DFY Prompt Review (Joshua Zamora) – Scam or Legit?

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DFY Prompt Review

Introduction – DFY Prompt Review

Welcome to my honest review blog and this DFY Prompt Review. Joshua Zamora is the author of this App. Firstly, you have to know if this App is a scam or legit!

New Web-App instantly gives you ChatGPT superpowers by writing all of your prompts for you. 

So you can take full advantage of this powerful A. I Technology WITHOUT spending hours learning how to write prompts yourself or buying useless Excel sheets of “pre-written prompt packages”.

STOP buying courses and prompts to learn how to use ChatGPT! 

This is a powerful solution for online or fooling business owners. You can save time and money to write your prompts. Even you don’t need to pay for paid software to write prompts.

Table of Content:


DFY Prompt Overview

Is This Built From the ChatGPT API?

How Does It Actually Work?

DFY Prompt Is The Alternative of ChatGPT?

How to Make Money with DFY Prompt?

What Are The Upgrades?

Final Verdict

Overview: DFY Prompt Review

Creator: Joshua Zamora

Product: DFY Prompt

Launch Date: 2023-Apri-11 

Official Website: Go Here

Front-End Price: $31.95 

Refund: 365 Days Money-Back Guarantee 

Bonuses: Yes, Huge Bonuses 

Skill: All Levels 

Niche: Software 

Support: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе 

Recommend: Highly Recommend!

Rating – 8.9 out of 10

Is This Built From the ChatGPT API? 


This is a custom Chrome Extension that they built that works alongside ChatGPT to write your prompts for you. Do NOT be fooled, ChatGPT does NOT have an official API as of writing this page. (March 6, 2023) Any app that is claiming they’re built from ChatGPT is either lying or using an UNOFFICIAL “hack” that has the possibility of being shut down at any moment.

How Does It Actually Work? 

It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is install our Chrome Extension, which will take you no longer than 2 minutes. 

Then you open ChatGPT in Chrome, open up DFY Prompt, and you’ll INSTANTLY be able to access HUNDREDS of DFY Prompts to have ChatGPT write you ANY kind of content. 

Plus, since you’re using PROVEN prompts, there is ZERO guesswork. You’ll get an AMAZING result each time with our Supercharger.

Step 1: Install And Activate Our Chrome Extension App

You can literally do this in under 2 minutes and it’s like the scene from the “Matrix” when Neo gets plugged into the “Training machine” and INSTANTLY has ALL kinds of knowledge uploaded to his brain.

Step 2: Open the ChatGPT “Playground” And Prepare To Witness Awesomeness

This is where you prepare yourself to become an instant expert. You are currently sitting in the “Training machine” and within minutes you are an EXPERT at ChatGPT. 

You are now waiting to go up against Morpheus again after your new-found knowledge

Step 3: Let Our App Write ALL Of Your Prompts for you for ALL Your Needs

Here you are, from the moment you completed steps 1 and 2 above, about 3-4 minutes have passed – literally. 

And here in Step 3, you are now an INSTANT ChatGPT Expert, just like Neo when they loaded the Jiu Jitsu disk into his brain lol!

You are now equipped with ALL the DFY prompts you’d need to have ANY kind of content written for you!

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Is The Alternative ChatGPT?

These guys have been working on a NEW & Powerful Done-For-You ChatGPT App. This App truly gives you an A.I Superpowers IMMEDIATELY!!

Because let’s face it:

  • YES, ChatGPT Is the BEST A.I invented Sliced bread But, it is EXTREMELY complicated to use and comes with ZERO tutorials!

Technology is undoubtedly powerful, but the average person does not possess the skills to use it to its TRUE potential.

A Tool As Powerful As ChatGPT Should Be Easy-To-Use For EVERYONE! And that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done with our app!

This is the FIRST Web-App To TRULY Level The Playing Field For Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT!

You’ll be Able to See:

– How to Harness The Power of ChatGPT WITHOUT The Steep Learning Curve.

– How this App Instantly Gives You ChatGPT Superpowers by Writing ALL of Your Prompts for You! 

–  You’ll NEVER have to Spend on another “How To” Guide For ChatGPT Ever Again.

– You can STOP Buying all those Excel sheets of “prompt packages” that are literally just a slightly different version of the same prompt copied over and over and over. 

– This App does ALL of the HARD WORK for you so you can become an INSTANT ChatGPT Expert This is a First-of-its-kind “ChatGPT SuperCharger” Unlike ANYTHING else out there. 

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How to Make Money with DFY Prompt?

This is a next-generation A.I based technology to reduce your hard work, time, and money. If you can use this App perfectly then you can make money in 2 ways.

1. You can use this app for your own business. You can write Highly-Conveting prompts in just 2 minutes. And, don’t need to hire anyone to write your prompts. This is really helpful App to run your business smoothly. 

2. You can make money by Freelancing you can write prompts for your clients. This is a profitable App from every angle. A lot of people use this app to run their businesses and for their clients. 


What Are The Upgrades?

A. Upgrade #1 is going to be the ability to unlock ALL of our built-in DFY Prompts as well as ALL of our Built-in Categories. On the FE, you got a maximum of 100 DFY Prompts and 10 Categories. We have another 200 Prompts and 10 Categories to unlock. PLUS, you’ll be unlocking ALL of the Prompts and Categories we’ll be adding in the future. They’re planning to add about 10-20 new prompts per month. You’ll be able to unlock this for $47/per quarter.

B. Upgrade #2 is the ability to unlock our CUSTOM Prompts Feature. As time passes, you’ll start to get better and better at writing your own custom prompts. Especially because you’ll be using DFY Prompts and seeing how great prompts are written. By unlocking this upgrade, you’ll be able to start adding your own Prompt templates to our extension as you get better. This will also be helpful if you start using the same style of prompt over and over, you can save it once, and continue using it as many times as you’d like. You’ll be able to unlock this for a $67 one-time payment.

That’s it. No more Upgrades

Final Verdict – DFY Prompt Review

In conclusion, I want to say DFY Prompt is a HIGHLY Recommended App. Yup, a new app has just hit the market that is unlike ALL the other “ChatGPT” products that have been flooding the market lately.

While everyone else is trying to TEACH you ChatGPT or sell you a package of pre-written prompts…these guys actually decided to AUTOMATE ChatGPT instead.

DFY Prompt is one of the FIRST Web-Apps to TRULY level the playing field for harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and GPT4! Your ENTIRE A.I journey with ChatGPT, GPT4, and ALL the OTHER models to come will be A LOT smoother when paired with the DFY Prompt app.

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