Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review – (Email + Video) 100% New! (Mario Brown)

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Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review
Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review
Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

Intro of Email Videos Pro 2.0

Hello, everyone welcome to my Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review post. 

In a nutshell, I just describe the KEY points of this software. After that, you can realize does it is worth buying or not. 

Do you interested in Email Marketing? Yes, or No? There is no reason to like Email Marketing. It doesn’t matter. This software is AWESOME! 

Email Videos Pro 2.0 is the latest technology that can play videos inside emails. Looks CRAZY? Yes, this is right!

As a result, for the first time ever any app can play full-blown videos inside your emails. It drives massive traffic, conversions, & sales for you and your clients. You can start a ‘Video Email Marketing’ agency, or Sell ‘Video Email Campaigns’ for a higher rate.

You can use Email Videos Pro 2.0 for your own marketing. On the other hand, for your clients. I don’t know which one you prefer. But, this SMART app is able to do it.

I also describe how it works. So, if you’re interested then keep reading the full Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review post.

Details of Email Videos Pro 2.0 – Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

Official Homepage:

What is Email Videos Pro 2.0 White Label? 

Email Video Pro is the FIRST EVERY app on JVzoo that can play actual videos inside of emails. 

NOT a GIF, it’s actual, full-length videos!

As a result, you can maximize your Click-Through-Rate, 10x Your Engagement, get 10x the profits and results from emails. However, you or your clients can enjoy this money flow. 

This is a first-to-the-market product with new technology. So you can promote something exciting and new to your audience. Email Videos Pro for Video Marketers, Agencies, Local Marketers, Freelancers, Online Marketers, and Anyone who is doing anything with Video. 

What’s New In Version 2.0?

In a nutshell, For Example,

– Full White Label Rights On FE! (Upload Your Logo, Customize Everything, Manage Clients, etc.) 

– BRAND NEW Autoresponders & Templates 

– Real-Time Lead Generation Added 

– New User Interface & Features

Walkthrough of Email Videos Pro 2.0 – How Easy to Use?

Now, I’ll discuss the walkthrough of Email Videos Pro 2.0. Firstly, you have to grab this new technology. After that, you’ll get 100% access to it and then you can start your journey.

It’s email marketing-related software. Most importantly, you can add videos indie your emails. But, do you have emails? If not, then how can you use this software? Email Videos Pro 2.0 new technology helps you to generate unlimited super-targeted quality emails for a lifetime. So, Don’t worry. 

Inside your dashboard, you can see Lead Generation. Click there. After the see ‘Find Prospects. You see 2 search boxes here. Enter your keyword/niche & enter the location. Now, you can search your niche-related targeted clients. Most importantly, it is powered by Google. In addition, you can use it Worldwide. 

Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

After that, you will get your business name, website URL, country/city, phone/email, etc. All the important resources for targeted clients. 

Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

After that, you can add these emails to my leads. Then, check my lead option into your dashboard. Ans see all newly added emails there. This is a real-time lead generation tool powered by Google. So, there is no doubt about its quality.

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Keep Reading – Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

In this way, you can generate emails. Now, I’ll describe how you use videos inside emails that increase your sales 10X more. In addition, you can build your online business for a lifetime. 

Email Videos Pro is really EASY to use. Firstly, you have to visit the dashboard. After that, visit ‘My Campaigns and create your new campaigns. When you click the new campaign you see it. 

Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

You have to set the title of your video, then the video description. After that, you have to upload videos. It’s really interesting you can upload your own video, or YouTube video, or Dropbox, Wistia, and Vimeo videos. In addition, you get also a done-for-you video library in various categories. So, do worry about making videos. I want to clarify, the recommended video length for the best results is 10-30 seconds.

Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

Keep Reading – Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

Now, hit the click button and upload the video. After that, you can edit your added video as you want! You can add text, add images, add shapes, trim videos, etc. Moreover, it’s an unbelievable new app for smart businesses. Then, get your video embed code. 

Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

Now you have to choose your preferable autoresponder. And, add your video embed code inside your email. That’s it!

It’s so easy and simple to use. If you can perfectly use this smart app then you can see a revolutionary change in your online business. 

Watch Official Demo Below – Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

How Can You Make Money with This New App?

Mainly you can make money with Email Videos Pro 2.0 in 3 WAYS! I’ll describe all these 3 ways. Mario Brown releases every product providing multiple opportunities. As a result, I always prefer Mario’s own products.

Way No #1 – This is Whitelabel right. You can sell this software under your name or brand and get 100% of the profit. You can rename this software, change logos, brand name, add domains, or more as your wish. Therefore, you can use it as your personal product. Even, you can sell this software as your own. 

Way No #2 – This is Resell Right. You can add new people and earn money. They also use the same features and you can recurring commissions from your added customers. However, you can handle your clients using this dashboard. 

Way No #3 – This is selling products. I mainly suggest you apply this way. This software helps you to generate leads using its auto-generated lead collection technology. You can generate super targeted emails of your targeted customers. After that, you can email them to male sales. 

Inside your emails, you can add videos. It helps you to get more sales and conversions. Inside the walkthrough portion, you can see how it works. So, guys, there is no reason to worry. 

Why Do You Need This New App?

– Recently, Forrester publishes a report and shows that a video inside an email can lead to a 200-300% Click-Through-Rate increase. 

– Moreover, almost 90% of marketing professionals use video in their marketing campaigns. 

– Certainly, you get 66% more solid leads every year if you can use videos. 

– A video thumbnail can improve subscriber engagement by almost 41%. So, try to add videos inside your emails.

– Moreover, The word VIDEO in an email subject line can increase 6% open rate.

– After that, if you can use videos in your Emails, then you can increase your website traffic. Most importantly, a video use can get 41% more search traffic than non-users. 

After observation everything, there is no other best option to get better results than the Email Videos Pro 2.0 app. In addition, you can sell this app, add clients, and build your emails for a lifetime.

Conclusion – Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review

I’m at the end of this Email Videos Pro 2.0 Review. In conclusion, I want to say Email Videos Pro 2.0 is highly RECOMMENDED! A lot of stunning features and new technology helps you to generate leads, on the other hand, add videos inside these emails. 

It is unimaginably easy to use Email Videos Pro. It is sophisticated but ridiculously simple to use. However, It is 100% beginner-friendly. You can simply upload, edit and send videos within emails to begin profiting instantly using a few clicks of buttons. As a result, any newbie also can enjoy this app and get results.

In addition, you can sell this app as your own. You’ll get a 100% white label right. You also can add clients to use it and get recurring payments. Honestly, in my 9+ years career, I don’t see this type of technology ever before. 

In short, Thanks for reading my Email Videos Pro 2.0. I hope you can reach the right decision. Best of LUCK.

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