ProfitShortz Review & Cons [Mike & Radu]

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Introduction: ProfitShortz Review

Welcome to my ProfitShortz Review and Bad Sides. Mike Mckay and Radu is the creator of this loud app.

This is a 100% workable App or Not?

Inside my ProfitShortz Review, I tried my best to disclose all the real and helpful information. Honestly, I don’t prefer this type of App. Let me explain everything inside my review.

TikTok is one of the best popular short video platforms at present time. It’s no doubt. But, there are a lot of rules and regulations here too. So, if you think any App can do everything to blast TikTok then you’re wrong!

I’ll share how to can build your TikTok traffic applying the right way.

Let’s complete my ProfitShortz Review.

Content of ProfitShortz Review



Tops Cons of ProfitShortz

Alternative Solution of ProfitShortz

How Short Video Important to Get Traffic?

How to Generate Free Traffic Using Short Videos?

Does ProfitShortz Work or Not?

Are There Any Reasons to Choose This App?

Final Opinion

Overview: ProfitShortz Review

Creator: Mike & Radu

Product: ProfitShortz

Launch Date: 2022-Sep-15

Front-End Price: $15.47 [Doesn’t Worth]

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: Software 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend!

Rating – 3.3 out of 10

Tops Cons of ProfitShortz – Why Not Recommended?

– No App can create Pro-Level short videos.

– Software-made videos are 100% valueless on TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram.

– You never get ranked in front of millions of people using the ProfitShortz App.

– This type is full of ERRORS. You never apply it perfectly

– No software/app can pull traffic for you. You have to create your own content regularly. 

– If you use this app and copy, cut & publish other people’s campaigns then you don’t see any results.

– This app doesn’t worth $15.47

– You also have to buy another 8 upgrades to get full features but, these are not workable.

After all, using and applying this type of software no one gets results ever before. Every day this type of FAKE app is published on the WarriorPlus. It’s totally junk creation.

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Alternative Solution of ProfitShortz – ProfitShortz Review

ProfitShortz many a video editing software. You have to choose short videos from YouTube. After that, ProfitShortz helps you to edit these videos. But, I don’t see any reasons to choose this type of software for video editing. 

You can use a lot of video editing sites for free. Such as,,,, etc.

All these sites are 100% free to use. Then you ask to get a step-by-step tutorial on how to edit videos at the pro level. 

So, you can easily bypass ProfitShortz App. Even, you have to buy other tools if you want to use this app. 

How Short Video Important to Get Traffic?

At present, Short videos are trending. You can generate massive traffic using short videos. Most importantly, if you can create one short video then you can use it in various ways. Such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reel, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

You can generate traffic in multiple ways. You can easily promote your business, product, and brand using short videos.

But, Using this software ProfitShortz you can’t do it smoothly. This type of software-made short video never grabs your customer’s attention.

If you’re able to create your own Short video then you can generate traffic otherwise not!

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How to Generate Free Traffic Using Short Videos?

You can generate free traffic from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, & Facebook using short videos. 

I don’t recommend any software/app to do it. Firstly, I suggest you create your own videos. In the first stage, you have to face some trouble, but day by day you can overcome it. 

On the other hand, if you can’t make your own videos then you can use other people’s copy-right free short videos.

You have to follow these rules if you want to get better results:

– Set up your BIO perfectly.

– Post a minimum of 3/4 videos per day.

– Try to use related hashtags – It’s most important.

– Finally, respond to other people’s comments. 

If you can run following these tips then you must get super targeted traffic using short videos.

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How Does ProfitShortz Work or Not?

According to Mike Mckay, this app works in just 3 steps. 

Step 1: Login To Our Stunning Cloud-Based Short Video Creation Software! (There is NOTHING for you to download, install or configure) 

Step 2 Insert Your Keyword And Let ProfitShortz Auto-Curate, Cut, And Publish Your Short Video! (The AI video maker does it all for you so there’s ZERO video editing required on your end) 

Step 3 With 1-Click Send Your Short Video To TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels! (Leverage the tools these platforms give you to make them compete against each other, get #1 rankings and visibility, and use our “algorithm hacker” to get in front of millions)


ProfitShortz doesn’t work as per his claim. Not only this app but also no other app can work in 3 steps. Actually, you have to follow the right ways to get success in online marketing. If you think of just 3 steps that means it’s a very easy app to make money. No…no… it is impossible.

Are There Any Reasons to Choose This App? ProfitShortz Review

– Create short videos with 1 click in any niche for any keyword 

– Use other people’s videos so there’s no video creation or editing required on your end 

– You can simply clone, cut & publish other people’s successful campaign 

– Instantly publish to TikTok, Youtube Shorts & Instagram Reels 

– Use this  “algorithm hacking” to get in front of millions of people and get virtually unlimited free traffic 

– Built-in “platform SEO” gets you first in Youtube, Tiktok & Instagram search results 

– Leverage the tools these platforms give you in their fight against each other 

– Done-For-You affiliate offers that pay $1,000+ per sale are already included 

– Zero tech skills or experience needed 

– Subtitles let you reach a worldwide audience 

– Thumbnail creator makes you stand out 

– Commercial License lets you SELL videos you create, or offer custom video editing services 

– Built-in Training & 24/7 Support

If you check other this the of software then you can see the same claim but results in ZERO. I personally don’t like this type of app to build an online business. Depending on any software no one can build an online business. So, SKIP app/software and follow the right ways.

Final Opinion: ProfitShortz Review

In conclusion, I want to say don’t buy App after App to get instant results. This is not the perfect way to make money online. 

ProfitShortz is not 100% targeted to get traffic from TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram Reel. I don’t see any benefits of this app. You can easily bypass this app if you want to edit and create short videos for these social platforms.

Using this type of software you just get banned from various social platforms. But, you don’t get any instant traffic sources from TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram Reel.

Now, make your own decision and choose the right ways to make money online.

Thanks for reading ProfitShortz Review.

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