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VidStream Pro Review

Introduction – VidStream Pro Review

Hi, Friends Welcome to my VidStream Pro Review. I’m Raju here to express my opinion about VidStream Pro. 

Do you want to learn more about VidStream Pro?

Firas Alameh & Rahul Gupta the author of this VIDEO HOSTING platform. You can create your World class video platform without any hassle.

Imagine if your video hosting platform allowed you to create your own branded video landing pages, video channels & membership areas, that would be really cool right?


VidStream Pro is not a page builder app, LMS platform, or membership app. So, the only thing you would need to focus on would be recording & uploading your videos.

You can save 100’s of hours in transcribing/ captioning uploading/downloading your videos & instead do everything in one place by recording your own YouTube & TikTok style videos direct from the platform. 

You can generate traffic, make sales and make money online.

Let’s get more information about VidStream Pro. Then you can make the right decision.

Table of Content VidStream Pro Review



What Is Exactly VidStream Pro?

The Best Part of VidStream Pro?

What Problem Does it Solve? 

What’re The Features of VidStream Pro?

Really VidStream Pro Creates Earning Opportunity?

Who Is The Target Market? 

Have Any Other Real User Opinions?

VidStream Pro Worth Purchasing?

Final Opinion

Full Funnel of VidStream Pro

Overview: VidStream Pro Review

Product Name: VidStream Pro

Products Author/Vendor: Firas Alameh – Rahul Gupta

Front-End Price: $67

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days

Bonuses: YES


Recommendation: Highly

My Rating: 9.4/10

What Is Exactly VidStream Pro?

Vid Stream Pro is a lightening fast video hosting platform that not only delivers buffer-free videos using a framework of 60 global servers. In just a few clicks it also delivers instant video landing pages, video channels & even courses. 

You can even record, transcribe, and caption videos directly in the app. In a few clicks, you can turn any video into your own branded video landing page with your own logos, menus & legal terms without needing to build a single page element. 

You can turn your video channels into membership areas with the course pack. So, you can get paid for your content without having to fork out huge monthly Fees to platforms like Teachable, Kajabi, or Thinkific.

You can capture leads directly into your autoresponder, present buy buttons & calls to action mid video – Show banners, create end reel actions, and split test your video variants with this Marketing Pack.

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The Best Part of VidStream Pro?

Transcribe, Transcode & Subtitle any video on the fly. 

Vidstream Pro is a lightning-fast video hosting platform that allows you to record & host your own videos, landing pages, channels & membership areas with every tool you can think of for video marketing & broadcasting. 

– You can transcode your videos to multiple video sizes to suit the social platform or project of your choice. 

– You can transcribe any video into text to help you dual-purpose your content & create the file required for subtitling. 

– Then you can add subtitles to any video to help you drive more engagement on social media & sales videos.

Videos are for Worldwide. So, if you can grab all over the World then these facilities are mandatory. Especially a subtitle is most needed.

What Problem Does it Solve? 

– You can save 100’s hours of uploading & downloading between apps 

– Get higher conversions with thinner, lightning-fast landing pages 

– Saves 1000’s hours on Page / Channel & Course Creation 

– VidStream Pro serves buffer-free video without huge monthly costs.

– Saves you $1000’s on essential legal documents 

– Host video without third-party branding/ads

Actually, you can create your own World Class video platform. You have full control of your area. No, rules, no regulations, no hassle. 

What’re The Features of VidStream Pro?

Get Lightning Fast, Full Featured HD / 4K / 360 Video Hosting With 100% Flawless Playback & No Buffering. 


