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Introduction – Text2Profit Review

Welcome to Text2Profit Review and learn more about this app. Text2Profit is an App that can create human-like content without writing anything. Jason Fulton is the author of this app. According to Jason, Text2Profit is the world’s 1st App that can create human-like content without writing any single words.

Honestly, I don’t believe this type of App. A lot of content writing ap published in various marketplaces. 9% of this app doesn’t work as its promises.

Then if you use any BOT/APP to write your content then you never get approved for this content to earn money. Then if you write your website content using this type of app then you never get ranked on Google or any platforms. If it is possible then no one writes content by hand.

If you’re interested in the Text2Profit App then complete my honest review. Learn more about it then make the right decision.

Content of Text2Profit Review



How Does This App Work?

Why Not Recommended – Top Cons of Text2Profit

What You’ll Get Inside Text2Profit?

How to Make Money with Text2Profit App?

Final Opinion

Overview: Text2Profit Review

Creator: Jason Fulton

Product: Text2Profit

Launch Date: 2022-Nov-10

Front-End Price: $17 [Doesn’t Worth]

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: Software

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend! [Check My Choice]

Rating – 2.3 out of 10

How Does This App Work?

You’re Just 3 Steps Away

1- Pick Any Writing Job From Our Client-On-Demand Feature.

2 – Copy and Paste Articles, Then Rewrite Articles In 1 Click Using This A.I. Content Rewriter.

3 – You Get Paid A Minimum Of $200 Every 45 Seconds.

Every Warriroplus product includes this type of fake promise. No app, software, system, or method works in just 3/4 steps. If you can work in the right ways then you can earn money. But, if you think after purchasing this app and following these 3 steps you can make money online then it’s your wrong thinking!

Why Not Recommended – Top Cons of Text2Profit

– Text2Profit is not the 1st test to content creating App.

– This is a FAKE app. 0% success rate.

– This type of App-made content is not safe for Google anytime you can get penalized.

– In just 45 seconds you can’t create any Google-safe content.

– If you want to start a writing job using this App then you can’t get approval for your content.

– You can’t make $197 over and over again.

– This app doesn’t work in just 3 steps.

– You have to purchase 9 OTOs but you never get any results.

– You can’t start your writing agency using any BOT/APP.

– Text2Profit doesn’t worth $19. You can join a proven online business model for just $7. 

– No money-back guarantee for this BOGUS app.

After all, this is not a proven app for making money online. This type of App has already been published in various marketplaces but sucked by the users. I don’t recommend you waste your money purchasing this FAKE App.

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What You’ll Get Inside Text2Profit?

Text2Profit App 

The Never-Seen-Before A.I. Technology That Lets You Generate Unique Content In Seconds… (Worth $997/mo) 

Text2Profit Clients-On-Demand

Never Worry about finding jobs, with our clients on demands features… Clients will chase you down (Worth $997) 

Text2Profit Multimedia Integration 

Plain Articles Are Boring… With This Feature. Text2Profit Will Automatically Integrate Pictures And videos Into Your Articles To Make It More Appealing… (Worth $997) 

Text2Profit Paragraph Creator

This Feature Alone Worth Its Weight In Gold… Stop Rewording And Start Creating Unique Paragraphs From Scratch… (Worth $1997) 

Text2Profit Mobile EDITION 

This will allow you to also operate Text2Profit, even from your mobile phone… Whether it’s an Android, iPhone, or tablet, it will work… ​(worth $497) 

Training Videos 

There is NOTHING missing in this training… Everything you need to know is explained in IMMENSE details (Worth $997) 

World-Class Support 

Have a question? Just reach out to us and our team will do their best to fix your problem in no time (Worth A LOT)

How to Make Money with Text2Profit App?

NO. It’s NOT Possible!

If you use any BOT/App to create your content then this content is 100% valueless. 


– If you wish to start online jobs on any writing job site and want to use this app to write content. Then you see no content will be approved by the company. 

– If you want to start a blog and try to write content using this App then you never get ranked on Google. Because this type of software-made is not granted by Google.

– Then if you wish to work on Fiverr/UpWork site then your clients never accept this app write content.

After all, there is no opportunity to use this App to make money online. If this type of App-made content works then no one writes their content by hand. Make sense!

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Final Opinion – Text2Profit Review

In conclusion, I want to say Text2Profit is not a Recommended App. If you purchase this app and depended on this app then you never grow your online business, and you never make a single dollar online.

If you use this BOT to write content then no company approved the writing content you never get any position on Google. It’s a 100% valueless app to lose you money and time without any output.

Thanks for reading this Text2Profit Review.

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