TubeTornado Review + Top Cons [Yogesh Agarwal]

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Introduction – TubeTornado Review

Welcome to my TubeTornado Review. Yogesh Agarwal is the author of TubeTornado software. This is the ultimate video traffic generator.

But, I DON’T RECOMMEND TubeTornado!


Honestly, this type of HYPE software never helps you to make $500 per day just by posting 15 seconds video.

Yes, if you can create YouTube shorts then you can generate traffic. But, depending on this type of software you never run your traffic journey.

I suggest you complete my TubeTornado Review first, then you can make the right decision.

Table of Contents TubeTornado Review



How Does This Software Work?

Does This Software Really Drive Traffic?

Top Cons of TubeTornado – Why Not Perfect?

Final Opinion

Overview: TubeTornado Review

Creator: Yogesh Agarwal

Product: TubeTornado

Launch Date: 2022-Oct-13

Front-End Price: $17 [Doesn’t Worth]

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: Software

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend! [Check My Choice]

Rating – 3.1 out of 10

How Does This Software Work?

According to Yogesh Agarwal, TubeTornado software works in just 3 steps.

1. Find & use other people’s viral videos OR add your own short script.

2. With one 1-click our A.I. turns it into an attention-grabbing, highly engaging & profitable youtube short video.

3. Upload your video, use our “TRAFFIC ON DEMAND” strategy & start getting real traffic & sales instantly.

If you check 99% of WarriorPlus products make this type of fake promise. Actually, no software or method works in just 3 steps. 

Does This Software Really Drive Traffic?

Honestly, I don’t believe in any software. I saw a lot of software during the learning time of my online career and 99% of the software was FAKE. Actually, if this type of software works in just 3 clicks then no one works hard to generate traffic.

YouTube shorts can drive traffic it’s 100% sure. But, using and depending on this software you can’t get better results. 

If you want to get better results from YouTube shorts then you have to upload videos regularly. Then if you can create your own videos then you can drive more targeted traffic than any other software or system. Otherwise, no software can provide better results.

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Top Cons of TubeTornado – Why Not Perfect?

– TubeTornado is not a proven software to create high-quality short videos

– You can’t make $500 per day after buying this software automatically.

– No 3 clicks software can make 15 seconds videos to get thousands of visitors. 

– Using any software no task can be fast, easy, and smart. You can’t get results depending on any software.

– No one ever drives free traffic in just 2 minutes. 

– You can build your traffic using YouTube Shorts but, depending on any software you can’t do it. Anytime your account can be suspended for using software/robot.

– This is not the proper way to build your YouTube Shorts traffic.

– If you need to edit your videos then you can easily use CANVA. Then no #1 image and video editor. It’s 100% free.

– TubeTornado doesn’t worth its price of $17

– You have an alternative way to follow the same opportunities, instead of TubeTornado.

After all, TubeTornado is not a proven and perfect software to drive thousands of free traffic for promoting your offers. This type of software has already been purchased by various people and SUCKED this software.

Final Opinion: TubeTornado Review

In conclusion, I want to say TubeTornado is not a SCAM software. But, it’s not workable. You see a lot of FAKE claims on the sales page you can’t do it.

If you think after buying this software you can make $500 immediately then you’re wrong. 

Thanks for reading my honest TubeTornado Review.

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