Instant Commission Site Review – Is This Scam or Legit?

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Instant Commission Site Review

Hello, Welcome to my Instant Commission Site Review. I am going to share a honest review of Instant Commission Site. I am Raju Bhadra an Affiliate since 2012. Do you want to a real make money system? Do you want to know about Instant Commission Site? Yes, You are in the right place to take your decision with right ways. Point to Point I will disclose everything how this Instant Commission Site is! After my hole observation I think It’s a Highly Not Recommended Product for anyone. A lot of same type software released by this vendor. Read my full Instant Commission Site Review and learn everything for taking your best decision.

Summary of Instant Commission Site :

First you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related and do you need it or not!

Vendor : Ankur Shukla
Product : Instant Commission Site
Launch Date : 2019-Sep-25
Launch Time : 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price : $27 [Doesn’t Worth]
Skill : Minimum 5+ Years Experience
Guarantee : 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, It just a sentence [NOT APPLICABLE]
Niche : Software
Upsell : 5 [Without Upsell Product is Not Complete]
Recommendation : Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]
Rating : 2/10

What is Instant Commission Site?

Instant Commission Site is a 1-click affiliate site creator software. Anyone can launch a fully loaded commission site – with Content, Product Reviews & Affiliate Offers in Just 1-Click. ​Without ever buying hosting or a domain name & without ever creating a site from scratch,You can earn commissions from Clickbank.

Why Instant Commission Site Is Not Recommended for Anyone?

-> Same not workable software released in before.
-> There is no proven traffic sources here.
-> A lot of errors inside the software.
-> It’s not a beginner friendly software.
-> You have to purchase various other tools for using this software.(autoresponder,paid plugin,various tools etc…)
-> Poor support for the customer.
-> Length training for 3/4 weeks.
-> If you want to apply this software then you have to wait minimum 35+ days.
-> Price ($27) is too high for this not workable software.

My Special Announcement :

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False Promises of Instant Commission Site Sales Page :

Instant Commission Site Review

At first I want to ask a question to you! Are you a NEWBIE? if YES. Then it’s not a proven way for you to make money from online. Because without marketing knowledge you can’t run affiliate site. This affiliate site may be created by this software or built by you personally. Now listen a true fact, A software never make an affiliate site, no and never. If a software can make an affiliate site then none can build their affiliate site by 5/6 months hard working. It’s so simple to understand. So, if you thing in just 60 seconds you make a affiliate site and started making sales then it’s your wrong dream. You have to change your mind to get any results within 60 seconds or 1-click and without any manual work. No Affiliate Marketer can do it. So you also can’t.!

So, I can’t recommended this fake software to anyone. But if you have more and more interest to see this and want to waste few bucks then you can buy this.It’s your personal matter, but I guarantee this you don’t get any results.

Instant Commission Site Review

If you buy this Instant Commission Site software then you will get 50 product review build-in. Do you think you are not only buyer of this product. You, me and many other buy this software then how can you make sales using this same 50 products review? Do you understand what I mean? So, don’t think ready made 50 products drives the flood of sales. You can’t make a single sales using this software and their DFY product reviews.

I Have Few Questions to You…

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Introducing Instant Commission Site :

Instant Commission Site Review

Focus on the image and see the problem which indicate this vendor. Yes all are problems but everyone do it so it’s not a unsolved problem. If you want to build an affiliate site then you have to do all those problematic task, then you can get the traffic source for lifetime and get affiliate sales unlimited. My website is it’s example. I never build my website by using any software. I worked hard and build it.

Don’t depend any kind of software guys. All software of make related are totally bogus. If you buy any software in before then remind this software. Now takes your decision.

False Promises of Instant Commission Site Sales Page :

Instant Commission Site Review

Do you know how much competitive the ClickBank Products review market? If you have some idea then you realize that you can’t make a single sales using their 50 DFY reviews. Suppose you have 50 products review but where is your traffic? Do you think this reviews are ranked in Google? NO. Then where is your traffic? Here is no traffic sources and without traffic you can’t get any results. Don’t depend on any software. If you really want to make an affiliate site then start working for this by your own hand not any software.

I make this website 4 months before and post here daily and at present 90% of my post ranked on 2/3 position on Google and Bing search. If you don’t believe then check others posts of my website. Then check everything how much old if my website. You will get all of your answers. So, don’t depend such type of fake software.

It’s right all of their content,affiliate links,product reviews,videos becomes yours, but the sad thing is your account don’t make a single commissions because this products never sale a single unit. This vendor one after one release same type of software and sell it. If, you don’t believe me then check this vendors profile. 1-Click Affiliate Site,WP Auto Commissions,CB Automator all this are same category software. All this software make affiliate site within 60 seconds and 1-lick. If you like then you can check this.

Simple 3 Steps to Start !

Instant Commission Site Review

It’s to much easy to say get started as 1-2-3….But the reality is different. You never use this software and make commission using this software. It’s not a newbie software anymore. If you are a newbie then go 1000 hands away from this software. But you have personal traffic source then you can try this. But thier DFY 50 products review is the worst. I think it will not be converted.

