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Introduction – Spectra App Review

Welcome to my review blog and Spectra App Review. Get all the bad sides and honest opinions about Spectra App. Demetris Papadopoulos & Alex Krulik is the creator of this Native Ads Spy App. 

Do you want to get REAL information about Spectra App?

Spectra is a Native Ads Spy App. You can uncover top native ads running on top Native Ads Platforms. But, does it really work? Then, does it really necessary to run Native Ads?

Honestly, I. Don’t see any reason to grab this app. You can ask, why?

Because running Native Ads you can make money peacefully. That means, you just cost your budget without getting any satisfactory results.

On the other hand, a lot of free YouTube tutorials are available to learn more about Native Ads. You can get the step-by-step free tutorial to run Native Ads. 

So, I have a lot of opportunities to escape this app. If you have another alternative then why you will depend on this Spectra App?

Complete my Spectra App honest review and get the best review and all the cons.

Content of Spectra App Review – Not Recommended!

Raju Bhadra
Raju Bhadra



What is Spectra?

Why Does Spectra Not Recommended?

How Does Spectra Work?

Does This Profitable Run Native Ads?

As A Beginner Should I Run Native Ads?

Any Alternative for Spectra App?

Final Opinion

Spectra App Overview:

Creator: Demetris Papadopoulos & Alex Krulik

Product: Spectra App

Launch Date: 2022-Aug-20 

Front-End Price: $17 

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: App 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend! (My No #1Recommendation)

Rating – 4.3 out of 10

What Is Spectra App?

Spectra software uncovers top native ads running on top Native Ad platforms.

This is the Best Native Ads Spy Tool for affiliate marketers or advertisers, who are always looking for ways to increase their return on investment in Media Buying or Driving Traffic.

Spectra is the newest software and training that helps advertisers or affiliate marketers make better marketing decisions by learning what ads are already successful. Get comprehensive data on profitable native campaigns.

By far this is the easiest and most affordable way for businesses, affiliates, or eCom store owners, of all sizes and budgets to reach more customers with greater precision than ever before.

– Spectra is not a perfect Native Ads Spy App. You can’t turn $5 into $100 Daily. Here is no black magic.

– You can’t make $288.46 in passive commissions daily.

– Native Ads never provide super targeted traffic for any niche.

– You can’t get any results from Affiliate marketing, or CPA marketing.

– There is nothing to uncover the secret of Native Advertising

– Native Ads is not a targeted traffic provider like Google ads, Facebook, or YouTube ads. 

– Inside YouTube a lot of Native Ads tutorial are available, so, don’t need to get Spectra App.

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How Does Spectra Work?

According to the sales page claim, it works in just 3 steps.

1. Use our software to uncover high converting native ads on popular native networks you can use for your own campaigns. 

2. Use our 3 DFY Templates and Step by Step Blueprint To Set up Your First Campaign. 

3. Enjoy leads & sales in as little as 24 hours!

What Can You Do with Spectra App?

Instantly Extract Money-Making Ads to use For Your Own Campaigns Within minutes of setup, the software will scrape all top profitable Native Ads running right now on major native platforms, which allows you to copy and paste them into your own campaigns.   All done from inside your dashboard. Never second guess what’s selling right now. 

Easily Uncover What Offers Are Currently Hot Right Now Discover what offers are running right now and from which networks you can choose these offers, that are making your competition money.  Save yourself, time and effort in uncovering what you should be focusing on. 

Instantly Discover New Unique Images To Use for your Ad Campaigns They have included a Research tool, to discover unique images that will help you stand out from your competition, and help you get maximum ROI on your ad spending.   Better unique Images equals less spending and bidding. 

Tracking & Split Testing Tool (UPGRADE) (Please Note – Only for the users who will upgrade. This is not part of the front end of the software and training) 

Predictable profits without reinventing the wheel? Easier than ever. 

