Ministry of Freedom Review – (Wait) Real User Opinion! Jono Armstrong

Ministry of Freedom Review
Ministry of Freedom Review
Ministry of Freedom Review

Intro of Ministry of Freedom – Ministry of Freedom Review

Welcome to my Ministry of Freedom Review. Let me show why this is not recommended affiliate marketing.

Do you struggle to get success in Affiliate Marketing? I know you’re struggling to make affiliate commissions. Don’t worry let’s complete the Ministry of Freedom Review. Inside this review, I’ll share why I don’t recommend the Ministry of Freedom. A lot of reason behind it. 

According to Jono Armstrong, the Ministry of Freedom can help you to earn 10K per month in 60 days or less. You can make passive income selling consumer software and app. It’s a life-changing opportunity. It’s an evergreen way to make money online. 


What do you think? Is it possible or not? It’s not possible. Because it’s not a workable training for anyone. 

If you want to make money online selling software & app then you need HUGE investment. After that, you need HUGE traffic sources. Do you have invested money for getting Software/App and getting traffic? 

If you have invested money then you can choose it, otherwise not. Ministry of Freedom is 100% not perfect for beginners. Then it has a lot of problems too. After all, I can’t suggest anyone grab the training program. 

A lot of proven affiliate marketing training programs available so I don’t see any reasons to cost $1497 behind this BOGUS training. 

Short Summary Ministry of FreedomMinistry of Freedom Review

How to Make Money with Ministry of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom is a high-priced training program. It helps to learn how to sell software or app. It’s fine. At present, 95% of the Warriorplus vendors are selling software or app. It’s one of the ways to make big money. But, in my personal opinion, it’s unethical. Why unethical?

If you see the software and app of Warriorplus then you can see this type of software or app included a lot of fake claims. Such as built-in free traffic, 1 click to affiliate sites, 3/4 steps to autopilot affiliate commissions, done-for-you campaigns to earn money, etc. But it’s not possible in online business. You have to grow and build your online business manually. No software or app can do it.

You can make money with the Ministry of Freedom. But, for getting software/app you have to invest huge money. Then if you don’t have traffic sources you also have to invest huge money. After all, if you are able to invest a huge amount of bucks then you can apply this system.

What’s The Benefit of This Training Program?

According to the vendor’s claim Ministry of Freedom has these advantages.

Real-World & Right Now 

The MOF system uses cutting-edge online income strategies that are proven and repeatable. You’ll be using recognized authority platforms & best practices to deliver real value while generating life-changing income. 

No Experience Needed 

Many programs say it, at MOF we BREATHE ‘beginner-friendly. Friendly coaches & an outrageously supportive community help take you from zero to hero in record time. You bring the desire, we bring the rest.

Location Independent 

You can do this from anywhere on the planet – all you need is the internet. 

Network with hundreds of other students having success from all corners of the world.  Love to travel? MOF is the most portable income model you’ll ever see. 

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Measurable Results In Minutes A Day 

MOF is a super-efficient system. MANY users do it ‘on the side’ while juggling busy work & family schedules. All it takes is 30 minutes a day – or a bit of extra time on weekends – for you to start making a real passive income. 

24/7 Support 

With MOF you’re never alone and they’ve got your back any time of night or day. 

Between the weekly coaching calls & hyper-engaged FB community, you can get answers to any question practically around the clock. 

World-Class Tools & Shortcuts Included 

You deserve amazing results, so you get the best tools available to do it – INCLUDED with your access. From software to commission boosts and even guaranteed sales every 2 weeks … The only way not to make money is not to show up.


I don’t see any worth able advantages of the Ministry of Freedom. You can’t make passive income with this training program. It’s perfect for expert marketers. If you have a huge email list then you can apply it. If you have bury traffic then you can use this money-making opportunity, otherwise not. 

Are There Any Traffic Sources?

Yes, but all are paid traffic sources. Jono Armstrong is an expert in various paid ads. He runs Google ads, YouTube streaming ads, Facebook ads, etc. He also learn you to run ads campaigns. If you can invest money then you can get traffic.

As a newbie, you can’t run ads. Even I don’t prefer it. Why? If you want to run paid campaigns then you need huge experience. You have analyzed your niche, keywords, traffic locations, ads budget, ads bid, etc. So, it’s not perfect for a beginner. And over $2/3k monthly investment is mandatory to get success from ads.

