Secret Affiliate System Review and Cons (Glynn Kosky)

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Introduction: Secret Affiliate System Review

Welcome to my Secret Affiliate System Review and Cons. I find out a lot of ERRORS and LACKING in this app.

I just want to share my honest opinion about this The Secret Affiliate System App. This is not a virtually unknown method. This type of membership-creating app is already published by the JVZoo & Warriroplus vendors.

If you want to make money with Affiliate Marketing and want to build your passive income then you have to follow the right system. If you build your membership site using this type of POOR app then no one accepts your recurring courses.

Glynn Kosky makes $30,000 in commissions in every money using this system that does not mean you can do it.’

Do you know he is one of the experienced product creators on Warriorplus? He has a lot of buying email lists to make sales. But, you don’t have any buyer emails Even if you don’t have any traffic sources. 

On the other hand, I’ll also provide the best alternative solution for this app. You can build your membership site and earn recurring commissions using a freeway.

Table of Content – Secret Affiliate System Review



What is The Secret Affiliate System? 

How Does Secret Affiliate System Work?

Why Not Recommended (Major Reasons)

What You’ll Get Inside This Product?

What’re The Best Ways to Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions?

Alternative of This Secret Affiliate System App?

Final Opinion

Secret Affiliate System Overview:

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Product: Secret Affiliate System

Launch Date: 2022-Aug-24 

Front-End Price: $17 

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: App 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend! (My No #1Recommendation)

Rating – 3.3 out of 10

What is The Secret Affiliate System? 

The Secret Affiliate System is a virtually unknown method that has made Glynn Kosky over $30,000 in commissions every month for 7 years. 

It’s a new system that clones to start making passive income from affiliate marketing.

This system provides you with all the tools and resources you need to earn recurring commissions from promoting products and services that pay monthly recurring commissions!

You can generate recurring monthly income by promoting subscription-based products that all marketers need.

These products are priced at anything from $27 per month, all the way to thousands of dollars per month. 

If you want to create recurring products to make monthly recurring commissions then you have to build helpful products with regular updates. This type is not perfect to make Recurring products. You have to show your real online results to run a recurring product.

How Does Secret Affiliate System Work?

According to the sales page, Secret Affiliate System works in 4 steps. These steps are…

ACTIVATE & LOGIN – Activate Your License & Login to The Secret Affiliate System … 

ACTIVATE FUNNELS – Create Your First Highly Profitable Secret Recurring Profit Funnel In SECONDS Using The Custom Built Technology Inside The Software… 

ADD LINKS – Add Your “Commission Links” To Your New Funnels So You Can Get Paid… 

Publish & Launch Your New Secret Funnels Then Activate The FREE Automated Traffic! That’s it! We Then Sit Back, Relax, And Watch the Commission Roll In!

It’s very easy to say works in just simple four steps but actually, this type of app doesn’t work. If you want to use any DFY funnels to make money online then you can’t do it. If this type of app works then 100% of people can make money within 24 hours. No unemployed people exist in the World.

– You can’t earn recurring commissions applying this system. No apps can help you to earn monthly recurring commissions.

– No app/software can create products for passive affiliate income.

– Using other people’s Done-For-You funnels can’t bring your results. 

– Here is no Traffic Sources available to promote your recurring products

– People will refund your products if you make it using this software. People want to get service but software-made products never help people. So, you can’t run this business to earn passive money online.

– You never get paid over and over again.

– If you want to get full features then you have to purchase all other 6 OTOs.

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What You’ll Get Inside This Product? Secret Affiliate System Review

You’ll get all these elements inside this Secret Affiliate System. Use this App to have to create your recurring products. But, a lot of ERRORS exist in this App. I don’t see any person building recurring products using any app.

Then another important issue is Done-For-You Funnel. Just think about these funnels, like you a lot of people also use these funnels to build recurring products.

The major problem is TRAFFIC. If you don’t have any traffic sources then how you can make recurring commissions? Who will purchase your products? Here is no 100% free traffic system to earn affiliate commissions.

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What’re The Best Ways to Earn Recurring Affiliate Commissions?

I’m sharing here my own recurring earring formula here. You can follow my system if you wish. Like me, most successful affiliate marketing creates its own funnel to earn recurring monthly commissions. 

The best products to earn recurring commissions are Clickfunnels, BuilderAll, etc. All these are funnel builders. If you want to run your online business then you have to use funnel builder to create your business landing page, sales page, thank you page, etc. 

So, if you can promote this type of mandatory product then you can earn monthly recurring commissions. On the other hand, you can choose various Clickbank products to make recurring commissions. You don’t need to create your membership-type site to earn recurring commissions.

Now, you’re thinking what’re the traffic sources to promote these products. I make YouTube videos and create helpful blog content to generate traffic to promote recurring affiliate products. If you wish can follow this way.

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Alternative of This Secret Affiliate System App?

If you want to build this type of product for recurring earnings then it’s not mandatory to get this app. A lot of free PLR product sites are available on the internet. You can download unlimited PLR products then you can earn recurring commissions every month.

How you can do it?

Firstly, you have to grab free PLR products. Visit this site A lot of free PLR products here. You can download unlimited PRL products. 

Now you have to create your membership funnel. Then you can add your Download PLR products into your member’s area. That’s almost done.

Finally, you have to work to the traffic. You can share your prospects on various social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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Final Opinion: Secret Affiliate System Review

In conclusion, I want to The Secret Affiliate System is not a perfect system to earn monthly recurring commissions. Firstly, no app can create recurring products. Secondly, using any donor-you funnels you can get better results. Then, most importantly Traffic is the main problem.

I personally don’t like this type of app. A lot of people have already lost their time and money behind this type of app. If you depended on various apps to make money online then you have to buy various apps day after day without getting any results.

Now, you have to make the make your right decision. If you think you should take a risk to grab The Secret Affiliate System App then buy it. On the other hand, you can choose my recommendations to start a long-time online business.

Thanks for reading Secret Affiliate System Review

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