LocalCentric App Review (Victory Akpos) ~ [Wait] Grab or Avoid This?

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LocalCentric App Review

Introduction: LocalCentric App Review

Welcome to my review-with-raju.com website and this honest LocalCentric App Review.

LocalCentric is an A.I powered App in 2022. Victory Akpos is the vendor of LocalCentric. Anyone can start a 6-figure brand management agency with this App.

It is the first-ever A.I assisted local business management and lead generation platform on JVZoo. This A.I app helps local businesses monitor and respond to reviews. Moreover, it improves their online reputation.

On the other hand, this app helps a lot to get them more leads, sales, and profits. Most importantly, you don’t need technical skills or a single working experience for using this app.

Are you a local businessman? Do you interested to buy LocalCentric App for your business? But are you confused about is it workable or not? If yes then complete my review first. After that, take the decision are you buy it or not!

LocalCentric App Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Inventor: Victory Akpos

Product: LocalCentric

Launch Date: 31 March 2022

Price: $37 (Front-End)

Niche: Local Business Management & Make Sales

My Ratings: 9.3/10

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LocalCentric App Review: Vendor of LocalCentric App:

The vendor of LocalCentric App is Victory Akpos. Victory Akpos is a Digital Entrepreneur. He is a highly passionate Product Creator and an expert Affiliate Marketer.

He has been recognized severally as a top Vendor and Affiliate by the award-winning digital marketplace, JVZoo. After that, he is a recognized Coach with so many online success stories.

Victory Akpos has done multiple product launches. Now, many users actively have been using and benefiting from his products.

What Is LocalCentric App?

LocalCentric is the world’s number one A.I.-powered local business brand management platform. You can now start a full-blown brand management agency with LocalCentric. That tells local businesses What’s Working, What’s Not, and What To Do About It.

  • Boosts sales by building trust & credibility.
  • ​​Acquires more customers with improved search engine rankings & visibility.
  • It builds a list of everyone who leaves a review.
  • After that, it increases revenue & positive returns.
  • Finds laser targeted leads for yourself & any users charge.
  • But for this, no technical skills are required. So, there is zero learning curve.
  • It is 100% Cloud-Based. Therefore, all processes work fully automated.

LocalCentric App Review: Who Will Buy This App?

LocalCentric is an app that must need both online and offline businessmen. If you really want to get automatically profits, leads, and a local business reputation then you can go with it. Now, let’s see who should go with the LocalCentric App.

LocalCentric App Review

How Does LocalCentric App Work?

This cloud-based app works for you in just simple 3 steps. In these 3 steps, you can start your own brand & online reputation management agency.

⇉1 Find: Firstly, go to the dashboard. After that, right inside your dashboard give just one click with your powerful lead gen tool. Then it finds businesses & online reputation management services.

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⇉2 Set & Forget: Now, just set and forget. After that, the app monitor & respond to reviews across social media for multiple businesses from a single account.

⇉3 Get Paid: Now, generate more leads, sales & profits for your business. On the other hand, get paid big bucks for your services every single month from every client.

LocalCentric App Review: Features of LocalCentric:

Find Businesses – LocalCentric App finds those businesses that consistently get bad reviews online. After that, there have no one to monitor/respond to such reviews. Moreover, it finds those businesses that do not have even a Google Business listing. For this, simply enter a keyword.

After that, AI-assisted software’s deep search algorithm gets into actions mode. Subsequently, it finds thousands of desperately need help businesses. Now, contact these clients and service them. They’ll pay for your servicing.

Complete Review Management – It automatically connects Google My Business (GMB), Facebook, Yelp, TrustPilot, Capterra, Amadeus, Foursquare, etc. It easily monitors and responds to reviews in real-time.

Moreover, it improves local search engine rankings, track performance. In addition, this app enhances business reputation and drives additional sales.

GMB & Facebook Control – Less than 10% of brands take full advantage of all GMB tools to improve search discovery. But this app quickly visualizes GMB and Facebook status details by location. This app has a Unique “Spreadsheet UI” for control within and across accounts

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Bulk Upload & Schedule – It talks directly to clients in the search results via Google and Facebook Posts. After that, this app shares updates, offers, events, etc to inform and engage customers.