Add in video chaptering to notify viewers of content change 

Appearance Control 

Total control of how your video will look including skin color & button style 

Playlists / Channels 

You can select multiple videos to create a playlist or channel 


Create/edit video transcriptions so you can use these for subtitles & extra content for your SEO 


Add subtitles to any of your videos for extra engagement on social platforms & sales videos 


Resize your videos to 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p for faster load speeds / mobile applications 


Schedule & stream your videos using a special Iframe for your live sessions/webinars 

Player Control 

Select which player controls you wish to show your viewers for a better / restricted experience 

Domain Control 

Select the domains that are allowed to host your iframe for better video security – blocks iframe sharing 

Responsive Embeds 

These I-frames come with responsive code that will allow your video to resize to the page container 

Email Embeds 

This allows you to share animated GIF clips of your video with your link for your email campaigns 

Direct Video Links 

You can share a video with & without password protection by a direct link – simply copy & paste 

Chromecast & Airplay 

Stream your videos to compatible devices directly from your Apple & Android phones for full-screen video 

Easy Video Imports 

Import existing videos from Dropbox, Youtube, One Drive -Google Drive or S3 


Check out your views, impressions, clicks, watch time, engagement rate + more

Really VidStream Pro Creates Earning Opportunity?


If you can use VidStream Pro properly then you can create multiple earning opportunities. 

FIRSTLY, you can make money with affiliate marketing. You can create affiliate marketing-related videos and upload your own platforms. Here are no limitations to promoting your products. You can use direct affiliate links to your videos. This is your own video platform.

SECONDLY, you run Course Membership. You can create an Udemy-like e-learning platform by applying VidStream Pro. One-time payment can create a great opportunity for you. If you want to upload your video course on Udemy then you have to follow a lot of rules and regulations to get approval. But, there is no limitation.

THIRDLY, you can build your physical products brand by hosting videos here. Suppose you want to promote Amazon products then you can store various product videos here then you can get traffic from major social media platforms. Everything will handle this VidStream Pro.

FOURTHLY, you also can run an agency business for a monthly charge. Then you can create a high-converting video landing page then video ads copy for your clients. 

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Who Is The Target Market? 

Product Creators for all their landing pages, sales pages, and VSLs to capture more leads & sell more. 

Affiliate Marketers to help them create & host product reviews & promo videos to sell affiliate products. 

Coaches & Consultants for creating training videos for their customers to grow their audiences. 

Physical Product Sellers to help them create amazing product demos to sell their products. 

Advertisers for creating video ads, promo videos, review videos, and sales videos. 

Agencies to help them create & host full-blown video marketing campaigns for their clients.

Have Any Other Real User Opinions?

“My online business has been revolutionized by Vidstream Pro!” “I required a platform for uploading videos for my courses that offered more capabilities in addition to simply hosting my videos. I can quickly construct beautiful landing pages for my classes using Vidstream Pro. My videos’ ability to be transcoded and transcribed has saved me a tonne of time. The added value of subtitles is greatly appreciated by my students, and the adaptable video player improves the whole educational process. My classes are much more interesting, and my revenues have increased dramatically as a result of Vidstream Pro.” – Sarah M., creator of an online course

“Although I’ve used a few different video hosting services, none of them come close to Vidstream Pro.” This completely alters the playing field! I can easily establish and arrange channels because the software is so user-friendly. The platform makes it simple for me to sell my courses directly, so I don’t need any third parties to integrate. My viewers will enjoy watching my films without any problems thanks to the video transcoding feature’s assurance that they are optimized for various devices. I was pleasantly surprised with Vidstream Pro, and I heartily suggest it to anyone searching for a feature-rich video storage service. – Digital Marketer Samuel D.

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VidStream Pro Worth Purchasing?

Actually, if you want to create a YouTube or TikTok, or Udemy-type video platform then it’s the BEST.

The price of VidStream Pro is $67. As per the World-class professional video platform, it’s worth the price. 

The VidStream Pro team always assists you to use this App and get the best results for it. 

Video management is now a snap thanks to Vidstream Pro’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities. Vidstream Pro has grown to be a crucial tool for your business. 

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Final Opinion: VidStream Pro Review

In conclusion, I highly recommend VidStream Pro. This is the era of videos. If you stay in this internet arena you have to grab video marketing.

Vidstream Pro is the only video hosting app that allows you to create video landing pages & course membership areas all in a few clicks. Without 90% of the workload of mainstream apps.

As a beginner, anyone can get the best benefits using this Video Hosting Platform. Traffic, sales, clients, money, everything inside here. You have to build your video empire.

This is my opinion from my side. Thanks for reading VidStream Pro Review.

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Full Funnel of VidStream Pro

VidStream Pro Review
VidStream Pro Review