Videlify Review – (Scam) Why Not Recommended? (Rick Nguyen)

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Videlify Review
Videlify Review
Videlify Review

Introduction of Videlify – Videlify Review

Welcome to my Videlify Review. It’s not a recommended app. Let’s see why Videlify is not a recommended software.

Do you want to get any traffic hijacking software? Do you want to get free traffic within 90 seconds?

According to the sales page, Videlify is a breakthrough cloud-based app. You can legally put your links on other people’s sites and videos. How is it possible? Then you can get free traffic within 90 seconds. VIdelify is the world’s first 3 click video & website hijacking system. After all, select your niche, add links to others’ content, hijack the traffic, and make profits. 


Do you think is there any traffic hijacking app available? If this type of apps is available then every marketer buys and uses this type of app. You have to make content by yourself to get traffic. If you use other people’s websites or video content to add your links then it’s not ethical and impossible. 

A lot of FAKE promises are put on the sales page. Don’t think all these fake promises are REAL. Every day this type of fake promising apps releases on the Warriorplus marketplace. I don’t see any reasons to choose this type of bypass app. 

DON’T BUY! before reading Videlify Review. I try my best to provide real info about this SCAM app.

About VidelifyVidelify Review

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Videlify Review Is IT Possible to Get 3-Clicks Traffic?

Absolutely NOT. Do you think generating traffic is as easy as 3 clicks? Not it’s impossible. You can’t start sending free traffic to any links. No lazy method doesn’t work in online marketing. You can’t compare any app with any proven method. If you really want to start online marketing then you should follow the right ways. It takes time to grow but you can get results for a lifetime.

No app can be powerful to generate free traffic. These 3 clicks never continue sending thousands of traffic to your links. It has no best part to describe. If you see any shortcut lazy software/app to generate traffic, then you can think it’s a SCAM. 

Don’t want to get results in 1/2/3 clicks or within 60 seconds or less. Don’t believe it. It’s a 100% false claim. 

Videlify Review – How Does This App Hijack Traffic?

Videlify is a free video hosting platform. You can use other people’s videos or websites. Then you add call-to-action, stream-ad, advertising links. Now, it looks like a YouTube video. Okay, fine. 

But, where is your viewer? Who will watch your videos? 

It’s an easy solution to share it on various social media. Do you think it’s easy to get views sharing various social media? No, who you care about your videos, what’s the benefits of your videos?

Actually, people want to show the real people. Suppose you make the videos in front of the camera. Otherwise, people don’t like these videos. 

It’s the totally working process of Videlify app. Then you can get traffic by social share. But, why is it not possible, I already disclose it! 

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How can You Easily Get Video Traffic?

First, I recommend you make YouTube videos. It’s the best way to get video traffic for a lifetime. Even you can multiple ways. First, you can build your list, second, you can make affiliate sales, and finally, you can earn revenue from youTube Adsense. For these reasons, I prefer YouTube videos. 

Now, if you can’t make YouTube videos then you can TikTok videos. TikTok is the latest trending traffic medium. You can get buyer traffic from TikTok. Not only TikTok but also you can share these TikTok videos on various social platforms. Such as Facebook groups, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. BIG opportunity!

 So, one TikTok video can generate views in multiple ways. At present time I prefer making TikTok videos to get easily videos traffic. So, friends, try to make videos by yourself. No app can help you to get lazy video traffic from other people’s videos. 

Videlify ReviewAny Good News About Videlify?

No. Actually, there is no good news for the buyers. But, congratulations, Rick Nguyen for releasing this Videlify app. I don’t like any app or software for getting traffic. Don’t think any app can stop your traffic from struggling. Even no app can generate overnight results. 

Here is no reason to give thanks to this Videlify app. It can’t promise you to get guaranteed online success. After all, I don’t see any good news here to get free traffic in 60 seconds. 

What You can Do with Videlify App?

Use Others Videos & Websites For Free Traffic – ​ Not only will Videlify allow you to edit others videos, it also lets you edit websites as well. You can add in your links and other elements. After that, you can enjoy the traffic & authority!

