SYNDICATE App Review (Glynn Kosky) ~ [Wait] Will You Buy It?

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Introduction: SYNDICATE App Review


Welcome to my website and this honest SYNDICATE App Review.

Do you make the decision to buy the SYNDICATE App? But before buying want to know about it in detail? If yes then complete this honest review. Here, you’ll get all the info about this app.

After that, I’ll share with you how you’ll use this app for commercial purposes and my honest opinion about this app. So, after completing my review, you take the decision to buy it or avoid it!

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SYNDICATE App is the most powerful Traffic & Commission app in 2022. The inventor of this app is Glynn Kosky. SYNDICATE is a 100% cloud-based app. So, it will do all work for you automatically.

This app is mainly designed for newbie marketers. This clever app exploits videos that are made by others. After that, it brings free buyer traffic with fast results. Most importantly, It does all these works in only 3 steps.

SYNDICATE App Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Inventor: Glynn Kosky


Launch Date: 12 April 2022

Price: $19 (Front-End)

Niche: Affiliate Marketing (Generate Traffic)

My Ratings: 9.2/10


Inventor of SYNDICATE App:

The mastermind behind SYNDICATE App is Glynn Kosky. He is an expert affiliate marketer & product creator. Glynn Kosky is a famous vendor of WarrioPlus and a top 5% vendor. Moreover, he has a reputation as an investor.

After that, he is the familiar vendor of many 6-figure launches in the market. He has made a lot of products launches and sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits and filling up their needs.


Syndicate is a 100% “Done-For-You” traffic app. This app taps into a little-known video loophole to get ridiculous super affiliate style results. This one app includes 200+ powerful traffic sources at your fingertips.

SYNDICATE is a cloud-based app. So, this creates 100% Done-for-you courses and membership style sites. It uses other people’s content/videos that legally monetize for leads, sales, and commissions for you.

This clever app sets you up with multiple ‘profit factories’. Most importantly, each consists of a lead generation page and monetized website. The monetized website is essentially a membership-style website.

And it is filled with videos from ANY YouTube channel or playlist. Using this site, you can sell affiliate products.

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After that, you can promote any offer of your choice. Moreover, if you have your own mini eCom store then you hook up for added sales.

The software finds your awesome video content. This App put these on your site that helps to monetize with customizable offers & products. SYNDICATE provides you with a powerful 2-step DFY funnel.

These funnels add subscribers to your list and generate daily fast cash. Moreover, it monetizes visitors to your DFY sites instantly with irresistible niche offers. In short, it turns stunning content that is made by others into personal gain!

It’s the only software that lets you grow your list while generating multiple income streams in any niche. Above all, this app does everything for you using other people’s videos and authority.

How Does The App Work for You?

SYNDICATE is the world’s first app that allows you to cash in with other people’s content. This app brings targeted traffic for you from 200+ platforms on autopilot. There has no hard work for you. It does all the work you in just simple 3 steps.

⇛1 Step – Firstly, Click the buy button. After that, secure your copy.

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⇛2 Step – Now, Log In to this app. Subsequently, turn on the “Syndicate Free Traffic System”.

⇛3 Step – Now, Enjoy the traffic and sales generated through the power of SYNDICATE.

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Watch Demo Video of The SYNDICATE App:

SYNDICATE App Review: Who Will Purchase This App?

SYNDICATE App is one of the best traffic-related apps at this cheap price. This app is a complete bundle for both newbie and expert marketers who need traffic. Now, see who can purchase this crazy software.


Awesome Features of SYNDICATE App:


Built-In Lead Generation

SYNDICATE App is totally hassle-free. It optimizes list building in any niche you can imagine. Whether you’re brand new or a veteran marketer, you’ll love it. This system can build for you new lists hands-free.

Built-In Monetization

They’ve designed your ‘Syndicate platforms’ to look great for visitors. This app has multiple monetization elements including ads, offers & CTAs are positioned. After that, this uses Conversion Science to generate the highest possible results.


