AffiliView Review – [Don’t Buy] It’s Highly Not Recommended! By Simon

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AffiliView Review

Welcome to my AffiliView Review. I am Raju working with online marketing since last 7 years.Also a professional make money related product’s review writer. AffiliView is a brand new software launched by Simon Greenhalgh and Raymond Dele. AffiliView gives users the ability to quickly and easily build unlimited high converting affiliate bonus pages. Before purchasing this software you must need to gather info about it. You are in the right place for taking the right decision. I will provide my honest opinion of this software. Is it workable or not, how it works, is it scam or not etc…After getting the review access and all my observation this software can’t be recommended for anyone. Read my full AffiliView Review and learn why this is not recommended for anyone.

AffiliView Review – Details of AffiliView :

First you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related and do you need it or not!

Creator : Simon Greenhalgh
Product : AffiliView
Launch Date : 2019-Oct-29
Launch Time : 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price : $18 [Doesn’t Worth]
Skill : Minimum 5+ Years Experience
Guarantee : 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, It just a sentence [NOT APPLICABLE]
Niche : Affiliate Marketing
Upsell : 4 [Without Upsell Product is Not Complete]
Scam/Legit : Scam
Recommendation : Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]
Rating : 2/10

AffiliView Review – What is AffiliView?

The perfect way for complete beginners to build campaigns as powerful as seasoned pros with next to no work.
AffiliView will tot only quickly & easily build complete affiliate review & bonus pages for users.
It also comes with 20 DFY campaigns for the top selling products of 2019. Emails, Bonuses, Graphics & Demo Video for every single product.
This is perfect for Autoresponder Sequences.
The Upgrades make perfect sense & give the complete package in total.

Why AffiliView Software Is Not Recommended For Anyone?

-> AffiliView software is not proven to work properly.
-> There is no traffic source in this product, where traffic is the key to online success.
-> There is no value of old affiliate product that this product provided you.
-> This software is not a newbie friendly for using.
-> You need to spend more money in various purpose.
-> Length training of 3/4 weeks and if you want to allpy this software then you have to wait minimum 1 month.
-> Doesn’t worth the front end price of $18 for this software.

This DFY affiliate review builder software is not perfect for affiliate selling. A lot of same type software available in market and no software works for affiliate selling. All old DFY product are included in side the software an you never a single sales from that 20 products. Most of them are PLR product. After all a lot of lacking is enough for not recommend of this AffiliView software.


“If anyone can MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR by using this AffiliView Software, then comment below. I will delete my post” – It’s my GUARANTEE.!

I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone.(Get Started World’s No# 1 Online Business Model)

What Are The Fake Promises of The AffiliView Sales Page?

Here I will find out the most false statement of the AffiliView sales page. There is nothing to believe to see this fake promises. Every money making product make this type of lucrative sales pages for motivating people for buying that product. I look over the hole sales page and find out a lot false promises from this sales page.

AffiliView Review

If you want to get affiliate commissions then it will not help you for making affiliate commissions. If you depends on the software for making affiliate commissions then you never get results. By using this AffiliView software you never build your affiliate campaign. It will not make a single sales for you. DFY everything is just selling this software, nothing else. Do you think every customer will use this 20 DFY product that will provide the vendor.? Then how you will get sales from that DFY affiliate review product. You never get any sales from that product.

This AffiliView software is not a newbie friendly for using. After all if you don’t have marketing knowledge then you never promote any affiliate offers. Then if you want to promote affiliate offers by review then you must need to do everything by yourself.

AffiliView Review

You will get 20 products affiliate campaign with complete bonus. But all 20 products are PLR (Private Libel Rights) and you never get any sales from them. Then all other customers of this AffiliView product use the same 20 products for their promotion.

Monthly fees are not the problem if you get results. If you earn 100 per day then Month 30/40 charge is not the problem. The main thing is getting results. But this software never bring any results, so monthly fees are irrelevant here.

AffiliView Review – AffiliView Works In 4 Simple Steps :

AffiliView Review

No method or software never works in 3/4 steps. It’s a mental satisfactory speech. AffiliView software works just like as software but it not help you to make products review. If you want to make review of various affiliate products then you must need marketing skill then you need various info related with that product. After all product reviewing is expert marketers task.

If you want to make and build attracted bonus campaigns just like top marketer then you must need to do by yourself. No software never build top quality affiliate campaign. If software can make such type of quality campaign then every marketer will success in affiliate marketing but everyone can’t do it. If you depended on any kind of software then you never run your online business for life time.

Most of the marketer want to get everything DFY but they never think this DFY campaign will use all the buyers of that product. Then how he/she make good results buying that product. Then if you want to be a good online marketer then you need to do everything by yourself. Every customer understated why is DFY and what is created by the marketer yourself. Then DFY funnel never be a proven funnel for making money.

I Have Few Questions to You…

Do you want to earn money from Affiliate Marketing for LIFETIME?
Do you want a PROVEN & SOLID online business model ?
And want get High-Ticket Affiliate Commission EVERYDAY?

If all of your answer is ‘YES’

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See More Fake Promises of The Sales Page :

AlliliView is not a rare marketing moment where you will get proven system. This software is only waste our time and this training will kill your time. The all combination is not enough good for making a better affiliate campaign for making affiliate sales.

Few days ago A renown vendor of warrirplus release a same software that you provide you DFY 50 clickbank product review but that product also worst product in 2019 like this one. Don’t believe such type of bogus software. A software never provide good results from affiliate marketing.

