Levels Review (Glynn Kosky) ~ [NO] Does Levels Scam or Legit?

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Levels Review

Levels Review (Glynn Kosky) ~ [NO] Does Levels Scam or Legit?

Levels Review
Levels Review

Content of Levels Review

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Levels
  • What is ‘Levels Software’?
  • Why Levels is NOT Recommended for Anyone?
  • Are There Any Reasons to Grab Levels?
  • How Levels App Generate Free Buyer Traffic?
  • What’re The Features of Levels Software?
  • What You’ll Get Inside Levels?
  • Does ‘Levels Software’ Scam or Legit?
  • Final Opinion


Levels is a brand new app that turns your next level of income in march 2021. You can earn with a 100% done-for-you self-monetized affiliate system with built-in free buyer traffic. Inside this app, you’ll get 100 powerful traffic sources under your control. You can get free buyer traffic in 3-clicks. It’s a never-before-seen technology in 2021.

Do you believe this claim? Do you see any marketer who earns affiliate commissions applying any software? Actually, no software can help you to generate free buyer traffic. Newbie marketers want to get traffic on autopilot or want to get it built-in. Unfortunately, it’s impossible. 

In this review post, I just share my honest opinion. After that, you can make your own decision as you wish. I personally buy a lot of software for getting overnight results. But, I failed and failed for 2/3 years. No software works to generate traffic, then how can I get results? It’s impossible. Let’s check the full review.

Levels Review – Summary of Levels

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Glynn Kosky

Product: Levels

Price: $17 (Front End) [Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: Software

Recommendation: Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]

Upsell/Upgrade/OTO: 6

My Personal Rating: 3.1/10

My No #1 Recommendation: Affiliate Marketing Blueprint ($10,000/month)

Levels Review – What is ‘Levels Software’?

Levels is a cloud-based app and 100% done-for-you profit system. This software includes multiple monetization methods via 100 sources of free traffic. Levels is a self-monetized affiliate system with free built-in buyer traffic. This is a brand new profit app that can generate $1,000+ commissions in online business.

You can start this affiliate system and running it within just one click and a few seconds. This is a great addition to an all-around great system for marketers of all levels. You can start making profits right now and plug into 24/7 buyer traffic that’s automatically monetized.

[NOTE: Read Full Review Before Buying It]

Why Levels Is Not Recommended for Anyone [Don’t Buy]

  1. -> ‘Levels’ is not a PROVEN & TESTED software for getting built-in free red hot buyer traffic.
  2. -> Levels isn’t 1st & only app that builds automated ‘self-monetized’ done-for-you platforms.
  3. -> Within a few minutes, no one can create the first affiliate profit system.
  4. -> Levels software can’t provide free buyer traffic from 100 proven sources built-in to the app.
  5. -> No software can’t create long-term passive income streams.
  6. -> Software-made traffic never gets results in minutes.
  7. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this Levels software, it doesn’t worth buying.
  8. -> Glyn. Kosky releases 2/3 products per month. If their product/software works for making money then why they release 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe their fake claims.
  9. -> All 6 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this software.
  10. -> Levels doesn’t worth the price($17) for this front-end one.
  11. -> This software doesn’t work in just 3 steps.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this product. It’s not a workable product, it’s for making you a fool.

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Are There Any Reasons to Grab Levels?

The top reasons why you need it now. Unique next-generation conversion technology. All-inclusive profit system. Diverse income streams included. Viral, FREE buyer traffic from 100 sources built-in to the app. No experience or tech skills OF ANY KIND needed. Zero overhead costs, you keep 100% of everything your platform makes. Set & forget with no maintenance needed.

Levels Review


I don’t see any reasons to choose this software. You can use various unique technology for running your business but you can’t get conversions using any software. The software can edit your videos, send emails to your customers, you can create various iconography, videos using any software. But Levels software never helps you to get free buyer traffic. 

There is no software on this internet that can do everything for generating built-in traffic. Then you can set your system once then you can forget it. It’s totally impossible. This type of fake claims only for motivating you to buy this software. Otherwise, it has no validity. No marketer can this type of results. 

How Levels App Generate Free Buyer Traffic?

Do you know traffic is the mandatory part of affiliate marketing? Then do you know how successful marketers generate free buyer traffic? Do you think they use this type of software? No, they follow the right ways to get the right traffic. Levels software can’t generate built-in buyer traffic for free. No software can do it. 

Now, you can ask how can I get free buyer traffic? Okay, let me explain it in a nutshell. First, you have to choose your niche. After that, you have to focus on traffic. If you are able to drive traffic on your affiliate offers then you can make sales. So, you have to do everything for traffic. 

If you want together free buyer traffic then you have to wait a few months to grow it. You can build a website (It may be paid or free) and post here regularly. You have to make helpful content for people. Inside your helpful content, you can add various call-to-action. Then you can make helpful video content for YouTube. You can set your affiliate offers link on the video description. Then you can grow various social networks for getting super targeted free traffic.

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If you can follow any of the methods then you can get unlimited free traffic for a lifetime. It takes time to grow but if you can grow it once then you get results for a lifetime. All of these are evergreen traffic sources. 

But, if you buy this software to get built-in free buyer traffic then it’s impossible. If you can do it then everyone also can do it. If this type of Done-For-You software works then no marketer works hard to make money online. So, forget this type of software and follow the right ways to get traffic.

