Traffic Beast Review – [STOP] Why 100% Scam? (Glynn Kosky)

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Traffic Beast Review

Traffic Beast Review

Traffic Beast Review
Traffic Beast Review


Do you want to make affiliate commissions using Traffic Beast software? Do you interested to buy this Software/App? Then do you know can any software make money or not? Before making your decision you have to know everything clearly. 

According to the vendor, Traffic Beast is the new first affiliate marketing app + system for 2021. This app can generate free buyer traffic using a 100% done-for-you super affiliate system. It can reach 800+ million visitors in under 60 seconds. Do you think it’s possible?

This app claims click-button traffic. Built-in buyer traffic for any niche. This vendor also claims it can help you to make thousands in commissions per day! You don’t need any working experience, coding skills to apply this app and get unlimited free buyer traffic.

BUT, I have a lot of objections about Traffic Beast. I don’t see any marketer who can drive traffic using any app. And don’t see any software that can provide built-in traffic. Then other errors and problems also available inside this traffic app. After reading my Traffic Beast Review you can learn about this software & make the right decision.

Traffic Beast Review – Summary of Traffic Beast

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Glynn Kosky

Product: Traffic Beast

Price: $17 (Front End)

Niche: Software

See Sales Page Claims –

How Traffic Beast Works?

1 – Click The Buy Button To Secure Your Copy Now.

2 – Login & Enter Your Details Into The System.

3 – Flip The Built-In Traffic Switch & Watch Floods Of FREE Traffic Activate Your DFY Magic Profit Link!

What You’re Going to Get Inside Traffic Beast?

Set & Forget FREE Buyer Traffic – Traffic Beast integrates directly with 100+ hot traffic platforms … With over 800 MillION active consumers who visit daily. Thanks to the app, you can now get all the free traffic you’ll ever need.

Custom Magic Profit Link –  The magic profit link the system generates is unique to you. It’s your free ticket to multiple monetization opportunities, all included inside. Just paste this link where I show you to: Earn commissions Add subscribers to your list Maximize viral traffic.

Done For You Pre-Approved Monetized Offers – Traffic Beast is an ALL-INCLUSIVE income solution … It comes pre-loaded with affiliate offers you’re automatically approved for … So you can be earning straight out of the gate … in as soon as 1 hour from now!

Built-In Lead Generation – Easily grow powerful subscriber lists to maximize long-term profits … Without making squeeze pages, buying lead magnets, or paying for ads.

Profit Maximizing Conversion Boosters – The TrafficBeast app & system include the latest tools to skyrocket your results. DFY bonuses, bonus pages, buyer incentives & more work 24/7 to convert traffic into leads & commissions. 

Hands-Free Automations – See why beta testers call TrafficBeast “a lazy marketer’s dream come true” Professional developers have perfected automation at every level. Just flip on the app & magic profit link and you’re good to go … no tech skills needed.

Traffic Beast Review – Features of Traffic Beast

Bundled / Upsell Commissions – It works great for Amazon, so we built it into TrafficBeast. The system automatically shows your buyers-related offers to leverage impulse buying … And maximize your commissions without any extra effort.

High Ticket Offer Included – Enjoy big-ticket results WITHOUT your own offer or any of the work! TrafficBeast includes a premium offer optimized by Glynn Kosky himself … That pays you $497 PER conversion!

DFY Sales – With this system, the selling is automated and done for you. They use the most updated conversion & psychology triggers. So you never have to try to sell a thing to get paid.

Why I’m Not Satisfied?

Traffic Beast Really a BulletProof Traffic App?

Online marketing is not a video game. If you think this type of bulletproof saves you to generate traffic then you’re not right. This app never pulls viral traffic for any niche. No software can motivate your customers psychologically. So, no chances to get huge traffic using this type of fake software.

