CB Traffic App Review ✅ 100% Expert Opinion? Chris & Rich

CB Traffic App Review

CB Traffic App Review

CB Traffic App Review
CB Traffic App Review

Content of CB Traffic App Review

  • Introduction
  • Summary of CB Traffic App
  • What Is CB Traffic App? 
  • Done-For-You Daily Commissions in 3 Simple Steps 
  • Getting CB Traffic App a Good News or Bad News?
  • CB Traffic App Includes Everything You Need
  • How This App Helps You to Make Profits?
  • How People Generate Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing?
  • Does IT Worth to Buy or Not?
  • Conclusion

Introduction – CB Traffic App Review

Welcome to my 70X profitable CB Traffic App Review. Does it really work? Learn everything about this app in my review.

Chris, Rich & Yves release this Clickbank affiliate marketing + traffic app on just one platform. Let me clear everything first with my honest opinion. 

According to these vendors, Traffic App is a cloud-based software. It allows you to create complete affiliate marketing, AND free traffic campaigns, AND includes 100% commission campaigns. So you can make 100% commissions and build a list at the same time.

You’ll get free traffic from 70x viral traffic sources (with over 1 billion monthly visitors). You can generate ClickBank affiliate commissions in just 4 clicks.


I have a lot of objections to the CB Traffic App. First I want to say no app can generate traffic. Then no marketer can earn Clickbank commissions using this type of scam app with done-for-you campaigns. It’s the real truth.

Making Clickbank commissions is not so easy. Huge competition here. You have to follow the right path to get Clickbank commissions.

Now, complete my CB Traffic App Review and I’ll show the fake promises from the vendors. 

Summary of CB Traffic AppCB Traffic App Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Vendor: Chris, Rich & Yves

Product: CB Traffic App

Price: $15 (Front End)[Doesn’t Worth]

Niche: App

CB Traffic App ReviewWhat Is CB Traffic App? 

– This app generates commissions & free traffic.

– 70x DFY ClickBank Affiliates Campaigns – preloaded.

–  Get free traffic from 70x viral buyer traffic sources. 

– Drive traffic to any website or affiliate link.

– Includes 100% commissions store with 10x resell software.

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Done-For-You Daily Commissions in 3 Simple Steps:

1 – Login – Login to the cloud-based app & enter your ClickBank affiliate ID so you earn commissions.

2 – Done For You – Choose from one of 70x done for your affiliate campaigns. (including 10x $400k software you earn 100% from)

3 – Free Traffic – Click once to launch your campaign to 70x free traffic sources.. then repeat!


I personally never seen this type of magical app that can generate click bak commissions in just 4 clicks. I think it’s a solid trap to sell this CB Traffic App.

Online marketing is not a video game. Everything is set and you just push the button. So, forget this type of Done-for-you words, if you’re serious about affiliate marketing. After buying this CB Traffic App and using the done-for-you affiliate campaigns you can’t get 70X free traffic.

Getting CB Traffic App a Good News or Bad News?

After reading my opinion you can understand everything. Is it good or bad! 

If you want to make Clickbank affiliate commissions then you need a strong combo. I personally, earn Clickbank commissions. It’s so hard to establish a Clickbank affiliate marketing business. First, you need a Clickbank account. Then you need to choose a high-converting offer. The final & most effective part is traffic. 

If you can combine all these elements then you can earn Clickbank affiliate commissions. 

Now, see what will do CB Traffic App for you. These vendors claim you will get high converting Done for-You Clickbank affiliate campaigns, and 70X viral free traffic. Then a secret 4 clicks can generate your commissions. How funny it is!

If an app can do everything for you then people can get relief and sit back to bed and earn Clickbank affiliate commissions using this type of FAKE promising software/bot/app.

Honestly, I don’t see any good and solid reasons to purchase this CB Traffic App. 

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CB Traffic App Includes Everything You Need


Click once to pick a proven niche… click again to choose from a 60x profitable affiliate program. It’s all done for you and preloaded into the app!


I’ve personally hand-selected every top offer into the app & pre-loaded “done for you” campaigns for EVERY affiliate program.. all just 4 clicks away!


Click ONCE to share your site to SIX secret traffic sources, which get over 1.3 billion visitors a MONTH. And ALL 1.3 billion of these people are looking for the EXACT kind of products you’ll be selling!


