Magnum Review ~ [NO] Does Magnum Scam or Legit? (Venkata Ramana)

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Magnum Review

Magnum Review ~ [NO] Does Magnum Scam or Legit?

Magnum Review
Magnum Review

Content of Magnum Review

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Magnum
  • What is Magnum?
  • Why Magnum is NOT Recommended for Anyone?
  • What Do You Get Inside Magnum?
  • Does It Possible to Get Free Buyer Traffic In Under 60 Seconds?
  • What’re The Benefits of Magnum?
  • Does Magnum A SCAM or LEGIT?
  • Final Opinion


Magnum is a brand new store builder. You can tap into the new multi-billion-dollar online craze. You can build your automated store in one click. Then drives free buyer traffic in 30 seconds. It drives traffic from 99 traffic sources. It’s a newbie-friendly software for getting results. 

Grab this software first. Then log in and select your pre-built. Done-for-you store. Finally, blast your 99. Sources of free buyer traffic in less than 30 seconds. Finally, breakthrough and live the life of your freaking dreams. 

I have a few oppose about this software. I just share my personal opinion inside this review. If you think I’m right then follow my instruction. Actually, no software can build a done-for-you store for physical or digital products store in just 1 click with built-in free buyer traffic. 

Inside my review, I try my best to provide all the honest info about this software. I personally hate software because this type of software steals a lot of money. Let’s check out the full Magnum Review.

Magnum Review – Summary of Magnum

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Venkata Ramana

Product: Magnum

Price: $17 (Front End) [Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: Software

Recommendation: Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]

Upsell/Upgrade/OTO: 5

My Personal Rating: 2.8/10

My No #1 Recommendation: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint ($10,000/month)

What Is Magnum? Magnum Review

Magnum is a unique store builder” with the ability to get traffic from 99 traffic sources… The store builder contains ready-to-deploy stores in the hottest niches such as Crypto, Amazon, and more.

Magnum is the World’s best-automated store build. It can build beautiful stores in a couple of clicks. It comes from complete done-for-you ready-to-go stores. Magnum provides free buyer traffic from 99 different traffic sources. 

[NOTE: Read Full Review Before Buying It]

Why Magnum Is Not Recommended for Anyone [Don’t Buy]

  1. -> ‘Magnum’ is not a PROVEN & TESTED cloud-based software that builds a store in a few clicks.
  2. -> No software can drive free buyer traffic in 30 seconds.
  3. -> You get traffic from 99 sources, 100% fake claim.
  4. -> Using this Magnum software you can’t sell both physical and digital products.
  5. -> No marketer can get results using the Done-for-you store.
  6. -> A lot of buyers also use the same content so, the chances of getting results is 0%.
  7. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this Magnum software, it doesn’t worth buying.
  8. -> Venkata Ramana releases 2/3 products per month. If their product/software works for making money then why they release 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe their fake claims.
  9. -> All 5 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this software.
  10. -> Magnum doesn’t worth the price($17) for this front-end one.
  11. -> This system doesn’t work in just 3 clicks.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this product. It’s not a workable product, it’s for making you a fool.

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What Do You Get Inside Magnum?

The Brand New Magnum Software – Brand New, Beginner Friendly Software Lets You Activate Done-For-You Stores In The Hottest Niches & Drive Traffic To Them From 99 Sources In 30 Seconds.

Step-By-Step Tutorials – The included video training teaches you how to use the Magnum software to get results fast.

Quick Start Guide – If you don’t like going through video’s don’t worry, we have you covered with a Quick Start Guide that just shows you how to fire up Magnum to get traffic & sales pouring in, in seconds.

Customer Only Q & A Call – They’ll hold a special live Q & A call only for customers to ensure every single one of you can use Magnum to get results quickly, don’t worry if you can’t turn up live it will be recorded.

Actually, it’s not workable software. A Lot of vendors already revealed this type of SCAM software. If you choose this software you never get any results. No software can build a done-for-you store for you. As a newbie, you can this if you buy this software it’s the perfect money solution. 

It’s not workable software. You can get this software but it’s not your money solution. Here is nothing that can step-by-step learn anything. It’s a TRAP. This type of software just steals newbie marketers’ money without providing any results. 

Does It Possible to Get Free Buyer Traffic In Under 60 Seconds?

It’s impossible. Here is no black magic. No software, or system, or any traffic sources can bring traffic in under 60 seconds. Even if you run paid ads then you can get traffic under 60 seconds. It’s a 100% FAKE claim. Traffic is the most sensitive issue in the case of online business. If you want to build a store then you have to mainly focus on traffic.

This software Magnum claims that it can generate free buyer traffic from 99 sources. I don’t know how it possible. If driving traffic is so easy then why people make videos, write a blog post, run paid ads? Make sense. 

In reality, internet promoting primarily relied upon traffic in the event that you have traffic, you can make deals in any case not. Thus, you need to thoroughly take care of traffic yet assuming you figure purchasing this sort of programming you can do everything, you are not in the correct position. You need to lose your time and cash both.

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What’re The Benefits of Magnum?

Truly, I don’t perceive any advantages of Magnum. In the event that you purchase this product, you can comprehend this sort of programming doesn’t work. You can get an exercise from it. It’s the solitary advantage of this product. I don’t comprehend why individuals relied upon this sort of programming. It’s not the genuine interaction of internet showcasing.

You need to learn it first. Therefore a lot of instructive preparing programs accessible. You can pick any of the projects then you can gain from it and step by step you can apply it as your own promoting. On the off chance that you think this kind of programming is sufficient to bring in cash online then you never bring in cash on the web.

If you buy this software that not means you’re tapping into the billion-dollar online shopping craze. If you want to build an online store then it’s not as easy that works in a few clicks. Then if you want to build an online store then you have to build your store first. Then you have to manage traffic for selling your products. But no software can do it. You have to do it manually. Then you have to work for getting traffic.

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Does Magnum A Scam or Legit?

I don’t perceive any motivation to be genuine programming. Indeed, you can construct an accomplished for-you store utilizing this product that not methods you can bring in cash from it. You need traffic first to get deals. In any case, no product can create free purchaser traffic for any specialty. Programming can share any connection and can get a couple of cumbersome snaps yet you never get deals from those snaps.

At that point assuming you deal with any issue, you don’t get any help for taking care of your issue. At that point assuming you purchase any item from Warriorplus, you never get a refund. You need to dispute PayPal on the off chance that you need to get a discount. Else you can’t contact the merchant for getting a refund.

I think Magnum is a SCAM programming. It doesn’t;t worth $17 for the front end. Subsequent to purchasing this front end you need to purchase other 5 moves up to get full highlights. All things considered, it kills your time and cash however you don’t get any cash arrangement. Also, you can’t maintain your online business.

Final Opinion: Magnum Review

Finally, I want to say DON’T BUY this Magnum software. No software can build an automated store in just a few clicks and can’t drive free buyer traffic in under 60 seconds. This software is totally unable to get traffic from 99 sources. It’s a 100% fake claim. If you want to make money online then the software can’t get your solution. 

I don’t understand why people want to get overnight results. It’s impossible in the case of online business. You have to go in the proper ways. I highly NOT RECOMMENDED this software for the online shopping business. 

It’s my honest opinion. If you think this software can help you to make money online then you can choose it. And if you believe my review then find out the real system for an online business for a lifetime. Now, make your decision wisely. Thanks for reading Magnum Review. Best of luck.  

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