You can personalize your Syndicate platforms with the click of your mouse. It customizes titles, descriptions, and CTAS. After that, it effortlessly updates your profile & branding. So, visitors keep coming back for more.

Effortless Scaling

You can activate multiple Syndicate platforms with your Syndicate license. This app is built for sharing. Therefore, it can easily promote all platforms with just a single link. Above all, it does everything for 100% free.

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Effortless Content

Their industry-leading search tool makes it easy. This app takes just 1-click simple to find & leverage other people’s videos. Subsequently, you can search by niche or keyword.

After that, you can sort by views & popularity with this app. Moreover, it grabs entire playlists to save your time. This crazy app is the shortcut to amazing results from content.

Premium Hosting Included

With Syndicate, all-inclusive means all-inclusive. They include premium, lightning-fast hosting. As a result, it keeps your visitors happy & clicking.

World-Class Training

Syndicate is more than any cutting-edge software. It’s an entire Syndicate platform. So, you get game-changing income strategies using this app. It will take your results to the next level.

Beginner-Friendly Interface

They paid their developers to layout a premium dashboard of Syndicate. As a result, it can be 100% user-friendly for you. It’s super simple to use. So, even a stone-cold beginner can get results from it.

Will You Buy SYNDICATE App?


  • You’ll Get Experience Of Real Buyer Traffic.
  • It Legally Leverages Other People’s Content!
  • You Just Share Video Links To Get Results!
  • Most Importantly, This Cloud-Based App Works From Your Mobile/Tablet/Computer.
  • Mainly Created For Newbies (Including You).
  • This App Is Easy To Use. So, Anyone Can Use It Without Any Hassle.
  • On The Other Hand, Zero Monthly Fees Are Here.
  • No Tech, No List, No Website, No Videos Are Required.

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  • ​No Expensive Designers Or Copywriters Are Needed.
  • SYNDICATE is a 100% Cloud-Based App. So, It Works On All Devices.
  • Never Seen Before. This Is A Totally New System For Doing All Niches.
  • This System/App Created By Millionaire(Glynn Kosky).
  • ​Four-Figure Day Training Is Included For You!
  • 180 Day Money-Back Guarantee Includes With This App!


I don’t see any issues or faults of this cloud-based App. It’s workable.

Finally, I’ll want to say I have been seeing a lot of good sites of this app. On the other hand, haven’t gotten any bad sites. If you noticed above then you’ll see it. Therefore, I’ll say this app is 100% worth buying.

How to Make Money Using This App?

SYNDICATE App is a bundle of 200+ traffic platforms. Do you want to buy this app? But are you thinking about how to make money with this from others? But don’t get any answer to this question?

Now, I’ll give you that answer. There has a lot of newbie and expert marketers around us. They are struggling to make money online. But haven’t been able for the traffic. These people are your main target of you.

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I mean you’ll earn money from them by solving their problem with SYNDICATE App. Firstly, contact them. After that, frankly ask them about their problem. Then offer them I’ll solve your problem, I’ll help you to get traffic and make sales.

But for this you pay me. But you must tell them if you get benefits from me then you pay me. Otherwise, don’t pay a single dollar before getting benefits. When they accept your proposal, you’ll solve their problem.

On the other hand, you will take money for your service. In this way, you’ll make extra cash using SYNDICATE App.

SYNDICATE App Bonus Package:


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Funnel Details and OTOs of SYNDICATE App:


Final Verdict on SYNDICATE App Review:

Finally, I want to say the SYNDICATE App is a game-changing app in 2022. It mainly helps to get free traffic from Trending YouTube Videos. This app generates unlimited traffic, leads, and sales from the 200+ traffic platforms.

But you don’t need to do anything. All the work will handle syndication on autopilot. And you earn money. Moreover, you can use this tool as a service. You can help other people to get free traffic.

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As a result, you can get payment from them. However, it’s the best tool in 2022 that can generate unlimited traffic. In short, you’ll get many benefits from one product. So, I highly recommend this product to buy.

However, your money, so decisions depend on you. If you want you can buy it. Above all, thanks a lot for reading my honest SYNDICATE App Review.