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Slickrr Review
Slickrr Review
Slickrr Review

Introduction of Slickrr – Slickrr Review

Welcome to my Slickrr Review. Complete my review to learn about Slickrr. Does this app really workable? Get more details inside my review.

According to the sales page, Slickrr is a brand new 3 step app. This cutting-edge A.I.-powered app generates free buyer traffic and makes $298+ per day without selling anything. When you see you can earn money without selling anything means it’s a CPA method or Freelancing system. 

Slickrr is a brand new app that can generate free CPA traffic with Instagram. Just activate the App and get free buyer traffic within seconds. This app was created for beginners. Just 60 seconds are needed to fast setup. After that follow simple 3 steps to get results.


I don’t agree with it, I don’t prefer any app/software, I don’t see any marketer making CPA profits instantly. For this reason, I strongly not recommended Slickrr app to anyone. Inside my review, I describe everything step-by-step. Even I also describe how to make money with CPA marketing. 

So friends, before buying this SCAM app please read my full Slickrr Review. After that, if you think you should buy it then grab it, otherwise not. So, complete my review and learn about Slickrr.

About Slickrr – Slickrr Review

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Slickrr Review – What Is Slickrr?

Slickrr Is A Cloud-Based App That Generates Targeted CPA Traffic & Helps Newbies Make High-Ticket CPA Commissions.

CPA Stands For ‘Cost Per Action. When A Visitor Takes Action Through Your Affiliate Link On Any CPA Offer, You Get Paid. CPA Marketing Includes Getting Paid For Each Lead Or Signup You Generated Through Your Special (Affiliate) Link.

Slickrr Lets You Blast Your Instagram Profile & Bio link by viewing stories of targeted followers.

Slickrr Review – Slickrr App Really Works or Not?

According to Slickrr app works in just simple 3 steps…

#1: Niche Research… Find The High Ticket CPA Offers.

#2: Set Up Your CPA Funnel…With 1-Click You Setup Your CPA Machine.

#3: Automate The Traffic… Put Your Link In Front Of Targeted Audience.


If any app can work in 3/4 steps then everyone gets to relax. Actually, anyone wants to get results. But, unfortunately, it’s not the proper way to get results. Don’t these quick steps help you to get results. I see a lot of scam software like it. No app works as its sales page promise.

I know the future of Slickrr App. After purchasing it you get access to Slickrr members area. After that, you will log in to your Instagram account in Slickrr App. You will think you can stop your struggling days. But, you just get banned from your Instagram account. That’s it.

After that, you will buy another scam software like Slickrr. It’s a circle of scam app.

Can Slickrr App Generate CPA Traffic?

Actually, no app can’t generate CPA Traffic. According to Slickrr App, you can blast CPA Traffic from Instagram. You just need to log in Slickrr App then you can generate unlimited free views of your CPA offers. But, I don’t agree with it. Slickrr is not a magical app that can help you to get unlimited views after sing in here.

CPA Traffic is so sensitive. Do you know why?

Most of the CPA offers are specified for a certain country. Suppose xxx is a CPA offer and it’s for the USA. Now, you need USA people to convert this CPA offer. If you generate random traffic then you never get targeted CPA Traffic. For this reason, using this type of Slickrr App you can’t generate the targeted app.

One more important fact, when you buy this app and log in to your Instagram account here, your account might be banned. Because no social platform allows you to use any bot/app for running the account. So, using Slickrr App you can’t generate CPA Traffic.

Slickrr Review

How to Generate Targeted CPA Traffic?

If you want to get targeted CPA Traffic then I suggest you run paid ads. I know a few people who are crushing on CPA marketing with Bing ads traffic.

I already noticed every CPA offer is for a specific country. For this reason, pain ads campaigns are the best way to get super targeted CPA Traffic.

Even you can run Google ads, YouTube streaming ads to get targeted CPA Traffic. After all, if you can specify your traffic then you get the best results from CPA marketing. Otherwise, random traffic is not perfect for CPA marketing.

