CourseCube Review ~ [Real] CourseCube Scam or Legit? (Daniel Ade)

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CourseCube Review

CourseCube Review

CourseCube Review
CourseCube Review

Introduction – CourseCube Review

Do you want to build fully automated e-learning sites? The worldwide eLearning market is projected to be worth $398 billion by 2026. And it’s NO secret that courses are the hottest thing going. 

Now is the perfect time to get in and profit from this kind of explosive growth.

Your own profitable E-learning platform plus 50+ done-for-you courses in 25 hot niches. You can start selling & making money immediately. You don’t need to create anything yourself.

It looks fine that you see inside the sales page. But if you seriously want to buy CourseCube software then complete my honest review. I find out a few lacking. You should know it. Then you can make your right decision. Let’s start reading CourseCube Review.

CourseCube Review – Summary of CourseCube

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Daniel Ade

Product: CourseCube

Price: $17 (Front End)

Niche: Software

What Is CourseCube?

CourseCube is an all-in-one solution for creating online education marketplaces like Udemy, Skillshare, Coursera, etc.

This platform is packed with lots of awesome features like online courses, live classes, quizzes, and an advanced certification plugin based on real business needs. So, you can start your online education business right now

What You Can Do with CourseCube?

– Sell over 50 trending & in-depth courses from across 25 niches without actually creating them

– Upload multiple module videos without shooting or editing them

– Enjoy the flexibility of adding live courses with tremendous ease using Zoom, Google Meet & Jitsi integration

– Earn big commissions using pre, mid & post-roll video and banner ads

– Add your own courses & customize the design of the site to your needs

– Engage with your audience using live quizzes & distributing certificates and build your list on the go using opt-in forms

– Increase customer satisfaction or commissions by rewarding them with personalized gamification badges for every milestone achieved.

You can do all this from ONE single platform that manages everything on your behalf.

CourseCube Review – Amazing Features/ Benefits

Quiz & certificate – CourseCube supports advanced quiz & live classes. 

Live classes – Instructors can sell their live classes on CourseCube. 

Supports – CourseCube supports Zoom, Jutsi and Google meet live class links.


Tradermate Review

Why CourseCube Not Recommended? [Don’t Buy]

  1. -> CourseCube is not a PROVEN & TESTED software that can build an e-learning site like Udemy.
  2. -> You can’t easily add your own courses in a matter of minutes.
  3. -> It’s not an all-in-one platform with a built-in marketplace, support system, lesson manager.
  4. -> You can’t start your own e-learning business using CourseCube.
  5. -> Create your own beautiful Learning sites & sell courses online in minutes, 100% impossible.
  6. -> A lot of ERRORS inside this CourseCube, it doesn’t worth buying.
  7. -> Daniel Ade releases 2/3 products per month. If their product/software works for making money then why they release 2/3 products per month? I don’t believe their fake claims.
  8. -> All 5 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this software.
  9. -> CourseCube doesn’t worth the price($17) for this front-end one.
  10. -> This software doesn’t work in just 3 steps. It’s not proven software.

Highly Not Recommended anyone to buy this product. It’s not workable software, it’s for making you a fool.

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Are There Any Traffic Sources?

It’s the MAIN PROBLEM. Inside this CourseCube software, you don’t get any traffic sources. If you don’t have traffic then how can you sell your e-learning courses? Who will buy for your site? If you wish to build a Udemy site then it’s not possible with this CourseCube software. Traffic is the KEY thing in the case of online marketing. If you can’t solve the traffic problem then you can’t make online sales. 

If you buy this software then you can create an e-learning site with 25 niches. But it’s not enough to make sales. Where is your traffic? You have to do everything for getting traffic in the case of online marketing. Before buying this type of software you have to build your traffic sources. Otherwise, you never make a single sale. 

If you want to grow your traffic sources then you can build a blog site with a lot of helpful content, Then you can make YouTube videos with helpful content, then you can grow your various social media platforms, or you can run paid ads for getting targeted traffic. But, at a beginner’s stage, I don’t recommend anyone to run paid campaigns.

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How to Make Money with CourseCube?

I don’t see any ways to make money with courseCube software. No software can create an e-learning site in minutes. Here are no traffic sources for selling your courses. Only creating a site is not your money solution.

If you wish to create this type of e-learning site then you don’t need to buy this software. A lot of free PLR download sites available on the internet. You can download free PLR products and can add all these products to your site and you can sell them easily. But if you but this software can want to get Done-for-you site it’s impossible. 

Does This Software Worth Buying?

I don’t see any reasons to choose this software. It doesn’t worth buying. This type of software never helps you to make money online. When you use this type of software to make content then people never accept it. 

According to the sales page, this software works in just 3 steps. But if you buy this software then you can realize it’s a 100% fake promise.

If you buy this software once then you can’t refund it. If you get results or not. So, it’s 100% risk for you. If this software betrays then you lose your whole investment. I don’t prefer anyone to buy this type of software.  

Final Opinion – CourseCube Review

Finally, I want to say Don’t Grab this software for creating a done-for-you e-learning site. It’s not the proper way for making an e-learning site. If you buy this software then you can’t build an e-learning site and you can’t make money selling the courses.

Here are no traffic sources. Then when you use their 50 done-for-you courses, it’s a 5% chance to get results. Because every buyer of this software also uses the same to same 50 courses. 

This type of membership site creating software already revealed but no one gets results. So buying this type of software just wasting time and money. I hate this type of software. Follow the right way of marketing to get real online results.

Now, all decisions depended on you. If you wish you can buy it or you can choose my recommendation. Thanks for reading CourseCube Review. Best of luck, Cheers.

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