vAI App Review by Seyi Adeleke [$695.34/Day Autopilot]

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vAI App Review

Introduction – vAI App Review

Welcome to my vAI App Review. I’m Raju want to disclose my honest opinion about vAI App.

Seyi Adeleke is the author of this vAI App. 

vAI App combines AI Video Creator + Hosting + Interactive Technology & Marketing together in a Single dashboard.

vAI is the World’s first Google AI bard-powered App that legally Hijacks any video online (YouTube, Vimeo, or Custom Videos). After that, you can use these videos and turns them into profits. You can make $695.34 daily on autopilot.

All these interactive elements you can add to your videos. Such as Ecom Store, CTAs Button, Images, Countdown Timers, Buy Now, Forms, Quizzes, and More. It helps drive unlimited Traffic, Leads & Sales.

vAI App is so easy to use. You can control this app with Siri-like voice commands.

Don’t take action randomly. If you think this vAI app is helpful for your online marketing then you can choose it. Let’s complete this vAI Review.

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Why Do I Recommend vAI App?

ChatGPT Destroyer + AI Traffic Generator

Turn Any Video in The Sales Machine?

Do You Want to Get Video Traffic?

What Can vAI App Do?

What Do You Get Inside This App?

How Does vAI App Work?

The Bottom Line


Overview vAI App Review

Product Name: vAI App

Products Author/Vendor: Seyi Adeleke

Front-End Price: $17

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days


Bonuses: Yes

Recommendation: Highly for Video Marketing

My Rating: 8.9/10

Why Do I Recommend vAI App?

vAI app is one of the best traffic Apps for newbie marketers. If you don’t have any traffic sources to promote your products/offers/services then you can apply this App.

– World’s first Google AI Brad-Powered App to hijack any videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Custom Videos as your own marketing weapon.

– You can make $695.34 daily on autopilot if you can use this App perfectly.

– vAI app is 100% beginner-friendly. It is very easy to use.

– You can control everything using Siri-like commands.

– You can add inside your videos. Such as Ecom Store, CTAs Button, Images, Countdown Timers, Buy Now, Forms, Quizzes, and More.

– The pet part you don’t need to create and edit any videos.

– Drive real buyer traffic, sales, and leads.

– The price of vAI is $17 which is very reasonable.

After all, think positively and use this app perfectly. I hope you must get better results as you wish.

vAI App Review

ChatGPT Destroyer + AI Traffic Generator

This is ground-breaking software. It can take over the online business space which makes it super easy for you. You can outsmart your competitors and accelerate your profit. vAI app does everything for you.

It is more effective than the normal ChatGPT you are used to. Because it uses the latest Google-Bard AI technology with an even-green marketing technique. And also leverage high-converting videos by legally hijacking videos from YouTube and Vimeo and also send you their views instantly. You don’t need to create or edit a single video.

The fact is, 92% of customers buy more with videos that’s why this is a perfect solution if you want more sales. Not only that, You get access to an inbuilt AI traffic source without paid ads. 

All this without a monthly fee or outrageous fee. You can even take total control of this system with a Siri-like Voice command.

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Turn Any Video in The Sales Machine?

Are you finding it difficult to outsmart your competitors? 

I understand competition online is getting higher now, That’s why I have developed vAI App that can help you legally hijack any videos that have been going viral and making top dollars in any niche.

92% of your competitors make more profits from videos. And with this new AI video hijacker, you can get massive sales with these same videos. 

But here is the most amazing part of the vAI App, you can add interactive elements that drive traffic, leads, and sales to you on automation. Also, collect Hyper-active buyer lists from any videos you hijack. In fact, this doesn’t have anything to do with selling or paying for ads. 

vAI App Review

This software is literally a no-brainer for those who want to make 6-figures online in the comfort of their home. And you can also embed your interactive videos on your website, store, blog, or anywhere you wish. 

It’s that easy…No BS!

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Do You Want to Get Video Traffic?

Do you want to take control of your online success without the hassle of video creation or editing? 

vAI App is the groundbreaking World’s First Google AI Bard-Powered App, a powerful tool that legally hijacks any trendy video online and redirects all its views to any link you desire, effortlessly generating $695.34 daily on autopilot! 

Imagine having the power to redirect massive traffic from popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, TikTok, and even custom videos straight to your desired destination. You can now easily achieve that without any technical setup or upfront cost or getting into a legal suite.