Forget such type of greedy word 60 seconds to affiliate site, 1-click to go, easy as 1-2-3… If you want to really make an affiliate site then work hard 4/5 months. I guarantee you that you will get results.

But a newbie or non-experienced marketer you must need to join such type of affiliate program that will learn you how to start affiliate marketing at the same time you can earn form this affiliate program. It’s the best option in online marketing if, you want to run your business for lifetime. The world’s no#1 Affiliate training program is running successfully. (Join Here For Just – $7). If you join or not I request you to check it. I hope it will change days, your life.

Features of Instant Commission Site Software :

Instant Commission Site Review

A lot of amazing features inside this Instant Commission Site software but the problem here and there. A lot of features here but none feature get you money source. If you want to make money from online then you first need traffic. But In this software don’t provide you any traffic source for making sales.

Traffic the key to online success. As a newbie or expert everyone should focus on traffic first, then the other things. If you control your traffic then you can control your online business successfully. It’s the universal truth for affiliate marketing.

Look More False Promises of Instant Commission Site Sales Page :

I you get 50 product direct then you can launch the products in Warriorplus marketplace. Then you get free traffic from warriorplus marketplace and get few sales from them. But it’s review man why you buy this then who will buy that products from you? None purchase it from you. It’s not possible then everyone do it make make thousands ans thousands dollar per month. Then it’s too much tough to sell clickbank affiliate products. You need super targeted traffic for this. I was an affiliate of clickbank I know it how much tough to get clickbank affiliate sales. Don’t dream more to buy this not workable product. Don’t waste your money and time.

Instant Commission Site Review

In case of affiliate marketing don’t depend any DFY software, funnel or anything. DFY anything never work in affiliate marketing. YOu buyer never buy from you if he/she look it’s a DFY promotion. So, in affiliate marketing it emergency to make your promotion by your own making language.

This Instant Commission Site never make you financially freedom. On the other hand you will lose 300+ dollar and 30+ days behind this fake promise. So, guys take your decision carefully.

Then here is no traffic sources. Overall this software is totally not recommended for anyone. It never bring your mental and financial satisfaction.

Instant Commission Site Review – Edited Income Image and Fake Testimonial :

This result is not happen using this software. Other works results it is! Income image is only for motivating you to but this product. So, there is nothing to believe such type of income screenshot.

Approved by top marketers. All of them are vendor of various marketplace. It’s the rules of vendor community to provide good reviews of other vendors product. They are not the real user. Some people also get the review access and they also not satisfied with this Instant Commission Site software.

Believe in practical users not such type of fake reviews. And I am sure if you talk any real user then you never but this product. So, guys don’t be fool again. SKIP this software right now!

Without Upgrade This Software is Not Complete :

This Instant Commission Site software contains 5 upgrades. This software including a lot of amazing features, but all those features are not available only front end. When you start your work then step by step obstacle for buying upgrade 2, after that upgrade 3, then 4..5… for completing the full product with all the features. You have to invest minimum 350+ dollar for purchasing all the upgrades, and you must need all those upgrades for working. Don’t waste you time and money again buying such type of bogus product.

My 7 Years Affiliate Marketing Experience :

I have bought 200+ products of fake promising like this… A lot of ridiculous fake screenshots and fake promise inside their sales page to make a fool of people. I tried a lot of methods and most of the methods are not workable. Some methods help to get few traffic but all are bulk traffic a single sales are not made by them. When you see ‘earn within 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes’ etc then it’s a big LIE. If you have a 10,000+ buyer list/email then you can see money within such short time otherwise it’s not possible anyhow. Spend your money in such a place from where you can get the real tricks and proven to make money for a lifetime. Finally, I am making $10,000 per month using a SOLID and PROVEN high-ticket program. You can (Start Here with – $7) today.!

This 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Every product needs money back guarantee to get approval from the company for selling this product. Money back guarantee is only for this, it’s not for you. After buying a product if you face any problem to understand then if you contact with their support team then you will get response minimum 3/4 days later. Then if you can’t apply or can’t make any money then the vendor don’t open your support mail. After long days later vendor will be appeared with a lot of blame, a lot of lame excuses. So there is nothing to be satisfied to see this BIG money back guarantee. You can’t back your money if you buy this product once. You just can refund by the company or dispute in PayPal. But it’s a tough and length process. So, don’t waste your money again.




“If anyone can MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR by using this software, then comment below. I will delete my post” – It’s my GUARANTEE.!

I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone.(See Alternative Real Online Business)

Instant Commission Site Review – My Final Opinion :

I Don’t say you don’t get all the features of this software. But problem is it’s not workable for earning and for this reason I can’t recommend this software to anyone. If you don’t believe my review then you can buy this product. It’s your personal decision and I respect your decision. I don’t want anyone make lose their money behind bogus products. I warned you disclose everything step by step. If you want to know my opinion again, then I will say it’s NOT RECOMMENDED for anyone. Thanks for reading my Instant Commission Site Review. Take the right decision and go ahead. Best of luck.

Personal Using E-mail :

If You have question then you can contact with Email or Comment this post. I am always ready to help you!

Have a Great Rest of Your Day!



I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone. (Get Started World’s No# 1 Online 6- Figure Business Model)