Adtivate Review by Joshua Zamora ~ [Wait] Is It Workable or Scam?

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Adtivate Review

Introduction: Adtivate Review

Adtivate Review

Welcome back to my website and welcome to this honest Adtivate Review.

Adtivate is a brand new 3-step WP Plugin in the market. The creator of this New WP Plugin is Joshua Zamora.

Adtivate turns any site into a profit-pulling machine by quickly and easily Deploying High-Converting offers. Most importantly, Adtivate completes this task in less than 60 seconds.

However, do you want to buy Adtivate? But I will say don’t buy Adtivate at this moment! You should know each & every aspect of this product first. After that, you have to thought is it gives you benefits or not!

After that, make sure your decision. In this review, I’ll help you to make an informed decision about this product. Therefore, after completing this review, make the decision to buy or not.

Adtivate Overview:

First, you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related to and do you need it or not!

Creator: Joshua Zamora

Product: Adtivate

Launch Date: 07 July 2022

Price: $37 (Front-End)

Niche: Software (WP Plugin)

My Ratings: 9.4/10

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Creator of Adtivate:

The vendor of Adtivate is Joshua Zamora. Joshua Zamora is a Digital Entrepreneur. He is a highly passionate Product Creator and an expert Affiliate Marketer. He is a top 1% Vendor and Affiliate in JVZoo.

After that, he is a recognized Coach with so many online success stories. Till now, he makes 252,500+ sales. Using his products, thousands of people are getting benefits and filling up their needs.

What Is Adtivate?

Joshua Zamora has created Adtivate. Adtivate is a3-step WP Plugin. Adtivate is the fastest and easiest way to create, manage, and deploy High-Converting offers on your sites.

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This software does this task with the power of banner ads in under 60 seconds. So, you can dominate your niche while your Plugin handles all your Monetization for you.

How Does The Adtivate Work?

Adtivate is not hard to use. It is a great solution to increase your profits. Most importantly, you can profit from any site by following 3 simple steps.

⇨1 Step – Firstly, download and install their WP Plugin. This will take you no more than 10-15 seconds to complete. Literally, just download & install. After that, activate it. Subsequently, input your license key.

⇨2 Step – In this step, the magic will happen. Within seconds you’ll be able to either design high-converting offers with their built-in editor.

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Subsequently, easily paste in your Adsense code. Moreover, you can add a pre-made offer to your site at record speed!

⇨3 Step – This is the step that makes your sites go CA-CHING! Once your offers are created, here is where you’ll set your desired display settings for those offers. Now, you can start profiting right away.

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Watch The Demo Video of Adtivate:

Feature & Benefits of Adtivate:

Adtivate Quickly And Easily Creates Your Offers Using Their Built-in Ad Creator. Most Importantly, It Comes with a Ton of Proven Templates.

You Can Choose Between Pop-Up or Banner Ad.

With Pop-Up Ads, You Can Choose From Multiple Different Triggers. As A Result, You Can Maximize Your Profits.

You Can Also Upload An Image Ad. Moreover, You Can Create a Custom Ad Using The WYSIWYG Editor.

Subsequently, You Can Add An Attention-Grabbing Border To Your Ads.

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In Addition, It Adds Your Offer Link To Ensure You Get Paid.

Adtivate Adds An Entrance Animation To Grab Immediate Attention.

Adds Periodic Animations To Your Offers at Any Time To Get even More Clicks.

On The Other Hand, Adivate Has an Exit Animation. As A Result, It Grabs Attention One Last Time.

Moreover, It Also Positions Your Offers At The Top, The Bottom, or Set To A Random Spot.

After That, This Software Makes Your Offers Sticky. So, They’re Always On Screen To Maximize Your Profit.

Most Importantly, It Includes and Excludes Your Offers Based On Geo-Location. As A Result, Your Conversions Will Be Maximize.

After That, Sets an Automatic Start Time And End Time if You’re Selling Ad Space On Your Sites.

It Creates Group Of Offers. That Wil Automatically Rotate On Your Sites. So, You Find Which Offers Convert The BEST to Maximize Profit.

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After That, Adtivate Automatically Rotates Ads In A Group. As A Result, You Can Avoid Banner Blindness and Maximize Profit.

Automatically Turn Keywords Within Your Content Into Clickable Offers To Generate Even MORE Profit.

Most Importantly, Adtivate Has Built-In “Bad User” Blocking Mechanism. So, Your Ads Do Not Show To “Bot Traffic”.

After That, It Also Has Built To ByPass “Ad Blockers”. Therefore, You Can ALWAYS Maximize Your Profit.

Most Importantly, You Will Get FULL Impression, Clicks, Click-Through-Rate and Location Stats For Your Offers. As A Result, You Can Quickly Turn Off The Losers And Push ALL Traffic To The Winners.

Who Can Purchase Adtivate?

Adtivate offers a cost-effective and lightning-fast WP Plugin solution for anyone. It’s so easy to use. However, if you’re a newbie it doesn’t matter to use Adtivate. Now, see who is perfect for Adtivate.

Am I Suggest Adtivate For You?


Adtivate Instantly Monetize Any Site In Multiple Different ways.

After That, It Automatically Adds Profitable Offers To Your Sites In Under 60 seconds.

Moreover, It Maximizes The Profit You Make From Every Site. It Can Be Your Own or Manage.

Adtivate Quickly Adds Adsense, Affiliate Offers.

On The Other Hand, It Also Adds Your Own Offers, CPA Offers, and Call-To-Actions.

In Short, Adtivate Adds Any Offers You’d Like All Over Your Sites.

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You Will Get’ “Powerful Ad Creator” with Adtivate. So, You Can Quickly Create and Deploy Ads In Seconds

Most IMportantly, This Software Includes Unlimited Proven templates.

Agency Rights Is Included Adtivate. So, You Can Monetize Your Client’s Sites too.

Adtivate Also Offers You GEO-Targeting Feature To Skyrocket Conversions By Displaying the MOST relevant ads.


The Price Will Be Raised Soon.(Optional Not Important)

Finally, I want to say my neighbor who is a web developer. He bought a copy of Adtivate from Joshua Zamora. I talk to him about Adtivate. After that, he said that he has been using it for 9 days.

He liked this Activate WP Plugin. He successfully created 3 sites those are very fast. After that, he added and deployed High-Converting Offers to these sites in record speed.

In addition, he got a lot of features and good sites from this software that I share with you above. After that, he has recommended Adtivate for me. Now, I recommend Adtivate for you.

Free Bonuses with Adtivate:

Adtivate Review

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Adtivate Review

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Funnel Details & OTOs of Adtivate:

Adtivate Review
Adtivate Review

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Adtivate Review
Adtivate Review

Final Verdict on EngageYard Review:

In conclusion, I want to say that Adtivate is a wonderful WP Plugin at this price range. Adtivate perfectly creates, adds, manages, and deploys High-Converting offers to your sites.

Not only Online but also Offline marketers who need WordPress Plugins can choose this software. After that, Adtivate is a cloud-based software. So, you don’t be worried about installing or downloading anything.

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On the other hand, if you want to buy a Speed fast Plugin then you have to pay a minimum of $60-70. Moreover, you will pay thousands of dollars to hire a web developer.

From that point, Adtivate is far better. Therefore, I highly recommended Adtivate software for anyone. Now, all decisions depend on you. Above all, thanks a lot for reading this Adtivate Review.

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