If you think this software generates traffic and eliminates your competition then you just lose your time and money. You don’t need to run paid ads and you never get traffic using this software too. When you’ll try to get unlimited leads & sales then you must need proven & targeted traffic.

F you run this app then you never dominant the internet. Software-made content has no value for getting traffic. This type of fake claims included for selling the software. 

My No #1 Recommendation: Start Your 6-Figure Affiliate Marketing ($10,000/month)

What’re The Real Ways to Generate Free Buyer Traffic?

If you’re serious about online marketing then you have to FOCUS on traffic. You can generate free traffic by applying various ways. But, mind it you have to grout day by day. Don’t want to get instant free traffic. It’s no an easy task to generate free traffic. But, the positive thing is it’s an EVERGREEN way to get lifetime free traffic.

First, you have to choose your niche. After choosing your niche you can start your traffic-generating journey. You can build a website and post various niche-related helpful content. If you can build a website then you can earn multiple ways. You can build your list, you can promote affiliate offers, and you can earn by Google Adsense. 

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Then you can make videos and upload them to YouTube. It takes time to grow but if you can grow it once you can get results for a lifetime. As like website you can earn multiple ways from YouTube. 

Then you can grow your various social networks. Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. You have to be an active member here. Then share various iconography, or your personal history, success history, etc. Then day by day your social media brings huge traffic for your online business. 

By following these ways you can easily grow your free buyer traffic day by day. If you can grow organic traffic falling these ways then you can get 5X more sales than any other traffic. But, don’t use the Traffic Beast type App for generating free buyer traffic. 

Are There Any Benefits of Traffic Beast?

Traffic Beast is not the smart way to unlock free buyer traffic, leads, & commissions fast. No software can unlock your traffic jam. You have to follow the right ways to get unlimited free traffic. No App can generate viral buyer traffic from over 100 powerful sources. Don’t believe this built-in traffic fake claim. 

This software can’t generate traffic then how can it share magic profit links automatically. Actually, it’s not the real process of online marketing. Please try to grow your free traffic sources day by day. Don’t want to get overnight results. 

If you use these Done-for-You offers to earn commissions then you can’t do it. You can ask why? Suppose you purchase this app, then I also purchase this app, like me a lot of people can buy it. Now, think everyone uses the same campaigns, So, no ways to get results.

Then you can’t build a list/emails applying this app and system. It never provides any traffic so, a building list is 100% impossible. After all, there are no benefits to choose it and apply it.

Why You Should Not Purchase Traffic Beast App?

When you use this software you have to use this software hosting. Then every buyer also uses the same. It causes slow down your app running. Then day by day you can’t use the Traffic Beast traffic app. 

Using this type of cloud-based app you can’t generate free buyer traffic. You don’t need to install, download. Okay fine, but it’s not your traffic solution. Every marketer wants to build their band overnight. But it’s impossible. 

If you buy this software you don’t get any training. Just you’ll get how to run the app. But there is not online marketing training available. If you want to start online marketing then you must need to learn how it works. 

If you purchase this app you never generate leads. People don’t believe any app for submitting mail. So, it’s tough to grow lead using this type of app. Then if you’re a newbie then I want to say, please don’t believe the fake promises. Like you a lot of newbie marketer loses their money day after day buying this type of SCAM software.

Final Opinion – Traffic Beast Review

Finally, I want to say. Please don’t buy this traffic app. Traffic Beast is not the best all-inclusive income solution for money seekers. It’s not cutting-edge traffic technology. No app can generate traffic. If you use this software then there are no changes to get results.

Then this software can’t promote your magic profit links automatically. If you think after buying this software you’re qualified to earn high-ticket commissions then it’s not right. 

Then the poor support and not working refund policy make a RISKY transaction for anyone. I never prefer any software. Try to learn online marketing and apply it, and wait for getting results. 

I don’t see any reason to waste your money again. STOP buying scam software and try to learn online marketing first. Thanks for reading my Traffic Beast Review. Best of luck. 

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