VerTex Software Review – (Stop) Honest Opinion! (Mosh Bari)

VerTex Software Review
VerTex Software Review
VerTex Software Review

Intro of VerTex Software

Welcome to my VerTex Software Review. Get honest opinion does it generate traffic or not?

Do you struggle to generate free traffic? Actually, traffic is the KEY. There is no alternative to traffic. You know it, I know it. Now, let me share my experience with VerTex.

If you see the sales page, VerTex is the first loophole traffic solution. You can get thousands of free clicks using Pre-Made videos. It’s an autopilot traffic system. You don’t need to get in front of the camera, no content creation, and marketing experience is needed to do it.

You can drive massive free traffic to any offer in any market. Then you can put viral videos in under 60 seconds. It’s 100% newbie-friendly and ultra-simple to use. 


Brother, listen to me. I don’t see any software ever before that can generate traffic. Yes, you can generate free traffic using pre-made other people’s videos. But, depending on any software you can’t do it. Why you can’t do it? I’ll explain side my VerTex Review.

So, don’t make any random decision to purchase this software. First, read my review. Learn more about VerTex software. Then make the right decision. Let’s complete the VerTex Software Review.

About VerTex SoftwareVerTex Software Review

Back To Basics

VerTex Software Review – Does VerTex Workable or Not?

According to the sale pages, VexTex software works in just 3 steps to get traffic.

Grab Your Copy Of Vertex – First You have to purchase the VerTex software.

Choose your “Pre-Made” Marketing Video – Tons of options for every market & niche. Just add your offer link and hit “Publish” to send your video out to 80+ premium traffic sources.

Flood your business with FREE buyer traffic from over 80 sources – Get real buyer traffic and sales in as little as a few hours.  Rinse and repeat to grow and scale your business.


Software can’t the right approach to generate traffic. Inside the sales page, you can see various lame promises. That not means it works. I never have never seen any marketer get traffic using any software. Like VerTex, a lot of fake promising software is already available in the W+ marketplace. 

Actually, if you want to generate buyer traffic then you have to apply any method. It may be a website, videos, social media, or paid ads, etc. For long-time traffic, you just need to build these types of traffic sources. So, don’t depend on any software to get traffic. VerTex software doesn’t work anymore.

How to Get Buyer Traffic Without Creating a Single Video?

Yes, it’s possible. You can generate traffic without making videos. Let me explain it.

First, choose your niche. It can be Health, fitness, make money online, sports, games, etc. Now visit YouTube. Then search “how to lose weight” “how to make money” on YouTube. Make it a filter search. And you can see Creative Commons. Creative Commons means you can reuse other people’s videos.

YouTube allows it. Here is no copyright issues or other problems. I personally do it a few years ago. You can get almost the same results as other YouTubes. In this way, you can use other people’s videos. So, you don’t need to create videos to get traffic.

But, if you buy VerTex software you can’t do it smoothly. This type of software has a lot of errors. Depending on any software it’s not possible to get unlimited traffic using pre-made videos.

Does VerTex Software Have 80 Traffic Sources?

No. What do you think? 80 traffic sources mean you get access to all of them. Here are no magical 80 traffic sources. 80 social media networks can help you to get traffic. But, it’s not the fact. Does it really works or not? Let me explain, I’ll clear it.

VerTex software integrated 80 social media platforms. But, not included in the front end, you have to buy other upgrades to get these 80 social media platforms. Now, does it really works.? Let’s see it.

No. It doesn’t work. Why? Because no social platform doesn’t allow any software to run the social media. Suppose if you integrate your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter in any unauthorized software then your social media account might be suspended.

So, dear friends don’t want to get overnight results without any hard work. VerTex software can’t be your traffic solution. You have to suffer to buy this software.

VerTex Software Review

Can Video Turn Any Marketer into A Superhero?

– Social video gets shared 12X more than all other content combined.

– Videos will make up 82% of all Internet Traffic by 2022.

– People who make it to a website from the video are 184% more likely to purchase.

– 87% of marketers see a positive ROI on video marketing.


A video turns any marketer into a superhero, it’s right! But, if you buy VerTex software and want to become a superhero then it’s not possible. If you can create your own video content and share it on social media then you must get a huge response. But, software and other people’s videos can’t do it.

I always prefer video marketing because it’s for a lifetime marketing medium. You have to create your own videos for getting better results. Even YouTube Creative Common videos also can drive results. But, software-made pre-made videos are totally valueless.

Even you can use videos on your website or blog to get more responses. People want to watch videos before buying any products. Everything is fine, just don’t depend on any software to get results.

VerTex Software Review – What’s You’re Getting Inside VerTex?

Brand New VerTex Software ​ 

– Access tens of thousands of “Pre-Made” Videos to use instantly for your own marketing.

– Upload and edit your own videos too (with our Drag-N-Drop Editor).

– Includes hosting for ALL videos Distribute all videos to over 50 premium sources for 100% FREE Buyer Traffic.

Quick Start Set-Up Wizard ​ 

– Get your account up and running in less than 60 seconds.

– Quickly send out your first “Pre-Made” video. 

-Start bringing in traffic the very same day.

$0 to $321 “Look Over My Shoulder” Tutorial ​ 

– See how I’m using VerTex to make over $300 per day using “Pre-Made” videos – without ever getting on camera or creating content.

– Follow these same simple steps to skyrocket your results.

Honestly, VerTex is not a unique software to generate unlimited traffic. It’s a, as usual, software like other SCAM software. You don’t get anything masterclass that can generate traffic in under 60 seconds or less. No software can do it. Online marketing is not possible overnight.

VerTex Software Review

Does VerTex Worth Buying or Not?

This type of software doesn’t worth buying. You can apply this software to generate free traffic. A few days ago same to same software was released that also claims to get traffic use pre-made videos. But that software doesn’t work. This is the same category of software that never works.

VerTex is not a super-powered software that can save your traffic problem in seconds. Then everyone can do it too. You don’t need to show your face in front of the camera. But you can use other people’s videos by following the right ways. This type of software is not the solution. 

I personally don’t prefer any W+ software because of money security. If you think VerTex is not perfect for you then you can’t refund it. Then the poor support system is also a big obstacle for the Warriorplus software. After all, I highly do not recommend anyone to purchase this type of traffic-generating software. 

Conclusion – VerTex Software Review

Finally, I honestly suggest you don’t waste your money here and there. If you want to see sales after waking up every morning then you have to grow your passive income sources. Then if you want to make passive income online then you have to grow super targeted traffic. If you can increase earnings then you can become the hero of your family. But, using this kind of software no one can do it.

With VerTex software, you never love your online marketing. You can’t push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. It’s not an opportunity. On the other hand, it’s bogus software that will kill your time and money. VerTex is not designed to help newbie marketers to generate traffic and make online sales. 

I don’t see any reasons to waste $17 for purchasing VerTex software. I never see any marketer generating traffic using any app/software. Now, think about everything widely and make the right decision. If you want to lose your money then purchase VerTex software. Or if you want to learn online marketing then choose my no 1 recommendation. 

Anyway thanks for reading my VerTex Review.

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