CB Profit Sites Review by Glynn Kosky – [Scam]⚠️100% Warning⚠️

CB Profit Sites Review

Welcome to CB Profit Sites Review. I am Raju Bhadra an affiliate marketer and a professional Review writer of various make money related methods and software. Today I am going to share my honest opinion about the CB Profit Sites Software that recently revealed by Glynn Kosky. Inside this member’s area, you are going to get the opportunity to have your very own 100% DONE-FOR-YOU affiliate site pre-loaded with high converting highly profitable Clickbank product reviews!. There are no targeted traffic sources for selling your products. This is the main fault of this software and a lot of lacking working this software. Every day a lot of software releases in various marketplace. So, it’s very much difficult to choose the right one. Before purchasing this product you must need to know about everything details inside it.

This software can’t help you to own high converting highly profitable Clickbank product review. I HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED this software to anyone. (It’s only RECOMMENDED if you want to waste your time and money both). I deeply describe the fault of this not working software. Stay with my CB Profit Sites Review and see my honest opinion on why this software is not recommended for anyone.

Details of CB Profit Sites – CB Profit Sites Review

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Product: CB Profit Sites

Launch Date: 2020-Feb-28

Launch Time: 7:00 EST

Price: $27 [Doesn’t Worth]

Skill: Minimum 6+ Years of Online Working Experience

OTO’s: You must need all 6 OTO’s for getting full features

Niche: Software

Workable or Not: Not Workable Properly

Recommendation: Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]

My Personal Rating: 2/10

My No #1 Recommendation: 6-Figure Business Model ($10,000/month)

CB Profit Sites Review
CB Profit Sites Review

What is CB Profit Sites?

This is your opportunity to have your very own 100% DONE-FOR-YOU affiliate site pre-loaded with high converting highly profitable Clickbank product reviews!

The sites are based on some of the highest converting review sites and are fully stacked with content, product reviews, graphics, videos – THE LOT!

Inside each site, you’ll find reviews for products from the world’s BIGGEST affiliate network – CLICKBANK!

This system gives you the exact tools & systems used by top earning affiliates.  Winning products, professional reviews, and custom bonuses, all wrapped up inside an authority website that’s a point & clicks easy to customize.

On each review page, you have the opportunity to giveaway a BONUS PRODUCT from our product vault to entice people to purchase affiliates products through your links.

All-in-one AUTHORITY website pre-loaded with over 15 top-converting offers & professional reviews.

CB Profit Sites Review

Big Reasons Why CB Profit Sites is Highly Not Recommended for Anyone:

  1. -> CB Profit Sites is not proven software for building the Clickbank product reviews site.
  2. -> Glynn Kosky release 4/5 products per month. So if his products are workable then why they release so many products per month. So, I don’t believe his fake promises.
  3. -> No software can build a pre-loaded DFY review website. You can’t make $1,000 per day using this bogus software.
  4. -> Using this type of fake software you never get Clickbank sale.
  5. -> This type of software already released in the various vendors(Mosh Bari, Ankur Shukla, Mark Bishop, and Vicky Baby ) and no software works properly as their promises.
  6. -> The main lacking is ‘TRAFFIC’ here is no targeted traffic for selling products.
  7. -> It’s all a fancy software and you must need tech skills and working skills for applying this software.
  8. -> This software and strategy is not a newbie-friendly method.
  9. -> CB Profit Sites software never provides you a laptop lifestyle.
  10. -> Inside this training area you will face huge obstacles in every step.
  11. -> You need at least 5+ years of working experience.
  12. -> Then have to wait for a minimum of 1 month or more to start working properly and earning is far away.
  13. -> Inside this CB Profit Sites software there is nothing special about making quick money.
  14. -> This software doesn’t work in 3 steps. It’s totally a false promise.
  15. -> All the 6 upgrades/OTO’s are also mandatory for getting full features of this product.
  16. -> A lot of fake promises and false claims included by the vendor.
  17. -> CB Profit Sites is not a scale-up able software for your online business journey.
  18. -> Software can’t drive automated money-making DFY review website.
  19. -> Doesn’t worth the price($27) for this front end one. (Join No #1 High-Ticket Business Model for Just $7) [if the discount is available then $1]

I Have Few Questions to You…

CB Profit Sites Review

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Find Out Fake Claims of CB Profit Sites Sales Page: CB Profit Sites Review

Most of the vendor tries their best for making fancy sales page for more and more selling their products. They forget to fulfill their promises that they indicate on the sales page. Most of the newbie marketers believe all the fake claims of the vendors. But the reality is different, most of the vendors target only to sell their product not to earn your business. I find out a few big false claims inside this sales page.

