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Welcome to my Ace App Review and get more info, on why I DON’T LIKE Ace App. 

Billy Darr is the author of this Ace App. You’re thinking why I don’t recommend this app. Right?

I find out a lot of reasons to AVOID this app. Even I’ll provide the best alternative instead of Ace App.

Ace App helps you to use TikTok videos to get traffic and promote Clickbank products. The motive of this App is fine. But, the system is not right.

Inside my Ace App Review, I’ll disclose everything about this app. Then I’ll help you to promote Clickbank products using the free method. 

So, Friend if you want to learn more about Ace App then complete my Ace App Review first.

Table of Content: Acc App Review

Raju Bhadra
Raju Bhadra


Short Summary

What Is Ace App?

Why Is The Ace App Not Recommended? (Top Cons)

The Working Process of Ace App – Really Works?

Alternative of Ace App – Promote Clickbank Products for Free

What You’ll Get After Buying This App?

Does This Traffic System Workable?

Does IT Worth Buying?

Final Opinion

Short Summary: Ace App Review

Creator: Billy Darr

Product: Ace App

Launch Date: 2022-Sep-9

Front-End Price: $17 [Doesn’t Worth]

Refund: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee (Not Workable) 

Niche: App 

Support: Poor

Recommend: Not Recommend! (My No #1Recommendation)

Rating – 2.3 out of 10

What Is Ace App?

Ace App is a new app that taps into TikTok for non-stop Clickbank sales. Once you see the potential with this, you’ll want to scale this even more. This is the easiest way for anyone to start earning passively at home.

Ace App is a 100% BOGUS App.

– Ace App is not a Brand new App to get traffic from other’s TikTok videos.

– This type of app never helps you to start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing.

– You can’t instantly get traffic in as little as 30 seconds. Don’t believe this type of fake promise.

– Ace App is not a Golden opportunity for beginners.

– Now App or money-making system doesn’t work in just 2 Clicks. 100% fake promise.

– If you use these 15,000+ ready-to-go viral TikTok videos then you never get buyer traffic. Why? Because like you all the users of Ace App also use these same videos to get traffic.

– You have to buy the other 5 OTOs to get full features.

– Ace App doesn’t with $17 (Front End Price). You can join a proper money-making system with this amount.

After all, this is not a perfect app to start Clickbank Affiliate Marketing. If you want to promote Clickbank products then you have to work for the traffic. This type of automated App never generates results. SKIP this type of SCAM App.

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The Working Process of Ace App – Really Works?

Firstly you have to purchase the Ace App. After that, you can get access to the member’s area. 

Inside the member’s area, you will get All Clickbank Products, Creative TikTok Videos, Download TikTok Videos, TikTok Hashtags, etc. 

A few Health & Weight Loss Clickbank products added here. You have to promote these products only if you use this Ace App. It’s fine!

Ace App Review

After that, you’ll get a few weight loss-related TikTok videos. Then you can download these videos then edit them as you wish. 

By this bypass way, you can use this App. But, applying this type of system you can’t make money online. 

Ace App Review

The moral of the story, you can’t get results using this Ace App. This type of Fake Promising App aired and was released on the WarriorPlus Marketplace. Don’t need to buy this app and don’t want to get results without doing any task.

Alternative of Ace App – Promote Clickbank Products for Free

Ace App helps you to get other people’s TikTok videos to get traffic and promote Clickbank products. 

I’ll show an alternative system like this. 

Step1: You have to create your Clickbank Affiliate Account. If you already have an account then fine.

Step2: Go to Clickbank marketplace and find out about Weight loss products. Search here ‘Weight Loss”.

Step3: Go to You’ll get thousand of royalty-free, copy-right-free weight loss videos and images. Simply download the form here for free.

Step4: Now, go to Pinterest and create your business account. You need a business account otherwise you can’t upload videos. Over 500M people visit Pinterest every month. Now, if you can upload 2/3 videos per day on Pinterest then you can drive huge traffic to promote your Clickbank products. 

Try to follow the real way to make money online. Don’t depend on any app. You never can make money using any app.

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What You’ll Get After Buying This App?

The NEW For 2022, Ace App 

New, Set & Forget, Beginner-Friendly App Lets You Leverage TikTok For FREE Traffic That Fills Up their ClickBank Account With Sales Like Clockwork… 

15,000 Ready-To-Go TikToks! 

You’ll get instant access to 15,000 ready-to-go TikToks that you can use as your own for a tsunami of free traffic. 

Step-By-Step Tutorials 

Even Though Setting Up This App Is EASY & Can Be Done In 60 Seconds We’re Including Over Shoulder Tutorials Walking You Through Exactly How they Generate Least $51.42 Per Day With TikTok & ClickBank… 

100+ Done-For-You Offers 

They’ve Cherry Picked The Very Best Offers On ClickBank That Require No Approval That You Can Use With The Ace App Like they Do For Sales On Demand… 

60 Second ‘Dummies Guide 

You May Be Totally New To TikTok & ClickBank And That’s Fine Because Our 60 Second Guide Brings Your Knowledge Up To Speed Real Fast… (

$51.42 Per Day Case Study 

They’re Also Including A Real Life Case Study Walking You Through The Exact Steps We Took To Pull In At least $51.42 Using The Ace App… 

4x Online Training Sessions 

There Will Be 4 Live Streams Where They’ll Actually Show You How They Use The Ace App To Fill Up Their ClickBank Account With Juicy Commissions 24/7 Even Whilst they Sleep… 


This app doesn’t work. If you check other WarriorPlus Apps then you can see the same elements those app provides too. So don’t think this app will be your final destination to make money with Clickbank.

Does This Traffic System Workable?


If you use this type of App to download and edit TikTok videos then people don’t like this type of video. Actually, if you want to get traffic from TikTok then you have to create your own TikTok videos. 

Then if you use the Ace app to use these videos then most of the time your account can be banned. Another problem is if the real user claims any copyright issues then you have to face huge trouble.

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Does IT Worth Buying – Acc App Review?

No, It doesn’t worth buying. 

I don’t see any reason to COST $17 for the front end. You don’t get anything here. After that, you have to buy other 5 Upgrades to get full features. Finally, you have to come over $200+ to get the complete App. 

But, the main problem is you don’t get any results using this app. I know, you’re thinking using this app you can make money from Clickbank very easily But, it’s not possible. Just think, if this type of app works then 100% of people can make money online.  

If you’re a newbie then I don’t suggest you choose the WRONG way. No App can generate traffic in 30 seconds. In my 10+ years of working experience, I have never seen this type of app that helps me to generate traffic in 30 seconds. Not only me, but I also don’t see any other marketers to do. 

I highly NOT RECOMMEND this app to anyone.

Final Opinion – Ace App Review

In conclusion, I want to day Ace App is not a GOOD app to make money with Clickbank.

This app added 15,000+ free TikTok videos. It’s fine! 

Now, think like all the users of this app can use the same 15,000+ TikTok videos. Do you think doing this type of task can make money online?

No, it’s not possible. At present, making money online is so competitive. This type of SCAM app never helps you to make money online.

Then if you use this type of app-made video then your conversion ratio will be only 1% or less. People don’t like this type of video. 

In the end, you have to buy this app with the other 5 OTOs but results in a big ZERO.

Now, it’s time to make your decision. Thanks for reading Ace App Review.

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