MobiClikz Review [My Opinion – No] by Jason Fulton

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MobiClikz Review

Introduction: MobiClikz Review

Welcome to my MobiClikz Review. I’m Raju Bhadra an Affiliate Marketer for over 10 Years. Let’s complete MobiClikz Review before taking action. 

You have to know about this app. After that, you have to know does it really work or not. Everything you’ll get inside my MobiClikz Review. 

Honestly, I find out a lot of ERRORS inside this MobiClikz App. Inside my review, you can get it elaborately. 

MobiClikz is a newly released Mobile platform app. You can easily blast your offers to 1,000s of targeted inboxes with a few clicks of your mouse.

But, the MAIN PROBLEM… there are no traffic sources. Who will get your messages? How you can make sales? 

Here is a BIG loophole in this App. 

I can assure you you can’t get any results using this Bogus MobiClikz App.

My Review Content – Not Recommended!

Raju Bhadra
Raju Bhadra



How Does MobiClikz Work or Not?

Perfect Mobile Messaging Traffic App?

What You’ll Get Inside

How to Make Money with MobiClikz?

Why I Don’t Recommend MobiClikz? (Top Reasons)

The Future of MobiClikz App

Final Opinion

MobiClikz Overview:

Creator: Jason Fulton

Product: MobiClikz

Launch Date: 2022-Aug-11 

Front-End Price: $17 

Refund: 365 Days Money-Back Guarantee  

Niche: App 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend!

Rating – 2.9 out of 10

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How Does MobiClikz Work or Not?

1. Login To The MobiClikz App From Any Device (No Laptop Required) 

2. Activate Your FREE Clicks And Land In 1,000s Of People’s Inboxes With NO EMAIL List Required 

3. Send Traffic To Any Link You Want OR Use The Included ‘Done For You Campaigns If You Don’t Have Anything To Promote

According to the sales page, this app works in just simple 3 steps. 


You can get access this app on any device it’s right. But, you can’t generate 1,000s of free traffic in just a few clicks, It’s a 100% FAKE Claim.

MobiClikz Is A Perfect Mobile Messaging Traffic App?

No. This is not a Traffic App. Actually, no app can be your Traffic App. You have to build your traffic sources by sharing helpful free content. Or you have to run ads to get instant traffic. 

Using this MobiClikz you can set up your message content. You can add images, videos, etc to your message template. 

It’s fine. 

But, who will receive your message? 

This app set up your message campaigns it’s okay but there are no audiences to receive/see your messages. Actually, I FOCUS here. If you don’t have any audiences/traffic then hoe you make sales?

This traffic app never starts flowing immediately. With a few clicks, no one can generate 1,000s of traffic. Don’t want to get dream results in online marketing. Then day by day you just lose your money, time, and energy behind this black magic. But, it’s not the right way to make money.

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What You’ll Get Inside – MobiClikz Review

Over-The-Shoulder Video Training – This video training takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to get the best results possible with MobiClikz even if you’re a stone-cold beginner and you’ve never made a penny before in your life. 

Push-Button Mobile Traffic-Getting Software App – This powerful push-button app gets you to access to unlimited clicks for massive profits and you don’t even need a laptop. You can do this from your phone ANYWHERE. 

Beginner Beta Tester Case Study: How A Complete Beginner Used MobiClikz To Make $1,381 IN 36 Hours –  Follow along with this Case Study to see how a complete beginner activate MobiClikz and ended up making $1,381 in just 36 hours with no email list, no ad budget, no website, and no laptop!

But, UNFORTUNATELY, 100% valueless app. It’s not a Traffic App. No App can’t generate traffic. You have to generate traffic by helping other people by sharing content.

How to Make Money with MobiClikz?

I can say, NO ONE can make money with MobiClikz, even 1% of buyers of this app. Most newbies think online marketing is as easy as any app can do it. Actually, it’s impossible. You have to learn the reality.

You can make money online when you follow the right ways. When you follow the right ways then you can generate traffic. Once you are able to generate traffic you can make money. Otherwise not possible anyhow.

Jason claims, that Matt quality banks $473 online every day without a Computer using this app and its free traffic. It’s a brand new complete system to make money online. No emails list is needed, no website needed, even no budget is needed to do it.

I honestly suggest, that if you think this type will help everyone to make money online then you’re wrong! If you want to make money online then you have to work manually. Such as, you have to build a website, write blog content, make YouTube videos, and create images for social media marketing. 

You have to find out the right ways and have to work regularly to get results. So, you should make a wise decision if you want to make money online. 

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Why I Don’t Recommend MobiClikz? (Top Reasons)

– This is not a workable money-making system;

– Depending on any software/App no one can make money online;

MobiClikz is not a brand new Traffic App, this type of app is already SUCKED;

– Message Marketing Works, if you have targeted audiences. But, there are no audiences to receive messages;

– $0 to $473 in 36 hours, 100% FAKE CLAIM;

The Future of MobiClikz App – MobiClikz Review

The Future of MobiClikz App is horrible. A lot of newbies will believe the sales page’s promise. After that, they will purchase MobiClikz. But, unfortunately, they will lose their money without getting any results. 

Then, another problem is OTOs. This product contains 5 OTOs. When you will choose this app and want to apply this app then you have to buy various OTOsto get full features as the sales page promise. 

But, the main problem. No App can work perfectly to generate traffic. You have to build a website, make videos, have to make images or short video content or run paid ads to get traffic. Actually, if you want to make money online then you should follow these traffic sources. Otherwise, this type of App never helps you to get traffic. 

After all, the Future of MobiClikz is NOTHING!

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Final Opinion: MobiClikz Review

In conclusion, I want to say, MobiClikz is not a perfect Traffic App. You can’t send messages to 1,000s of people in just a few clicks. Don’t need to depend on this app for generating traffic. 

Firstly, you lose your money purchasing this SCAM App. On the other hand, you’ll lose your time behind this app. After all, it doesn’t worth buying. 

Now, all decisions depended on you. If you think you should buy this app to get traffic in just a few clicks then you can get it. On the other hand, you can check my #1 no-money-making opportunity.

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