Viral News Jacker Review – Lot of Fake Claims!

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Viral News Jacker Review

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Welcome to my Viral News Jacker Review. Recently Glynn Kosky has released this software, a system and free viral traffic method. I know you are interested in this product that’s why you are on my site. But before purchasing you must need to learn more about it. I am trying to provide my honest review about this software and method. I want you don’t feel any hesitation to take your decision. Step by step I will disclose everything about this method. What is it, how it woks, is it legit ot scam, should you buy it or not…etc. After getting the review access I realize it that this software is not everyone. Here is no proper traffic source for selling. After all Viral News Jacker is Highly Not Recommended Software. Read my full Viral News Jacker Review and learn why it’s not recommended!

Key Points of Viral News Jacker Review

  • Summary of Viral News Jacker
  • What is Viral News Jacker?
  • Big Reasons, Why It’s Not Recommended For Anyone
  • False Motivating Promises of Viral News Jacker Sales Page
  • Viral News Jacker Software Needs 6 OTO’s For Completing This Product
  • My 7 Years Affiliate Marketing Experience
  • No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Who is for Viral News Jacker
  • My Final opinion About Viral News Jacker Software

Viral News Jacker Review – Summary of Viral News Jacker

First you have to know what is about this product. It’s necessary to know what is this related and do you need it or not!

Creator : Glynn Kosky
Product : Viral News Jacker
Launch Date : 2019-Oct-10
Launch Time : 09:00 EDT
Front-End Price : $20 [Doesn’t Worth]
Skill : Minimum 5+ Years Experience
Guarantee : 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, It just a sentence [NOT APPLICABLE]
Niche : Affiliate Marketing
OTO’s : 5 [Without OTO’s Atomic DFY is Not Complete]
Recommendation : Highly NOT Recommend! [Don’t Waste Money & Time]
Rating : 2/10

Viral News Jacker Review – What is Viral News Jacker?

According to their sales page, Viral News Jacker is an all-in-one software, system and FREE viral traffic method for banking hands-free daily income. This automated traffic and sales app creates self updated viral news sites using other peoples trending news!

You can bank multiple passive income streams from affiliate links, CPA offers and advertising banners. Leverage the net’s most trending news for free viral traffic. Built-in content spinners, image replacement & translation tools maximize your free search traffic from every update. 1-click sharing for floods of social media traffic. Build your list at the SAME time you’re generating passive profits.

The Reasons Why It’s Not Recommended For You :

-> Not proven to make 3-figures passive profits
-> The traffic are not 100% free and targeted
-> The same rehashed content won’t rank on google
-> Social Media traffics are huge time consuming
-> Not 3-steps formula, lots of work involved
-> Very complicated software
-> Lots of error in this software
-> The hole method is not beginners friendly
-> Length training of 3/4 weeks, but result is ZERO.
-> You have to invest huge money in various purpose.
-> It doesn’t it’s worth value of $20.

Viral News Jacker software is a big bogus software in 2019. It’s not a proven software for making money. A lot of EYE catchy promises included in the sales page but the results is BIG zero. After all, it will waste your time and money but you never get any result with using this software.


“If anyone can MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR by using this Atomic DFY Software, then comment below. I will delete my post” – It’s my GUARANTEE.!

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Some False Promises of Viral News Jacker Sales Page :

All marked claims above this picture are fake claim of the vendor. There is no guarantee that you will make 3-figure passive income by this so called DFY software. It’s not possible to make $500 today by this method and software and no one can make money without any skills. This is the real truth. But they promised you all these fake claims that’s aren’t right.

Viral News Jacker Review

He says that all this system is automated and you will make passive income in just 3 simple steps. But it’s not true. Firstly you have to invest long time to be expert on this marketing system. Secondly it’s a common matter that no software can provide you a done-for-you site that will make money for you. If it could be possible then everyone buy a software and build up a site like money machine. No one didn’t the manual works.

So clearly it’s a fake claim. And thirdly getting viral traffic isn’t so easy according to their promises. A lot of hard work and time is needed to get them. More over if they aren’t targeted, no one will convert to your offers. So all their flashy commitment are only to convince you to buy the product, not to ensure you a solid solution. So keep away from this product.

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Viral News Jacker Needs 6 OTO’s For Completing This Product :

Viral News Jacker Review

Viral News Jacker software contains 6 OTO’s for full package. If you want to get full access of the product then you have to buy all this OTO’s.

-> OTO1 – Unlimited Version (Allows them to create unlimited viral news sites & install on unlimited domains) $97/$47
-> OTO2 – Done-For-You Profit Themes (Crush It With Reddit & Buzzfeed Style Viral Sites) $97/$67
-> OTO3 – Automated Traffic Flow $97/$67
-> OTO4 – TubeTraffic Jacker $67/$47
-> OTO5 – Triple Threat Traffic $67/$47
-> OTO6 – License Rights $197/$97

After buying all 6 OTO’s you results will be big ZERO. By the end you will lose 500+ dollar and 40+ days. Now, decision is your. if you think you have to buy it then you may buy this all decision depends on you. I just express my opinion.

My 7 Years Affiliate Marketing Experience :

I have bought 200+ products of fake promising like this… A lot of ridiculous fake screenshots and fake promise inside their sales page to make a fool of people. I tried a lot of methods and most of the methods are not workable. Some methods help to get few traffic but all are bulk traffic a single sales are not made by them. When you see ‘earn within 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes’ etc then it’s a big LIE. If you have a 10,000+ buyer list/email then you can see money within such short time otherwise it’s not possible anyhow. Spend your money in such a place from where you can get the real tricks and proven to make money for a lifetime. Finally, I am making $10,000 per month using a SOLID and PROVEN high-ticket program. You can (Start Here with – $7) today.!

Viral News Jacker Review – No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee :

Every product needs money back guarantee to get approval from the company for selling this product. Money back guarantee is only for this, it’s not for you. After buying a product if you face any problem to understand then if you contact with their support team then you will get response minimum 3/4 days later. Then if you can’t apply or can’t make any money then the vendor don’t open your support mail. After long days later vendor will be appeared with a lot of blame, a lot of lame excuses. So there is nothing to be satisfied to see this BIG money back guarantee. You can’t back your money if you buy this product once. You just can refund by the company or dispute in PayPal. But it’s a tough and length process. So, don’t waste your money again.




“If anyone can MAKE A SINGLE DOLLAR by using this Atomic Software, then comment below. I will delete my post” – It’s my GUARANTEE.!

I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone.(See Alternative Real Online Business)

My Final opinion About Viral News Jacker Software :

Finally, I want to sat If you want to make money from online then don’t depend such type of bogus software. A lot of lacking inside the software. My opinion about this software is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED this software for anyone. It’s a big trap for the newbie marketer. You never get a single sale using this software. It’s not a complete package for making money from online. It may be a product of a DFY Software and Method but there is no buyer traffic sources for selling this products. So, overall this product is totally a bogus product for anyone. Now, If you have a lot of money for buying every not working software then you can buy this software too. All decision is depended on you. But, i will say it never provide you any mental and financial satisfaction.

So, Don’t need to buy it. Skip this Atomic DFY Software right now! Thanks for reading my Atomic DFY Review. Now take your decision carefully.

Personal Using E-mail :

If You have question then you can contact with Email or Comment this post. I am always ready to help you!



I am fully confident that it’s Not Recommended for anyone. (Get Started World’s No# 1 Online 6- Figure Business Model)