GrabVid Review (Neil Napier) ~ [STOP] Does IT Worth Value?

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GrabVid Review

Welcome to my GrabVid Review. I am Raju Bhadra an Affiliate Marketer, YouTube Influencer and a Professional Review Writer of various make money related methods, software, and training programs. As a Beta Tester, Today I am going to share my honest opinion about the ‘GrabVid’ World’s first no #1 stunning video creating software that recently revealed by Neil Napier. GrabVid a revolutionary game-changing software that allows you to translate, add captions, and snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for FAST video Creation. Get 23x more traffic and sales. Making these charming videos you don’t need to show your face in front of the camera, no coding skill, no previous working experience, even no tech skill.

Content of GrabVid Review

  • Summary of GrabVid
  • What is GrabVid?
  • Why GrabVid is Recommended for Anyone? [My Satisfactory Points]
  • What Should You Do?
  • Does GrabVid Worth to Buy & Does IT Risk-Free?
  • Is GrabVid A Scam?
  • My Final Verdict

Summary of GrabVid – GrabVid Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Product Name: GrabVid

Author: Neil Napier

Recommendation: Highly Recommend! [if you want stunning videos]

Price: Just $47 [Worth-able]

My Personal Rating: 9.7/10

Official Website:

What is GrabVid?

GrabVid is a fully new cloud-based software. It allows us to translate, add captions, and snatch royalty-free content from YouTube for fast video creation. You can create 100 or 600 minutes of video per month for yourself or sell to your clients. Nowadays video is the best option to grow your online business or you can sell various videos for making money. GrabVid is able to fulfill all the criteria with a lot of stunning features for just a one-time price.

Why GrabVid is Recommended for Anyone? [My Satisfactory Points]

As a beta tester after observing everything, I find out a few reasons why this product is recommended for you if you want to grow your online business for a lifetime.

  1. -> GrabVid is a TESTED & PROVEN software that gives you professional amazing videos at your fingertips.
  2. -> It’s a BIG opportunity to CRUSH on video marketing.
  3. -> The World’s fastest & Easiest video making software ever.
  4. -> Create & sell engaging Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters, Animated Videos, Explainer Videos, Facebook Marketing Videos, Video Ads and a lot more.
  5. -> You can create unlimited, unique video content in minutes.
  6. -> You don’t need to download or configuration anything, it’s fully hosted and cloud-based.
  7. -> GrabVid is low introductory one-time price. 
  8. -> If you find a simpler and FASTER way to get results, with ZERO running costs and zero risks.
  9. -> Neil Napier is a 1% Popular Vendor and trusted software creator in the JVZoo marketplace. (Who already made  1,09,500+ sales in JVZoo)
  10. -> It’s 100% newbie-friendly and incredibly easy to use.
  11. -> You can add voice over in any language for international business.
  12. -> No Monthly Recurring Fees needed to be paid to run this software.
  13. -> You’ll get pre-made-for you awesome animation templates. 
  14. -> You really can make big bucks creating video sales letters.
  15. -> It provides you a laptop lifestyle 6 figure business model in this lockdown time.
  16. -> Finally be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE freedom – financially and emotionally.
  17. -> GrabVid worth this price for the all-in-one fastest-growing online business. (Get Instant Access GrabVid Here)

I think all those reasons are enough to choose this product. A lot of products and software release every day in various markets. So, it’s tough to choose the right. But, Finally, I can assure you the GrabVid is a recommended software.

How GrabVid Works?

GrabVid Review

GRAB IT: Upload a video or pick from million different royalty-free YouTube Videos

REPURPOSE: With just a few clicks, translate the video into different languages, add caption and more.

GET RESULTS: with 1-Click syndication on Facebook, LinkedIn, or sell to rabid buyers in ANY niche of your choice.

