.
  6. -> You can’t use these valueless funnels to build passive income machines.
  7. -> You can’t build an incredibly responsive list on complete autopilot.
  8. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this Profit Funnels software, it doesn’t worth buying.
  9. -> Brendan Mace and his partners releases 2/3 products per month. If his product/software works for making money then why he releases 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe his fake claims.
  10. -> All 5 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this software.
  11. -> Profit Funnels doesn’t worth the price($37) for this front-end one.
  12. -> This software doesn’t work in just 3 steps. It’s not a proven profit funnel builder software for 2021.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this product. It’s not workable software, it’s for making you a fool.

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Profit Funnels Review – The PROs of Profit Funnels:

Assuming you say the Pros of Profit Funnels, I need to say you can b in d funnels in one-time payment software.

Inside this software, the autoresponder service is coordinated.

You can get done-for-you email templates, sales page templates, thank you page templates.

You can assemble your list.

Profit Funnels Review – The CONs of Profit Funnels:

I highly not recommend Profit Funnels. WHY? 

Assuming you can build your funnels in only one-time payment software, no marketer costs $50+ per month for Funnel builder. You can’t build high-converting funnels utilizing Profit Funnels.

Without a verified and recognized autoresponder, you can’t get results from email marketing. On the off chance that you utilize this software-made autoresponder, your newsletter/messages never get the inbox to your audiences/customers.

Like you, each purchaser of this software likewise utilizes these done-for-you templates. Thus, there is no way to get results from these horse crap templates.

Assuming you can build your list utilizing Profit Funnels, this vendor will take your list/email. Since you’ll develop your list utilizing his software. He’ll get to your lists too.

Here are no traffic sources. It’s the fundamental obstruction in online marketing showcasing. Assume you can build your profit pages, thank you pages. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have traffic, how might you utilize these templates? Along these lines, folks don’t burn through your time and cash purchasing this sort of useless software.

Final Opinion – Profit Funnels Review

Finally, I want to suggest you don’t want to build profit funnels in just a few minutes. It’s not possible. It’s not easy to build a high-converting profit funnel. Using this type of profit funnels software you can’t do it. If you buy this software it never helps to make money online. 

Only, if you have huge traffic sources but you don’t have enough money to run professional funnel builder like ClickFunnels, BuilderAll, etc then you can choose it. Otherwise I don’t see any reasons. 

Then if you think if you buy this software then you get all-in-one marketing platform then it’s wrong. You can’t run your autoresponder using profit funnels software. Then every marketer buys this type of software and saves lots of money per month. Be careful friends.

Anyway, thanks for completing my Profit Funnels Review. Now, make your right decision. Best of luck.

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