Pro affiliates is not hard and no software make it easy. If you want to get success from affiliate marketing then you need proven traffic sources. Like building website, establishes a make money related YouTube channel or grow up your social media networks. All this are free sources of traffic. Then you may run paid ads campaign for getting affiliate sales. All free sources takes time to grow but if you once grow it you will get results from hole life. All are evergreen traffic sources for making money online. But if you depended on this type of software for getting traffic or any DFY sales funnel then you never get results from them.

AffiliView Review

Now if you want to build a proven and solid sales funnel then you need marketing skill for this. You have to know what type of bonuses are people want then what type of products are workable for working and for recommending. If you know everything then you be able to make a proven sales funnel that will help you to make money from online for lifetime. No software can’t build a proven sales funnel that people want.!

AffiliView Review – How Does All This Help You?

AffiliView Review

This AffiliView software never help you in any angle. It will waste you hours and hours time and make you disappointed. You will lose your working energy if you fail using such type of various not workable software and methods day by day. My honest opinion guys forget overnight success if to want to do online business for lifetime. You need to invest your time for learning then you can earn automatically.

If you want to start email marketing then you have to know how to collect email/list first. If you have no email then how you will start email marketing. This software never help you to collect email/list. Then you need marketing knowledge for becoming success in email marketing.

If you want to create amazing lucrative bonus page or landing page then you must need to use paid page builder. But if you think this software provide you free page builder service then you never create eye catchy page for your affiliate campaign.

I honestly suggest you that if you want to run your online business then join a proven and solid training program that will learn you on the other hand help you to earn. It’s the no #1 business model in the present time. If you are newbie or expert it doesn’t mater it will learn you from where you need to start your online business and how to how to make make in short time. (Get Started Here For Only $7 Today) Choose it or not at least check it. I assure you that you will not lose.

Find Out More False Statement of AffiliView Sales Page :

AffiliView Review

I don’t see any reasons that you need AffiliView software. This is not a proven software that works for affiliate marketing and reviewing of affiliate products. The vendors are lying that it’s take time to grow few years. I don’t believe this false statement.

Here is no tricks that attractive customers to buy his recommended products. Then here is no traffic sources for selling your reviewed products. After all this software doesn’t worth to buy.

DFY campaign never make good results in online marketing. If you want set and forget system then you need to build up proven running organic traffic sources. Then this software carries a lot of obstacles that will stop your working speed. A lot of lacking inside this software. You never apply this software for your working after that it will not work for making money from affiliate marketing.

This software provide you 3 social media platform for traffic that will drive bulk traffic for you. They never click your offers then never buy your recommended products. Customization is not a main fact if you have a proven funnel. This software help you to customize that 20 bogus products review that this software included. But all those products are too much non converting that you never make a single sales from this.

Fake Income Screenshot and Hired Positive Reviews :

AffiliView Review

Every make money related product’s sales page carries various edited income screenshot for motivating people to buy that product. AffiliView sales page also contain some fake income screenshot that make a lot of people fool and they will buy this bogus software. Don’t believe this income image. This is not from using this software.

Then submitting positive review are one of the common elements of every products. They encourage people to buy that product but they never apply that product. Most of the reviews are hired from various vendors and freelancing site.

Upsell Is Mandatory For Applying AffiliView Software :

AffiliView Review

AffiliView software contains 3 upsell and all are mandatory for completing this product. When you purchase the front end one then it will give you the basic and few opportunities for using this software then you y want to start full fill applying then you have to buy one after one all the upsell. Then then vendor always force you to buy all other upsell for getting more good results buy you never get any results. If you attempt to buy this product then you are going to lose 400+ USD and 40+ days minimum. Now decision is yours.

My 7 Years Online Marketing Experience :

I have bought 200+ products of fake promising like this… A lot of ridiculous fake screenshots and fake promise inside their sales page to make a fool of people. I tried a lot of methods and most of the methods are not workable. Some methods help to get few traffic but all are bulk traffic a single sales are not made by them. When you see ‘earn within 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes’ etc then it’s a big LIE. If you have a 10,000+ buyer list/email then you can see money within such short time otherwise it’s not possible anyhow. Spend your money in such a place from where you can get the real tricks and proven to make money for a lifetime. Finally, I am making $10,000 per month using a SOLID and PROVEN high-ticket program. You can (Start Here with – $7) today.!

AffiliView Review – 30-Days Promise To You

Every product needs money back guarantee to get approval from the company for selling this product. Money back guarantee is only for this, it’s not for you. After buying a product if you face any problem to understand then if you contact with their support team then you will get response minimum 3/4 days later. Then if you can’t apply or can’t make any money then the vendor don’t open your support mail. After long days later vendor will be appeared with a lot of blame, a lot of lame excuses. So there is nothing to be satisfied to see this BIG money back guarantee. You can’t back your money if you buy this product once. You just can refund by the company or dispute in PayPal. But it’s a tough and length process. So, don’t waste your money again.




“If anyone can MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR by using this AffiliView Software, then comment below. I will delete my post” – It’s my GUARANTEE.!

I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone.(See Alternative Real Online Business)

AffiliView Review – Final Verdict :

Finally I want to say don’t waste you money and don’t buy this bogus software. This type of not working software reduce your online working ability and working interest. It never provide you any positive results that will satisfy you in mentally and physically. If you think this software you bring you affiliate sales then I have nothing to say yo may buy this product. It’s all of your decision and I respect your decision. But if you want to know my opinion then I will again say It’s a HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED software for anyone. Thanks fore reading my AffiliView Review and take the right decision. Best of luck.

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