The software not only spies on your competition, but allows you to also track your sales, discovering which Widgets and Sources have actually brought you sales, in order to save money from spending on sources that are not converting for you. 

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Discover Top Offers and Affiliate Networks Expand your reach by finding other offers, that you probably didn’t know about.  Through our offers tab, you’ll be able to discover more affiliate offers, from major affiliate networks around the world.   If the usual doesn’t cut it, then maybe these will.    All built inside your dashboard, and ready to use for your research and ad campaigns. 

Perfect for beginners new to ads 

Amazing solution for experienced marketers looking to scale 

Unlock the Secrets of Native Advertising Inside Spectra’s main training, you will be taken by the hand, and you will learn how to create your first campaigns, on major Native ad Platforms, sharing with you our 3 step blueprint to finding the right offer, and creating the best ad campaign with native ads.  No stones are left unturned.   We always over-deliver, with already DFY case studies, and Templates you can use right out of the box and for free. 

Done-For-You WINNING Campaign Copy their exact template & proven real case study campaign for fast results.  This is your fast start into lucrative Clickbank Affiliate Marketing and Native Ads.

If you want to start running native ads in just 3 steps then you’re going to lose your investment. Depending on any software you never be benefitted. Then if you use Done-For-You templates to run ads then your ad never be approved. Like you, a lot of people purchase this SCAM app to run native ads. And, everybody uses these same templates. 

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Does This Profitable Run Native Ads?

My answer is No. It’s not profitable to run Native Ads for your online business.

Why not Profitable?

In the case of running native ads, you just lose your money. 90% of native ads traffic is BULK. You just get clicks NO sales.

In my 10+ years of working experience, I have never seen any marketer who gets results from Native Ads.

At the early stage of my online career, I tried a lot and invest huge money behind Native Ads to promote CPA and Affiliate offers but, I didn’t get any results.

You know, super targeted traffic can help you to get online sales and conversions. Otherwise, you just see the click no sales after all.

So, In my real-life experience, I personally don’t like Native Ads.

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As A Beginner Should I Run Native Ads?

No. I personally hate Native Ads. Most importantly, no beginners should run Native Ads. Not only native ads, but also any other ads like Google, YouTube, or Facebook ads.


If you want to run any ad campaigns then you have learned more about marketing. You can run your ads successfully, it doesn’t matter. But, ad budget and results are the facts.

If you don’t have any marketing ideas, keyword ideas, or analysis power then you just lose and lose your money but have NO results.

Most Newbie marketers think if they can run ad campaigns then they can get sales and conversions. After that, they can make money online.

But, mind it like you millions of people running ads on various platforms. So, there is high competition.

Especially, I hate native ads. As a beginner, you should not run Native Ads. I always prefer to start and build free marketing. It takes time, but if you can show your free traffic once you can get results for a long time.

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Any Alternative for Spectra App?

Of Course.

You don’t need this Native Ads Spy App to run Native Ads.

Just go to YouTube.com and search “Best Native Ads Platform for Affiliate Marketing” “Best Native Ads Platform for CPA Marketing” and “Native Ads Tutorial”

You’ll get a lot of Native Ads Tutorials. Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners. So, I don’t see any cause to get this spy tool to run native ads.

When you get free sources to be native ads master then why you are depending on any app? Most of the time you will get the wrong analysis. Then if you want to get full features then you need to buy all other upgrades.

After all, you don’t need to depend on Spectra App to run Native Ads.

Final Opinion – Spectra App Review

In conclusion, I want to Warn to buy any random software/app to make easy money. Try to understand, that if everything is as easy as the publishers claim then 100% of people can do it and make money with it. But, I see the future of this app as over a 90% refund ratio.

Don’t waste your time and money here and there. Spectra App can’t provide solid traffic from Native Ads. You can’t turn $5 into $100. Don’t need to believe this type of FAKE claim.

Thanks for reading Spectra App Review

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