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What’re The Features of Levels Software?

DFY Pre-Monetized Income Platform – Completely new cloud-based software auto-generates your own monetized platform in SECONDS. OPTIONALLY customize elements with drag & drop ease to match your branding. OR just run them right out of the box for a completely hands-free solution.

Free Buyer Traffic On Steroids – Your Levels platform comes loaded with professional content to turn viewers into paying customers. And the app ALSO integrates with a premium content spinner to skyrocket your Google traffic. Unique content – yours with a mouse-click – get Google working even harder to multiply your traffic.

High-Paying Offers PROVEN To Convert – Hand-Picked By An Expert – Your Levels platform comes absolutely stacked with winning offers … guaranteed! Glynn Kosky, Clickbank Platinum Vendor AND Warrior Plus super affiliate. Hand picks each product personally, based on conversions, profitability & long-term track record. To make you the highest potential profits with zero guesswork.

Massive Vault Of Conversion-Boosting Bonuses Included – You get exclusive access to our library of over 100 PREMIUM bonuses. These high-powered incentives can skyrocket your earnings … … And keep buyers coming back for more.

Passive Ad Revenues – Your Levels platform comes setup with customizable banner ads … So you can generate completely passive ad revenues from AdSense or Amazon … For even MORE ways to profit!

Maximize Sales Per Order With ‘Related Products’ On Display –  This tech works GREAT for Amazon so we adapted it for Levels! For each offer inside, visitors will also see relevant ‘related products’ … … a proven way to maximize order values and commissions in your pocket.

Levels Review

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I highly suggest you STOP depending on Done-For-You anything. If you want to make money online then you have to do everything manually. No marketer can get results in any Done-For-You funnels. This software never skyrockets free buyer traffic for your affiliate offers. If you depended on this type of software then you never convert your offers. 

This software provides some bonuses for you. Okay, it’s fine. But why you need to buy this software for getting this type of bonus? You don’t need it. A lot of free PLR websites available to get unlimited free PRL products. Then you can use it as your bonuses. Then don’t invest your money in running ads depending on any software.

After all, this software doesn’t provide you software that can help you to generate free buyer traffic and affiliate systems. 

Become a Superstar Affiliate marketer (Make $10,000/Month)

Levels Review – What You’ll Get Inside Levels?

Levels App – You get access to Levels, the only software and system you’ll ever need… (Worth $47/Month or $564/Year) 

Free Traffic Generator – You’ll get a built-in traffic generator that’ll get you ALL the free traffic you’ll ever need… (Worth $47/Month) 

Multiple Done-For-You Campaigns – For a limited time, they are adding in done for you campaigns you can use to give your business a kick start right away… (Worth $997) 

Step-By-Step Training – They’ll show you all the ins and outs of Levels and how to make the most out of your purchase… (Worth $397) 

Support Team + Q/A – If you experience any issues, hit up our support team. We are more than happy to help you out! (Worth $297) 

180 Day Guarantee – If you don’t see results after using Levels, we’ll send you your money back. (Priceless)


Each makes money-related software promises to provide these elements but they fail. Because no software can do it. I can assure you, using this software you can’t make a single dollar online. Like Levels a lot of software already Glynn Kosky release on the W+ marketplace. 100% of this software a scam. If these do not scam then why this vendor release again this type of software?

Don’t be a fool again. You can’t make affiliate commissions using this type of software. If you really want to get success in affiliate marketing then you have to follow the right ways. Don’t depend on any software that kills your time and money.

Does ‘Levels Software’ Scam or Legit?

Honestly, I don’t see any reasons to choose this software. There are no essential elements to start your affiliate system and get unlimited buyer traffic. This software provides built-in traffic, which is a 100% FAKE claim. Then Done-For-You affiliate profits monetizations. it’s impossible. No one can’t set another marketer’s affiliate systems. Actually, you have to grow your online business gradually day by day. 

I can say, Levels is a solid SCAM. Because this software is filled with a lot of fake claims that never works. Here is no traffic sources, no proven strategies, no educational training. After all, there is nothing to choose from this software. I don’t believe in any software. No software works. I had lost a lot of money behind this type of software to get fast results. 

If you are struggling for making money online then don’t depend on any software. You have to learn online marketing first then you can make money online. Levels software is not your perfect solution for making online commissions in 2021. Then if you face any trouble running this software then you don’t get the solutions nor get a refund. I highly NOT recommended choosing this software.

Levels Review – Final Opinion 

Levels software can’t build any DFY self-monetized platform that converts well and making 100% of the profit. This software isn’t loaded with evergreen, top-converting offers. Then levels software can’t provide free buyer traffic from 100 winning sources. So, don’t need to believe any type of fake promises. 

Finally, I want to say DON’T BUY it and lose your $17. If you don’t believe my opinion then you can check it. A lot of marketers messaged me after buying this type of software. First, they didn’t believe me but after losing their money they messaged me. I don’t force you to hate this software or not to buy this software. I just share my opinion. 

Thanks for reading my honest Levels Review. If you want to get affiliate marketing success then find out the right ways. Don’t depend on any software. Now, make your right decision. 

My No #1 Recommendation:

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