Create Video Advertisements With Ease -​ It’s just like a YouTube ad, but it won’t cost you a dime. Simply enter your link, and the ad you want to display appears on any video you want without any cost.

Get Traffic From Multiple Platforms ​- You can put your links on videos from major platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and more… As long as there’s a link to the video, you can put a clickable link/call to action/buy button on it with Videlify.

Quickly Find Trending Articles ​- You can find hot content without breaking a sweat thanks to the trending article finder built inside of Videlify. You can place your link on there, and enjoy the traffic and authority.

Fully Edit To Your Liking -​ You can add in so many different elements – everything from countdown timers, call to action, opt-in forms, text, images, logos, and even more.

Enjoy Traffic From 21 Untapped Sources -​ Videlify hooks up with 21 of the hottest, untapped traffic sources and leverages them for a surge of effortless FREE visitors.


It’s a 100% BOGUS app with a lot of problems. You can’t get traffic from 21 social media platforms. Don’t think there are any secret traffic sources. Don’t need to believe these fake promises and avoid Videlify app.

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Videlify Review – How Do You Get Buyer Traffic?

Online marketing depends on buyer traffic. Generating traffic is not an easy task. If you want to generate free traffic then you have to wait a few months to grow. On the other hand, you can run paid ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Don’t think the only investment is enough to get paid traffic. You have to learn it first. 

Let’s check some real traffic generating ways…

– By learning SEO you can get buyer traffic into your links. 

– You can buy Solo ads. I don’t prefer to buy solo ads. But, if you can find out right seller then you can buy. 

– You can make YouTube videos or any type of short video. 

– Instagram is the latest marketing social media platform. You can set your BIO and continue posting here. Day by day you can get responses. 

– Facebooks ads are another way to get buyer traffic. It’s cheap but you have to learn it perfectly. Otherwise, your ads account might be banned. 

– You can create digital products. And you can earn and build a buyer list at the same time. 

– You can make TikTok videos and share them on various social platforms.

– Then you can get traffic by answering questions on quora. You have t grow your profile gradually step-by-step.

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Videlify Review – Is There Any Secret in Videlify App?

No here is no secret. No app has any secret to getting traffic in 3 clicks. Without har working there is no secret to get traffic. Then no one builds a website, makes videos, & invests money to get paid traffic. 

You can’t use other people’s videos or websites. If you choose random YouTube videos then you get banned for copyright issues. You can’t use other people’s content without his/her concern. 

So, don’t forget to hijack other people’s videos. It’s not legal and ethical. It’s not a unique way to get traffic. I already find out about this type of scam software before. 

Try to do HRAD WORK. It’s the only secret of online marketing. Otherwise, no app or bulky method can drive overnight results. 

Why IT is Not Recommended?

First of all, no app can generate free buyer traffic. I don’t see any app do it. Over 9 years, I’m working here. I never get single traffic using any app. Even I don’t see any marketer, who can drive traffic using any app. 

This if you want to get all the features of this app then you have to buy other upgrades. It’s another BIG problem for Videlify app. In the case of the traffic program, you don’t need other mandatory upgrades. So, you should not choose any app to get buyer traffic. 

This VIdelify app is not a complete app. Do you think all the features are workable? You can’t do anything that you read on the sales page. A lot of errors are available. 

Even you have to face trouble if you face any problems. You can’t contact the app creator. Then you can’t refund the software. Overall, Videlify has a lot of obstacles to use. 

After all, Videolify is not a recommended app. If you don’t want to fail again then don’t buy it. 

Final Verdict – Videlify Review

Finally, I want to say DON’T BUY Videlify App. I doesn’t worth price $17 one-time. You can join any proven high-ticket training program for $7. It’s not a workable app it’s the main factor. 

Videlify is not an easier way to get buyer traffic for free. You can’t use other people’s video and hijack free buyer traffic. No one can get results using this scam app. It’s not a game changer app. There is not shortcut ways to change your bad days.

Without any manual work just 3 steps is not enough to get traffic. Videolify never work hard for you. Don’t depend on any app to get online success. 

Thanks for reading my Videlify Review. I highly NOT recommended Videlify app. Now, make your right decision and don’t forget to check my no #1 recommendation.