Google AI Bard-Powered App uses advanced artificial intelligence to efficiently redirect video views with precision. To avoid you burning excessive funds on traffic, there’s a built-in AI Traffic Generator that sends them thousands of views 100% free, Also there’s a seamless integration with major Autoresponder and any payment processor.

The best part is this app is so easy to use that you can control it with Siri-like voice commands. No more manual intervention is required!

What Can vAI App Do?

Dominate Any Niche: With vAI It doesn’t matter what niche they are after. They CRUSH any competition in any niche with vAI 

Hijack Your Competitor’s Views: They let their competitors do all the hard work… Then with just one click and the help of AI… They *LEGALLY* Hijack all of their hard work

Build Hyper-Active List From Your Competitor’s Views: They build out lists directly by leveraging their competitor’s videos… All thanks to vAI and its powerful AI. 

Send Any Link Viral With The Help Of Your Competitors Views: Imagine if there is a way to FORCE your competitor’s fans and visitors… To share YOUR link all over the internet… Yup, that’s what they do with vAI 

Sell Your Products Directly To Your Competitor’s Views: Not just build a list, they can also use AI to sell directly on their competitor’s videos. All with one click. 

Turn Any Boring Video Into an Interactive Sales Machine With A Click: Everyone is using the same boring video players… Not us… they use their AI player to make hypnotic videos that captivate the users And turn them into sales EASILY.

Drive Thousands Of Views From Our AI Traffic Generator: Hijacking your competitor’s views is not enough? Easy turn on vAI traffic generator… And watch thousands of clicks go to any link you want… 

Embed Hijacked Videos Anywhere On The Web: It doesn’t matter where you wanna put your videos… WordPress? ClickFunnels? Wix? Custom Website? vAI got your back. Just copy one line and you’re done 

Dominate Youtube, Vimeo, And Even Custom Videos: They hijack any video we want. Not just youtube… they can dominate youtube, Vimeo, or basically any video… Even custom-made videos.

What Do You Get Inside This App?

vAI Intuitive App 

The only app that you will ever need in online business… ​ You will manage everything from inside that same easy-to-use app.

AI Hijacker 

All it takes is just one click to hijack any video you want. ​ Just enter the URL (or upload) and AI will take care of the rest.

AI Interactive Elements 

Add unlimited interactive elements to any video you want ​ And collect leads, sell, or redirect users… directly from within the video.

AI Ecom Store 

Sell any products or services (digital, physical, affiliate offers, etc) you want directly from inside any video ​ …And receive instant payment via Paypal, Stripe, or Bank account.

AI Traffic 

No need to worry or pay for traffic. ​ vAI comes with the best traffic generator in the world for 100% free 


This will allow you to also operate vAI, even from your mobile phone… ​ Whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or tablet, it will work… ​

Training videos 

There is NOTHING missing in this training… ​ Everything you need to know is explained in IMMENSE details 

World-class support 

Have a question? ​ Just reach out to them and their team will do their best to fix your problem in no time.

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How Does vAI App Work?

vAI app is dead easy to use. There are no complicated issues here to use. 

However, all you have to do is just tell vAI what you want using the Siri/Alexa voice command or enter any video keyword you want to hijack. 

This can be (Youtube, Vimeo, or any custom video you want) And within a few seconds, you will have the option to add any interactive elements to the video.

AI will allow you to embed your hijacked video ANYWHERE with just one line… You copy and paste it anywhere, and you are done. 

vAI will also take care of your traffic needs. Yes, you just hijack the video And vAI will send additional thousands of views every single day. And without you doing or paying for anything…

vAI works in just simple 4 steps:

1. Login: Login to vAI Cloud-Based App 

2 Create: Enter Any Video You Want TO Hijack (Youtube, Vimeo, Or Custom Video) 

3 AI Hijack: Let This AI Model Hijack The Video For You, And Add Unlimited Interactive Elements To It. Step 

4 Profit: Yup that’s it. Each time they hijack a profit… they get payments like this:

vAI App Review

The bottom Line – vAI App Review


The Bottom Line – vAI App Review

In conclusion, I want to say vAI is a perfect Traffic App. 

This is Highly Recommended!

vAI app helps you to turn any videos into sales and commissions. As a newbie, you can get your first sales using this miracle app. 

Actually online marketing making depended on Traffic. You have to build your traffic sources anyways. vAI app helps anyone to generate video traffic. The most converting traffic for online marketing. 

Fast Action Bonuses (Worth $4885)

vAI App Review

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