VidVoicer Review (Eric Holmlund) ~ [Wait] Should You Grab This App?

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VidVoicer Review

Introduction: VidVoicer Review

VidVoicer Review

Welcome to my website and this honest VidVoicer Review.

VidVoicer is a brand-new app in 2022 that creates both HD videos and voiceovers for you. The inventor of this brand-new app is Eric Holmlund. This app has A.I powered technology.

As a result, it creates or edits videos & voiceovers within minutes. After that, it can create videos in 5 ways. However, you can use these videos as your own. Moreover, you can sell them and earn money.

Who wants to buy VidVoicer App? Are you interested to buy VidVoicer App? Before buying this app, want to know an honest review and honest opinion about this app? For this, complete this honest review.

Inside my review, I’ll say about this app, its features, how it works, etc. After that, I’ll share with you my 100% honest opinion to buy it or not. If my decision is positive then I’ll share with you how to make money using Vidvoicer App.

VidVoicer Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Inventor: Eric Holmlund

Product: VidVoicer

Launch Date: 27 April 2022

Price: $37/$47 (Front-End)

Niche: App (Create Video)

My Ratings: 9.4/10

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Inventor of VidVoicer:

The mastermind behind VidVoicer App is Eric Holmlund. He is a famous affiliate marketer & product creator. Eric Holmlund is a famous vendor of JVZoo and a top 3% vendor. Moreover, he is an expert Internet Marketer.

After that, has made a lot of products launches and sales. Till now, he makes more than 42,000 sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits, filling up their needs, and earning profits.

What Is VidVoicer?

Vidvoicer is a groundbreaking video-creating tool. This app comes with A.I powered video creation & voiceover technology. Vidvoicer creates profit-producing videos with real-sounding voiceovers.

Most importantly, it can do in any language in a few clicks. Above all, all is possible in one dashboard. However, you can create many types of videos using VidVoicer. Such as HD quality whiteboard Videos, Explainer Videos, etc.

In short, you can create videos in any niche. The voiceovers create better superior and human-sounding than Amazon Polly or Wavenet voiceovers. Further, you do not need to add any API key.

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After that, you don’t pay extra for credits. Subsequently, you’ll get an inbuilt video editor. So, you can generate videos with naturally sounding Voiceovers. As a result, these help to capture the audience’s attention.

On the other hand, these naturally boost conversions and sales. In this way, you can easily boost your customer’s video marketing ROI. Most importantly, you can do all in a few clicks.

How Does VidVoicer Work For You?

VidVoicer is a newbie-friendly app. So, if you want to use VidVoicer then you don’t need any skills or experience. You can start your own video creation & voiceover business in only simple 3 steps.

↪1 Create Videos – Copy & paste text or add image URLs & click to create. Moreover, you can search for images from social media or upload images and click to create.

Subsequently, add voiceover to videos. For creating Voiceover only, Copy text/script into the voiceover tool.

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↪2 Customise & Edit Videos/Voiceovers – In this step, add voiceover, audio, text, watermark, and background music to your videos. Moreover, you can add crop, resolution, volumes, and speed control to your videos.

After that, choose your preferred voice and language. Most importantly, you can easily modulate and adjust the tone, etc of your voiceover in the Voiceover generator.

↪3 Generate & Monetize – It is the last step. In this step, generate & monetize your HD videos with the voiceover for you or your clients. Most importantly, you do it in one click.

After that, impress your clients with the quality. As a result, keep 100% revenue in your pocket.

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Watch Demo Video of VidVoicer:

What Types of Videos VidVoicer Can Create?

VidVoicer is a groundbreaking video-creating app in 2022. There have no hard tasks. This app is 100% beginner-friendly. Just name the video & Vidvoicer will create any type of video for you and your clients.

It easily works in different niches. I purchase a copy of VidVoicer. I have been using it for more than 8 days. From that point, I’ll share with you which types of videos you can create with it.

VidVoicer Review

Who Can Purchase VidVoicer?

VidVoicer is one of the best Video Creation apps at this cheap price. This app is a complete bundle for both online and offline marketers. Now, see who can purchase this great app/software.

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Should You Grab VidVoicer?


  • VidVoicer Has In-built Video Creator and editor.
  • Videos Are Rendered In HD quality.
  • Transform Any Text Into Stunning Speech (Add voice-over).
  • Convert Any Script into successful Podcasts.
  • After That, Create voiceovers by Merging voiceover files.
  • Access To Human-Sounding Voices. Works In multiple Languages.
  • Alter Speech Speed, Adjust Tone, Rate, Pitch, And Volume Of The Voice For Custom Requirements.
  • Store Videos up to 2 GB (including OTOs).
  • You Can Add Background Music/custom music, voiceovers, etc.
  • Moreover, You can include watermarks, logos, etc in the video editor.
  • It Is 100% Beginner Friendly
  • Step-By-Step Training Includes Only for You.
  • The Software Frequently Updates. For This, Don’t Need Extra Cost.
  • It Perfectly Works On All Devices.
  • Most Importantly, No Need To Install.
  • It Is A Cloud-Based SAAS Application.
  • Use This New App, You Don’t Need Technical Skill Or Experience.
  • Within 30 Days, If You Fail Then Contact The Authority. They Will Back Your Money.

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I don’t see any issues or faults with this Vivoicer App.

Finally, I want to say I bought a copy of the VidVoicer App. I used it for more than 8 days and was able to make videos. This app easily can create videos in 6 ways. However, I got a lot of benefits that I share with you above. Therefore, I’ll say it is a100% workable app. After that, this app really supports you to earn money.

How You Will Get Traffic for VidVoicer?

VidVoicer app includes a commercial license. So, you can use VidVoicer as a service or business. But are you thinking about how it is possible? Don’t worry, I’m here. Now, I’ll share with you the exact way.

Firstly, find out big companies or agencies who want to video marketing. After that, contact them, offer them. Tell them I’ll help you with your video marketing. As a result, they’ll pay you daily/weekly/monthly for your task.

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Moreover, you can post ads on various social media platforms. Such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. Moreover, you can run ads on Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, etc. From these platforms, you’ll get a lot of targeted traffic.

When they see your ads they contact you. After that, make an agreement with them and finally create videos for them. In these ways, you will get traffic and earn a lot of money using VidVoicer.

Final Verdict on VidVoicer Review:

Finally, I want to say that VidVoicer is a perfect app for video marketers. It helps them to create videos with voiceovers. VidVoicer can create videos on any topic. So, you can use these videos as your own or sell them and earn profits.

All the work will handle VidVoicer App with its A.I powered technology. I personally love this product because of its cheap price. But it works very perfectly than other software or app.

If you want to use Abode or Filmora then you’ll pay $149 or $349. So, I’ll say VidVoicer is far better than them. Though its price is cheap, it has a lot of features. You’ll get in-built 150+ voices and 50+ languages.

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In short, you’ll get a lot of benefits from this one tool. However, it’s the best software/app in 2022 that works perfectly for you and your clients. So, I highly recommend this product to buy.

However, your money, so decisions depend on you. If you want you can buy it. But one thing, it comes in two packages. They are personal and commercial. If you want to buy it then you’ll buy the commercial package.

Above all, thanks a lot for reading my honest VidVoicer Review.