Then you can run ads on Facebook and Instagram to generate targeted CPA Traffic. Then you can get some classifieds ads sites on the internet. Such as Craigslist. You can advertise your CPA offers to get conversation.

Now, if you ask which traffic source is the best then I recommend you to run Bing ads or Google ads. After all, you have to cost money for earning CPA Profits.

But, if you buy Slickrr App to generate CPA Traffic and make big profits then it’s impossible. This type of app is not proven to provide solid results. Most of the newbie guys are interested in CPA marketing but they don’t know the real ways to promote. They think this type of app is enough to get results. No….. It’s not possible.

Slickrr Review – How to Generate Traffic with Instagram?

Instagram is the 2nd large social media platform. After Facebook, Instagram contains huge audiences all over the world. If you can run Instagram then you can generate targeted traffic from here. But, using the Slickrr App or this type of Scam app you never get results with Instagram. Now, let me explain how you can generate traffic with Instagram.

After choosing your promoting niche. You have to follow these steps to get traffic from Instagram…..

Step up BIO. According to your niche, you have to set up your BIO. Inside your BIO you can add your affiliate link or your promoting URL. When someone visits your profile they can get access your promoting offers/products.

Now, you have to add content on a daily basis. You can add image content or short video content. But, you have to post here on a daily basis. Your regularity brings your results fast.

When you make your post ready you have to add a short description of your content. It helps your content Instagram SEO. Your content will reach the right audience.

The most effective and mandatory part of Instagram marketing is using Hashtags. If you can use the right hashtags then your content will reach your targeted audiences. You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags in every post.

Finally, you have to respond when someone comments on your post. It helps to grow your engagement. Try to do it.

Finally, I want to say Instagram is Perfect for Affiliate Marketing, selling training programs, or promote your brand. (YouTube Channel, Facebook page, Freelancing profile, etc). I personally don’t suggest you promote CPA offers with free Instagram traffic.

Slickrr Review – Any Reasons to Grab Slickrr App?

According to the sales page, there are 8 reasons to grab Slickrr app.

#1 Slickrr Was Created By Marketers For Other Marketers So It’s Loaded With Money-Making Features that Make It Easy To Get Results.

#2 No Prior Online Experience Or Technical Skills Needed.

#3 Get FREE Buyer Traffic With Just 3 Clicks Of Your Mouse.

#4 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns Are Included.

#5 Slickrr Leverages A Unique Method for Getting You Paid Without Any Selling Required.

#6 Inside Slickrr, We’ll Give You Access To Training That Reveals How We’re Making $298+ Per Day.

#7 Do This In Your Spare Time – Even If You’re A Complete Newbie.

#8 This Is New, Fresh, And Finally Gives You A Way To Make Money Without Any Selling Required.


Honestly, I don’t see any reason to grab Slickrr app. It’s not the proper way to generate CPA traffic. Most newbie marketers want to get results instantly and without doing any task. Actually, online marketing is possible in this way. 

Slickrr is a 100% scam app. I personally never recommend any app to get results. 

Slickrr Review – Conclusion

Finally, I want to suggest you DON’T BUY Slickrr app. Slickrr is a simple and valueless app. This type of app has already been released in the various marketplace and 100% of the app is SCAm like this one. Slickrr app never gets paid with CPA marketing. This is not a unique app to get free traffic. 

Slickrr app doesn’t provide an evergreen method. If you think no selling means after buying this app you can make CPA profits then you’re not right. You never get results using it. Don’t want to get results in 3 clicks. This is not a unique, fresh, and easy-to-use app.

Then one more important thing. If you use done-for-you campaigns then your chances to get conversions in very LOW. Like you, every buyer of Slickrr app also uses the same campaigns. Slickrr will never save your time and never boost your online results. 

After all, I personally don’t like this type of automated SCAM app. No app can generate free buyer CPA traffic. Anyway thanks for reading my Slickrr Review. Have a nice day.

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