Ezy MultiStores Review (Victory Akpos) ~ [WAIT] Is It Good or Bad?

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Ezy MultiStores Review

Introduction: Ezy MultiStores Review

Ezy MultiStores Review

Welcome to my review-with-raju.com website and this honest Ezy MultiStores Review.

Ezy MultiStores is a brand new AI-Assisted app. The publisher of this brand new app is Victory Akpos. Ezy MultiStores App creates instant profit-generating “eCommerce Affiliate Stores”. Most importantly, it does this work within 1 minute.

After that, this app adds top-converting Products from Five major eCom Affiliate Networks. But here has no such hard work for you. In addition, no traditional API issuance or additional costs are needed here.

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However, do you want to create an eCom Affiliate Store? Are you interested to buy Ezy MultiStores? But I’ll say don’t take action at this moment. Firstly, know honest opinions about this app.

For this, complete my honest Ezy MultiStores Review. Inside the review, I’ll share my honest opinion about this app. After that, think does this app fill up your demands! Subsequently, take the decision to buy Ezy MultiStores app or not!

About Ezy MultiStores:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Creator: Victory Akpos

Product: Ezy MultiStores

Launch Date: 27 May 2022

Price: $37 (Front-End)

Niche: App (Store Creator)

My Ratings: 9.2/10

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Publisher of Ezy MultiStores:

The publisher of Ezy MultiStores is Victory Akpos. Victory Akpos is a Digital Entrepreneur. He is a highly passionate Product Creator and an expert Affiliate Marketer. He is a top 1% Vendor and Affiliate in JVZoo.

After that, he is a recognized Coach with so many online success stories. Till now, he makes 22,000+ sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits and filling up their needs.

What Is Ezy MultiStores?

Ezy MultiStores is the world’s no #1 and fastest “eCom Affiliate Store” builder app. Ezy MultiStores app is 100% cloud-based. So, there has nothing to install or download. After that, this app has AI tech.

So, all the major work handles this app. With just 1 Click this app adds products from 5 eCom Affiliate Networks. These affiliate networks are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy, and Aliexpress.

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After that, this app has built-in free traffic to sell these products. After that, the Ezy MultiStores app includes Eight high-quality elegant themes for your store’s look. On the other hand, it also has a built-in notification system.

This system provides buyers with a new VIP shopping experience. However, to use this app, you don’t have any working skills or experience. Moreover, no website & extra costs don’t need here.

How Does This App Work for You?

RoyalStock is a groundbreaking eCom Store creator app. You can use it for your own business or for your clients. Now, you have to know how does this app works. Here are 3 basic steps.

#1 LOGIN – Firstly, log in to your account. It is very simple to log into Ezy MultiStores. After that, select any 1 out of 8 Themes for your store.

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#2 IMPORT PRODUCTS – Now, import products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy & Aliexpress. Most importantly, you can do it in just ONE click

#3 PROFIT – Come to the final step. In this step, you’ll sit back and feel relaxed. After that, you’ll watch the Profits that roll into your store.

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Watch Demo Video of Ezy MultiStores:

Breakthrough Features of Ezy MultiStores:

Import products from 5 major affiliate networks in just one click.

It creates multiple store Licenses. As a result, you can increase your money-making stores.

Search auto logger helps you to see what the visitors are searching on your website.

Ezy MultiStores comes with seamless integration with Email SMTP.

Customer wishlist portal that allows you to sort by discount or relevance.

Built-in VIP Email notification system.

Custom internal product search by discount, relevance, newest, and more.

Social syndication price drop technology. It auto-posts on Facebook and Twitter when the price drop of products.

Most importantly, it offers free Hosting and Subdomain for you.

Price Autoscaling gives you up-to-date prices and discounts.

This app comes with Google Analytics & Facebook pixel.

Video Content Engine helps you to publish unlimited products with video reviews.

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It sorts products by price Low to High, High to Low, Best match, Newest, etc.

After that, the app comes with built-in 8 high-quality elegant themes.

It can set up your Online affiliate store in minutes.

It also provides cutting-edge SEO technology.

Moreover, it gives you and your visitors wish list Alerts.

On the other hand, it has advanced customization and control. As a result, you can easily handle your eCom store.

Subsequently, you’ll get a quick view of the most clicked & most viewed products with this tool.

In addition, this app has in-built themes and flexible customization for your stores.

In short, with these features, you’ll get many more features.

Who Can Buy Ezy MultiStores?

Ezy MultiStores is the greatest “eCommerce Store” creator App or Software in 2022. There have no restrictions to buy this app. If you are a newbie or expert it doesn’t matter. Moreover, there has no hard work for you. Now, see who can buy this App.

100% Risk-Free Ezy MultiStores Access Now!

Bonus Packages with Ezy MultiStores:

Ezy MultiStores Review

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Ezy MultiStores Review

Are You Buy Ezy MultiStores?


EzyMultiStores App Is The Worlds No 1 & Fastest ‘Authority Ecom Affiliate Store’ Builder.

It Helps You To Generate Quick And Assured Profits.

On The Other Hand, This App Is 100% Cloud-Based. So, Here Is Nothing To Install.

No Hosting Or Domain Is Needed.

No Website Is Required.

Anyone Can Use This eCom Store Builder. Because It Is adjustable For Windows & Mac.

It Has Built-In System. That Auto-Generates FREE Traffic From Facebook & Twitter.

Most Importantly, There Has No Need To Run Paid Ads.

In 1-Click, This App Adds Products In Bulk From 5 Major eCom Affiliate Networks.

You Can Easily Start Your Store Business With Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy & Aliexpress.

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But No API Or Any Approvals Don’t Need Here.

To Use This Simple App, You Don’t Have Prior Experience Or Working Skills.

Pre-Loaded With EIGHT High-Quality Elegant Themes For Your Store’s Look.

You’ll Get This Product At A One-Time Price.

After That, There Have No Monthly or Weekly Fees.

Above All, You’ll Get 4 Bonuses With This Store Builder.

Moreover, The Author Provides 365 Days Money-Back Grantee Offer With This App.


I don’t see any bad sites on this app.

Finally, I want to say I bought a copy of the Ezy MultiStores from Victory Akpos. After that, I used it for more than 4 days. However, I got a lot of benefits that I share with you above.

I successfully build my eCom store using this app. Moreover, I have been able to import products from Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. I imported more than 70 products from these 3 marketplaces.

In addition, I got 18 sales from their in-built Traffic. But I didn’t import products from Walmart & Bestbuy. So, I don’t know about these 2 marketplaces! But I hope you can easily import products from all the 5 marketplaces.

Therefore, I’ll say it is a 100% workable app and it’s not a scam. So, if you want you can purchase Ezy MultiStores.

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Ezy MultiStores Funnel Details & OTOs:

Ezy MultiStores Review

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Final Verdict on Ezy MultiStores Review:

In conclusion, I want to say you can choose this app. Now, you know that most people want to start eCommerce or MegaStore Business. But they don’t know how! But you know the exact way.

So, you can get started with your megastore or multistore business with this Ezy MultiStores App. Most importantly, this app is very easy to use. To use this app, you don’t need to do any hard work.

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All the work will handle Ezy MultiStores. You just have to create an account. After that, you have to import products from 5 eCom Affiliate Networks to your eCom Store. In addition, this app includes inbuilt traffic for you

As a result, you can get sales easily and make money. On the other hand, if you have traffic then you can also sell your eCommerce Store’s products to them. I personally use this app and I was able to use it without any hassle.

Therefore, I highly recommend this app to you. Anyway, thanks a lot for reading my honest Ezy MultiStores Review.