CB Profit Sites Review

I think this vendor can’t make $1,000 per day then why he can help you to make $1,000 per day? Don’t believe this type of scam software for making money and running your online business. If you want to run your online business for a lifetime then don’t depend on any type of software. if this software can make 100% DFY affiliate review site then no one can make their review site by working hard. It’s a common-sense man.

The main problem in this product is TRAFFIC. Where is the traffic for selling your review products? This type of software made website never rank on Google.

CB Profit Sites Review

It’s so easy to say but so much difficult to do it. No software can make money by 3 steps. It’s a fancy word for each makes money related software just for motivating you to buy this software.

After purchasing this software you have to log in to this software then you get into the members’ area then you can do anything for making money. You don’t understand anything if you don’t have a huge online working experience before.

Find Out More Fake Claims of CB Profit Sites Sales Page: CB Profit Sites Review

CB Profit Sites Review

If you want to make serious affiliate income then don’t buy this software and don’t depend on any software for getting the DFY affiliate review website. It’s no possible to make happen. If you buy this software as well other people also buy this product for getting the DFY review website. But no one gets results from this software. No one can make a single dollar using this bogus software.

This type of fancy software just waste your money and kill your time without getting any results. So, guys don’t purchase this fake promising software.

CB Profit Sites Review

Don’t need to believe this fake income screenshot. This income image is edited for selling this software. If this software works properly then this vendor never shares this software with others. If you believe these fake promises then you are going to lose your money and time both.

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CB Profit Sites Review

This software never shortcuts to your super affiliate success. If you want to shortcuts your affiliate income then focuses on targeted traffic not this type of bogus software.

Then if you use other people’s DFY funnel for your affiliate marketing then you never get proper results from that funnel. So, friends, I suggest you choose the right thing if you want to run your online business for a lifetime.

Why You Should Choose My No #1 Recommendation:

  1. CB Profit Sites software claims that it will build 100% DONE-FOR-YOU affiliate site pre-loaded with high converting highly profitable Clickbank product reviews, but it’s a scam software, on the other hand, my no #1 recommendation is a renowned training program of AFFILIATE MARKETING. This will teach you ‘where you can start your online business and how it’ll run for a lifetime’.
  2. My no, #1 recommendation is a high-ticket program you can earn $1,000 by a sale.
  3. It’s a newbie-friendly training course for any kind of marketer newbie or an experienced marketer.
  4. It’s a proven training program of affiliate marketing already hundreds of marketers have made thousands and thousands of dollars using this training program.
  5. You can start here for just $7 [if the discount is available then $1] when CB Profit Sites software needs $27 to buy.


My Final Opinion:

Finally, I want to say don’t depend on this software for your online business. You never run your business for a lifetime if you don’t have targeted traffic sources. This scam software never builds a Clickbank review website and never drives targeted traffic for getting an affiliate commission. I personally don’t prefer any software for building money making page and no software can’t do it. You just lost your money never earn a single dollar using this type of bogus software. If you have huge money for testing every software then you can purchase this product. but who wants to start a real online business and want to make affiliate commissions then this software is not for them. Now all decision is yours.

I can loudly say, it’s NOT RECOMMENDED. This software never provides you financial support. So, DON’T BUY this software and don’t waste your time & money behind this software. Thanks for reading my CB Profit Sites Review and take the right decision. Thanks.

My No #1 Recommendation:

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin…

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“If you have any questions about this method then don’t hesitate to comment”.


Raju Bhadra.

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