Onyx App Review and Cons [Billy Darr]

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Introduction – Onyx App Review

Welcome to my Onyx App Review & Cons. Billy Darr is the creator of this newly released App. You have to learn exactly if this app helps to make money or not!

I know, you’re struggling to make money online. But, you can’t find out any solid system to make money.

Actually, if you want to make money applying this type of app then you never make money online. It’s my honest confession. Like you, a lot of people trying to make money using this type of app, but 100% are failed.

Onyx is not a ‘Backdoor-Method’. Actually, there is no Backdoor on the online interface. If you’re able to provide any content or services then you can make money. 

You can’t make $100 per hour payouts in 20 minutes using this app. So, don’t think this app is your money maker KEY. Honestly, if you want to make money then try to create content or any services.

Let’s complete Onyx App Review and learn more cons of this app.

The Content of Onyx Review – Why Not Recommended!

Raju Bhadra
Raju Bhadra



Why Not Recommended?

The Working Process of the Onyx App

What You’ll Get Inside This App

Does Onyx App Worth Buy?

Final Opinion

Onyx App Overview:

Creator: Billy Darr

Product: Onyx App

Launch Date: 2022-Aug-21 

Front-End Price: $17 

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: App 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend!

Rating – 3.3 out of 10

– This is not the proper way to start a Drop Servicing business;

– You can’t make $100 per hour in just 20 minutes. Don’t need to believe this type of FAKE claim;

– In just 2 Clicks you can’t start your journey. No online task is as easy as 2 clicks.

– Here is no proper traffic sources to deliver your service;

– If you use any app to run Facebook & Instagram marketing then your account can be suspended;

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The Working Process of Onyx App – Onyx App Review

Firstly, you have to purchase this Onyx App. Then log in and go to the member’s area. 

When you want to use this app at first, you have to create your site. 

Onyx App Review

Then, you have to Find Jobs. Search the job keywords. Then you have to ‘Bid Jobs’ from Freelancer sites. 

After that, you have to hire Agencies from the Freelancer site. 

Onyx App Review

This app helps you to get traffic using Facebook and Instagram. You can make posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Onyx App Review

This is not an easy task for anyone. The main problem is traffic. I’m not satisfied with the traffic system. You can’t run your task because Facebook & Instagram will ban your account if you use any Robot/ Software/App.

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What You’ll Get Inside This App?

The Brand-New Onyx App 

New, Beginner-Friendly, ZERO-WORK App Lets You Tap Into The Billion Dollar Online Services Space Like they Do, Where We Pocket Thousands With Just A Couple Of Clicks… Worth $67/Month Or $804/Year) 

Step-By-Step Videos 

Even Though Setting Up This App Is Simple & Can Be Done In 60 Seconds, We’re Including Video Tutorials Walking You Through Exactly How We Generate $100 An Hour Or More With The Drop-Servicing Model…

Built-in Monetisation… 

Onyx Comes Built-In With Features That Allows You To Instantly Connect Hungry Buyers With Service Providers So You Can Like Collect The Juicy Profit On Top Without Lifting A Single Finger… (Worth $497) 

60 Second ‘Dummies Guide’ To Drop-Servicing 

You May Be Totally New To Drop-Servicing And That’s Fine Because Our 60 Second Guide Brings You Up To Speed Real Fast… (Worth $67) 

$100 Per Hour Case Study 

They’re Also Including A Real Life Case Study Walking You Through The Exact Steps We Took To Pull In $100 An Hour Using The Onyx App… (Worth $100) 

Private LIVE Training

There Will Be Live Training Where We’ll Actually Show You How We Use The Onyx App To Pull-In $100 An Hour… (Worth $497)

Actually, every app provides these elements. But, it’s not enough to make money online. This type of software has already been revealed. Every day Warriorplus published this type of JUNK app and software. If these apps and software really work, then why WarriorPlus publish these apps daily?

Make Sense and don’t WASTE your time and money here and there.

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Does Onyx App Worth Buy?

My Answer: NO.

Firstly, this app has a lot of ERRORS to build a drop servicing. Then if you want to use this app and get full features then you have to buy the other 4 OTOS. After all, it doesn’t worth its value.

If you think you are a beginner then you can earn money within 20 minutes then 100% of other people like you also can do it. But, 99% of people will suck this app after entering the member’s area.

This app is not a quick money-making system. Mind it always, there is no easy task in online marketing. If you can create worth able content then you can earn money, otherwise not!

Most importantly, Onyx is not a beginner-friendly app. If you don’t have any online working knowledge then you can’t use this app. You can’t process the hole system. After all, you need working skills to use this app.

Final Opinion: Onyx App Review

In conclusion, I want to say, Onyx is not a perfect app to deliver results. This is not a breakthrough app becoming your own boss. This is not the perfect system. If you want to become your own boss then try to learn marketing first, then create content, and finally, you can achieve your goal. 

But, if you depended on this type of app to make easy money then you can’t do it. This type of app and system never provides financial certainty and security. You just lose your time and money bashing this loophole without getting any results.

I just share my honest opinion. If you think I’m wrong then you can buy this app. After that, you can realize I was not wrong. Now, make the right decision.

Thanks for reading Onyx App Review

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