Moreover, it drives website visits, phone calls, and walk-in traffic. Most importantly, it can access all historic reviews and daily updates. This tracks reviews from various platforms and locations. Such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

Powerful Collaboration – This A.I. app includes enterprise-grade access control. That allows you to scale your local optimization efforts to the entire organization.

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It creates roles for pinpoint visibility and control. After that, it gives each person on the team access to the sections that matter to them.

Video Review Using QR Code – This cloud-based app adds QR codes. This QR code can be printed on product packaging. Your customer can set up video review campaigns using this QR code. By simply scanning the QR code users can record a video review and submit it.

Automated Review Campaigns – LocalCentric can set various feedback. It is mainly customers’ reviews based on their rating for a specific period of time.

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Review Management – You can use LocalCentric to effortlessly manage reviews across all your locations. Because reviews are automatically retrieved daily.

Dashboard View – Accesses insights from Google. This can do it from all your locations in a single dashboard with powerful grouping and filtering.

Direct Responses – This app provides a consistent approach. As a result, you can respond to reviews with personalized messages or leverage saved replies.

Workflows – Most importantly, you can set workflows to socialize reputation control. So, there is no need to distribute yesterday’s negative review scores to 200 managers.

Historic Data – It can access up to 2 years of customer reviews. But it can do every location and up 18 months of Local Search Insights.

Email Autoresponder – It captures the leads of reviewers. After that, add them to your email autoresponder. As a result, you can market to them over and over again.

Built for Scale – This app provides enterprise-class user rights management. As a result, you can support companies with tens of thousands of locations across the globe.

How You Make Money with LocalCentric?

If you buy the LocalCentric app then you don’t be cheated. This app is perfect for both online and offline businesses. However, do you want to earn extra profits with this?

For this, choose the location of your area first. After that, find out those who face problems with their business. Subsequently, make a deal with them and charge money for solving their problems.

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After servicing their problems, they will pay for it. It is the way to make money offline. On the other hand, for online businesses, you just message them directly or comment on their posts.

Then contact them and know about their problems. Finally, solve those. Byt this way, you’ll make money through the LocalCentric App.

Pros and Cons of LocalCentric App:


  • LocalCentric is a cloud-based A.I. app. Therefore, there is nothing to need to download.
  • LocalCentric obviously helps your business grow by leaps & bounds.
  • LocalCentric is a cloud-based A.I. app. Therefore, there is nothing to need to download.
  • LocalCentric obviously helps your business grow by leaps & bounds.
  • It easily finds out any businesses. Those are badly looking for Brand & Online reputation management services.
  • This tool helps to generate leads, get traffic, and make profits.

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  • You’ll get GMB & Facebook Control inside this.
  • This breakthrough app builds a list of traffic for your clients.
  • There No Technical Skills Are Required. So, anyone can use it without difficulty.
  • The A.I. feature of LocalCentric is monitoring, responding, and managing your client’s traffic! You or your client don’t need to do anything.
  • If you are unable to work with this then you can back this within 30 days.


No. I don’t see any cons of the LocalCentric App.

The LocalCentric App is just wonderful. It is 100% worth buying. Therefore, if you want you can pay money to buy it.

Final Opinion: LocalCentric App Review

In conclusion, I want to say LocalCentric is a brand new app in 2022 that works for local business management. Moreover, this app helps you to get leads, traffic and make profits.

There have a lot of businessmen who can’t run their businesses due to unknown problems. This wonder app finds these problems just with a single click. On the other hand, it also resolves them.

Moreover, the price of this tool is very tiny. But with this tiny price, you’ll get a lot of workable features. In addition, this app is newbie-friendly and easy to use. That is to say, an older or even 10 years old can easily use it.

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So, you don’t feel any hassle using it. On the other hand, you can widen your business with this. After that, using it on your own besides you can use it as a service for other people. From there, you can also earn.

So, I can assure you if you buy it then you don’t be cheated. However, thanks a lot for reading my honest LocalCentric App Review.

LocalCentric App Review