Watch The Demo of GrabVid


Amazing Key Features of GrabVid:

GrabVid is a 100% cloud-based application. There’s nothing to download or install or configure. GrabVid accepts videos from your computer and YouTube videos. You just need to select a video from your computer or put it in any YouTube videos. Then this software can transcribe your uploaded or chosen video in minutes. You can modify this and change anything you want. GrabVid converts the transcript into any available language, in a matter of seconds. It allows you to Turn your translated text into subtitles. Modify colors, the background to create a high-impact visual. 

GrabVid automatically extracts the audio from your videos, transcribes them, and converts them into auto-captions using Artificial Intelligence. You can add text, change font size and color, add background images and videos, customize anything and everything with point-n-click simplicity. Just 1-click to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. GrabVid has 100% white-hat video translation and auto-captions creation features and in no way violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

A lot of amazing features are available in this software. This software designed for every kind of marketer. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an expert. Everything that you get inside this software is totally awesome. Everything almost Done-For-You. Just need to take action and get results. 

Why GrabVid Software Perfect For You?

GrabVid is one of the best software in 2020. If you want to start video marketing then it is perfect for anyone. You don’t need to show your face in front of the camera. Using this software you can easily grab videos from YouTube or other platforms then you can add transcribe,. You can use these videos into your social platforms, you can start YouTube marketing or you can sell these videos as a freelancer. This video making software generates leads, traffic, and sales for you. 

This video making software helps you to grow your online business and change your struggling days. Video is the 2nd biggest traffic source in online marketing. So, if you want to long run your online business then you have to start video marketing today or tomorrow. GrabVid provides the best opportunity for anyone. If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, freelancer, etc everyone can use this awesome software for making incredible videos.

You’ll get a lot of video making software but GrabVid is really different from other software. This software really made for real online money seekers. It’s one of the biggest opportunities to start your online business perfectly. It doesn’t matter how skilled or not. Everything is SUPER easy inside this software and training. 

Does GrabVid Worth to Buy & Does IT Risk-Free?

Yep, my friend, GrabVid is 100% newbie-friendly and workable software. I know that there are a lot of technical hassles that most software/method has, but this ranking software is a cut above the rest, and everyone can use it with complete ease. Most of the ranking software has a lot of errors but you are LUCKY to get this video builder software. Neil Napier is a renowned vendor in the JVZoo marketplace. He can’t release typical software like others. So, you can believe this software for starting your video marketing journey and getting huge and huge free traffic.

I think this GrabVid software worth buying. This software provides everything for getting a quick video and for getting unlimited targeted traffic.

I can say it, GrabVid is 100% risk-free. You will get 14 days refund policy. If you are unable to run this software, or if you don’t get results using this software then you can refund this software. Then another most important thing is Contact Support. You will get 24/7 support if you face any difficulties to run this software. 


Is GrabVid Scam? GrabVid Review

My honest answer is ‘NO’. It’s not a scam video making software. I am satisfied with the ‘GrabVid’ flexible video making software. That will allow you to make unlimited videos and get unlimited targeted traffic and the results can be explosive and life-changing. The faster you can make them, the faster you’re in profit. GrabVid is the best option that anyone can choose. Then if you are a newbie then no problem this product will provide everything for you. Most people buy various software/product days after days but they don’t apply any of that software/product. So, if you don’t take action then you never get results to form any kind of software and method.

I don’t guarantee you this will 100% workable for you. If you are an active marketer then you can get results to form this breakthrough software. I share everything inside this GrabVid Review post. So, make your decision on your own risk.

My Final Verdict – GrabVid Review

Finally, I want to say it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ‘GrabVid’ has a lot of helpful options to maximize your results & fuel your online business growth. If you’ve been struggling with making money online or long term business and you’re ready to take things to the next level, GrabVid can turn things around for you the moment you invest in it.

Most of the people run behind various fake promising methods and software. They purchase those products and software and in the end, they don’t get any results… after that, they buy another fake promising product, and the results are nothing. So, friends don’t fail again in online marketing. If you want to start your online business for a lifetime, then the GrabVid is highly recommended for you or anyone. Thanks for reading my GrabVid Review and the best of luck.


Raju Bhadra