Tired of “just” making 50-75% commissions? The CB App lets you launch your software store, making 100% commissions, selling 10x of our software tools which made us over $400k. You can even build a buyers list with it!


Honestly, Done-For-You is a SCAM word in the case of online marketing. Affiliate marketing is not possible depending on any funnel, software, app, or automated tools.

I don’t see any essential elements inside here. Don’t need to think this is the perfect app to get traffic solution, or making affiliate commissions. A lot of guys already lose their money buying this type of bogus app.

How This App Helps You to Make Profits?

– 1K/day offers to promote – evergreen that will always make money.

– A new automated method – to blast your links to 70x social networks in a few clicks.

– A website “store” of your own – to make 100% commissions (on top of your CB commissions).

– High-value software to sell on your store – preloaded with your buy link (to make you 100%).

– DFY campaigns – so you’re never writing any content or making videos (ever!).

– And of course… a single self-contained app that automates this entire process from A-Z!


If you believe their fake promises then you just lose your time and money. This type of Clickbank commissions generating app is released. No app works as its claim. So, there are no chances to get help from CB Traffic App.

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If you really want to get help then try to join any of the proven training programs. Then learn about affiliate marketing. After that, you can make Clickbank affiliate commissions without using this type of FAKE app. So, don’t waste your valuable time here and there.

How People Generate Free Traffic for Affiliate Marketing?

I just want to share my own real-life case study here. If you can check my Facebook profile, YouTube Channel, Instagram Profile then you can see am I right or wrong.

When I was a beginner I also buy this type of FAKE promising app for making instant money. But, I never can do it. After that, I start to watch various free Youtube tutorials. Then I also joined a high ticket training program. After that, a lot of marketers like me also there and everyone works hard so much. 

Then day by day, I learn and follow the successful marketers. I try to build a website first, Then I make start making Youtube videos, Tiktok videos to generate traffic. And I’m also doing the same time right now. And I’m getting massive traffic and high ticket, low ticket sales. It’s amazing. 

So dear friends, it’s the real way to make affiliate commissions. If you see other marketers then you also can see it. Otherwise, you can’t make affiliate commissions. You have to start an online job or freelancing. And freelancing means not 9 to 5. It’s 24/7. So, I don’t prefer freelancing. 

Now, you can make your future decisions easily. Don’t for to check my YouTube Channel. A lot of money-making opportunities here.

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CB Traffic App Review – Does IT Worth Buying or Hype?

CB Traffic App is not the World’s first Clickbank Affiliate + Traffic App. It’s impossible to earn $594/day Clickbank commissions and blast your affiliate links to 70 Free traffic pools. Every make-money-related app claims to earn 3 or 4 clicks but nothing works. 

If you’re a newbie then you’re think earning affiliate commissions is not a hard thing. After buying this type of app you can make commissions in just a few hours/days. But, it is totally impossible. Just think if you can then everybody also can do it. But, affiliate marketing is not possible using any app.

I personally, don’t prefer any app for generating traffic and sales. You have ergo followed the right path to build your online business. It’s not so hard if you follow the right training, right system. Do you think CB Traffic App can? Generate 70x secret traffic sources? How art possible, do you think about it?

After, testing CP Traffic App, and observing everything I can assure you, it’s a 100% HYPE app. It never provides Clickbank affiliate commissions for you. Don’t want to get results from any bulky DFY affiliate campaigns. 

Conclusion: CB Traffic App Review

Finally, I want to say it’s not the real way to make Clickbank commissions. Try to build your traffic sources first then day by day you can earn Clickbank affiliate commissions. No App/Bot can do everything for you. 

You’re not 4 clicks away to get seventy traffic pools. Thousand and thousands of people working hard to earn Clickbank affiliate commissions. So, you can’t start earning commissions from ClickBank… with sudden BLASTS of free buyer traffic. Don’t want to get traffic in as little as 60 seconds. 

Enter your Clickbank ID, choose your niche, and click 4 buttons. Then enjoy free Clickbank commissions. How easy it is! how funny it is! I’m confusing about these vendors that they ever earn Clickbank commissions. If they apply this type of SCAM software then I’m over sure they never earn Clickbank affiliate commissions.

So, friends try to follow the right ways of earn online omissions. Don’t want to get it overnight. Thanks for reading my CB Traffic App.

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