ProfitWriter Review (Mike Mckay) – 100% Expert Opinion?

ProfitWriter Review
ProfitWriter Review

Introduction of ProfitWriter Review

Welcome to my ProfitWriter Review. 

Do you guess what’s about the software? ProfitWrite is a brand new cloud-based software. It helps you to write high-converting sales copy, emails, video sales letters, regular blog posts, etc.

According to the sales page, you can create 100% unique content-making scripts in just a few minutes. You can use it for yourself or for your clients. You can make content in any niche in just 1 click.  

So, it’s a high-converting content writing software. Now, do you need this type of writing software? Actually, this type of software is for the skilled or experienced person. If you’re a newbie guy then it’s not necessary for you. Why you don’t need it I’ll describe everything. 

After reading my ProfitWriter Review, if you think you need it then buy it. On the other hand, if you think it’s not perfect for you then skip it. 

I’ll disclose who is perfect for using this ProfitWriter software. Mind it, this ProfirWriter software is not perfect for anyone. Let’s complete the full ProfitWriter Review and make the right decision.

About ProfitWriterProfitWriter Review

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How can You Make Money with ProfitWriter or Not?

ProfitWriter is a freelancer-based software. It means if you’re an established freelancer then you can sell your services to your clients. 

So, ProfitWriter is content writing software. Now, if you’re a freelancer then you can sell sale copies of any niche/product. Then you can sell email scripts. Even you can sell helpful blog content. 

You can ask, I’m a newbie guy can I make money using ProfitWriter software? 

I already disclosed it and once again I’m saying it. If you’re an established freelancer then you can make money online using this content writing software.

As an affiliate marketer, you can’t get any benefits using ProfitWriter software. You may think why, because Affiliate marketing is not an easy task. You have to create your own content for getting traffic.  Otherwise, you can’t make a single dollar.

Are There Any Chances to Drive Traffic Using ProfitWriter?

No. There are no ways to get traffic using ProfitWriter software. Using this software you can create content for your blog or website. It’s okay, fine. But do you know the value of software-made content? It’s 100% Valueless.

If you create content in your blog using ProfitWriter or any kind of software then you never get Google rank. So, without Google ranking, you never can drive traffic. No chances.

After all, if you want to use it as your personal then don’t use any software. If software or bot can drive results then 100% of the marketer buy it & use it.

Then If you want to use the email scripts then you have to hold thousand of buyer leads/ emails. Now, if you have thousands of emails I think you can write the best email scripts too. So, I don’t see any angle to choose it. Only freelancers can use it.

Dear Friends, traffic is the most vital factor in the case of online marketing. You have to choose the right ways to drive traffic. Using this type of software you can’t do anything.

Who is Perfect for ProfitWriter?

ProfitWriter is brand new writing software. It’s perfect for those who are dependent on content marketing.

Freelancer – As a freelancer, it’s perfect for you. In this case, you can sell sales copy, video sales letters, helpful content, etc to your clients. Do you know why freelancers are perfect? Because they don’t use it personally. As you own a business you can’t get results using this software-made content.

Affiliate Marketer – If you’re an affiliate marketer then it’s 100% not fit for you. First, as an affiliate marketer, you don’t need any kind of sales copy or letters to promote your offers. Email scripts and blog content can be used by an affiliate marketer. But this software-made content is 100% valueless.

ProfitWriter Review

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Products Creator – As a product creator you need sales copy, sales letters, email scripts. But it’s 100% non-professional. Do you think these vendors use this software to make their sales copy? No, my dear friends. If they don’t use their software then do you need it? Forget it.

Newbie Marketer – most of the newbie marketers think after buying this type of software they can earn. But, you have to know the working process of the software. If you’re a newbie freelancer then you never get results. Suppose, you buy this software and write high-converting sales copy. Now, say how you sell it? You can’t. But as an experienced freelancer, you can easily use ProfitWriter software.

Merits & Demerits of ProfitWriter?

If I say the Merits and Demerits of ProfitWriter then I focus merit for the expert marketers and Demerits for the newbie guy.


– if you’re a green newbie in the online marketing journey then you can use it. Online marketing can be established if you’re the creator of content. Content is the King. So, you have to learn how to create content. Now, using the ProfitWriter software you can get the idea of various content.

As a newbie, I know you don’t have any idea of content creating and marketing. Now using this software you can create content within 60 seconds.

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Demerits –

Every business, marketing, the profession has minimum professionalism. If you buy any software or bot and use it in your profession then you just lose the color of your profession. I just want to say, no software can create high-converting sales copy, emails scripts to build an online business.

Then people don’t like this type of software-made content. The online marketing world is full of competition. You have to survive here by working hard. If buying ProfitWriter software you get the money solution then everyone buys it for $17.

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