If you’re a newbie or if you don’t have huge money for investment then apply the free traffic method. You can build a website, or you can make YouTube videos, TikTok videos, then you also can grow various social media platforms to get lifetime free traffic.

Does Ministry of Freedom a Risk-Free Investment?

No. It’s a 100% risky investment. Look at this screenshot. One guy bought Ministry of Freedom from Jono Armstrong. He wants to refund his money but Jono doesn’t respond it. After that, see the reaction.

Ministry of Freedom Review

It’s not a little amount of $10, $20. It’s $1497. But the main problem is it doesn’t have the worth value.

If you buy this product then if you think it’s not fit for you. Then you can refund it within 60 days. But after buying the training you can’t refund. Jono was never in contact with you.

If you face this type of problem then you can directly dispute in PayPal. After that PayPal will help you back your money. It’s not a little amount.

Does Ministry of Freedom Worth Price?

NO. Ministry of Freedom is not a perfect training program to cost huge money. If you want to make 10K/Month in 60 days or less then this training program is not perfect. Not only the Ministry of Freedom but also no other training can make 10K per month within 60 days or less time.

Ministry of Freedom is an overrated training program. This type of cheap training program doesn’t worth ৳$1497. It’s huge money. I don’t see any reason to cost money behind this not-proven working process. Why do you waste your money? You don’t need to cost huge money for training.

You can get a lot of proven training programs available. Actually, you have to learn online marketing first. This type of training program learns your online marketing first. Then day by day they learn everything for getting online success. I personally don’t prefer $1497 for the Ministry of Freedom. It doesn’t worth this huge price.

Why I Prefer High-Ticket Training Program?

In the case of High-Ticket training programs, you can join here at a very low price of $7. After that, there is a lot of training included. If you wish you can choose any other training programs. I always prefer a high ticket program because it’s valuable for learning online marketing. If you want to learn online marketing you have to learn online marketing first.

Ministry of Freedom charges $1497 but, it’s not perfect for beginners. If you already have huge online marketing knowledge then you can apply this training. It’s an 8-week training. I think this 8 weeks training will kill your time and energy.

If you choose any high ticket program then get benefits in every aspect. First, you can learn online marketing perfectly. Then you don’t need to invest huge money. After that, every high ticket program is a complete online marketing training program. So, I don’t see any reasons to choose the Ministry of Freedom for $1497.

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Who is Perfect for Ministry of Freedom?

Ministry of Freedom is Perfect for expert marketers and rich people. The working process of the ministry of Freedom is selling software & app. Now, let me explain why you need experience and money.

Do you think releasing software or app is so easy? You need huge experience to build a perfect software or app. You have to find out other people’s problems before buying a software or app. Then you have to try solving other marketers’ problems with the software. So, it’s not a beginner’s task.

Now, see why you need money. You need money for 2 reasons. First, you’re not a software or app developer. So, you have to build your software or app by outsourcing. So, you need to invest in it. Second, you have run ads for getting traffic. Otherwise, how do you get traffic to sell your software or app?

Now, calculate it. First, you have to buy Ministry of Freedom (1497) + outsourcing software or app ($1000+) + run ads campaigns ($2000+/month).

After all, you have to cost over 5,000 USD for buying and applying this system. As an expert and rice marketer, you can but it. But as a newbie, I don’t suggest you buy Ministry of Freedom.

Final Verdict – Ministry of Freedom Review

Finally, I want to say if you have enough money to invest and huge knowledge for analysis then the Ministry of Freedom is recommended, otherwise not. It’s a high-priced training program with less quality. A lot of people grab it for instant earning, 90% of people are failed to get success. 

Ministry of Freedom is an 8 weeks training program. Actually, it’s unnecessary. If you join any high-priced training they teach you everything by masterclass training in a short time. Then they help you to allay the methods and get results. But, inside the Ministry of Freedom provides useless training. 

A lot of reasons for not choosing the Ministry of Freedom. But, if you think it’s perfect for you then I have nothing to say. You can grab it. But, don’t forget to check my no #1 recommendation. It’s a low-priced high-ticket training program for beginner & expert marketers. 

Anyway, thanks for reading my Ministry of Freedom Review. Best of luck.

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